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Record 51 thru 100 of 2380

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Colvin, Emma Dillon Twp, MO Phelps 09 12 1887 Carls Colin Eugene Colins Eugene Magnet Detail
Cooper, Will Ernest Dillon Twp, MO Phelps 04 18 1884 Jessy Cooper Maria Jane Cooper Wagens Detail
Campbell, Elizabeth Rolla, MO Phelps 09 03 1883 Joseph Campbell Elixabeth Campbell Elizabeth Garvey Detail
Craft, Philip Spring Creek Twp Phelps 02 09 1884 James Craft Mahala Eveline Craft Mahala E Black Detail
Crawley, Margaret Memamic Twp Phelps 02 18 1884 F M Crawley Emma C Crawley Emma C Clayton Detail
Chambers, Miller Twp Phelps 02 16 1884 James Chambers Manerva T Chambers Manerva T Hood Detail
Crain, Phelps Co, MO Phelps 02 24 1884 James Crain Crain Crain Detail
Cumins, Kattie Phelps Co, MO Phelps 02 16 1884 Thomas Cumins Hattie Cumens Hattie Brown Detail
Craddock, Wm Arthur Spring Creek Phelps 02 20 1884 Wm Craddock Stacey Craddock Stacey Dunham Detail
Corey, Mable Arlington Twp, MO Phelps 02 28 1884 William M Corey Fanny M Corey Fanny M Sharrar Detail
Clift, Spring Creek Twp Phelps 03 28 1884 R W Clift Caroline Clift Caroline Menthis Detail
Chamberlin, Rolla Phelps 04 04 1884 Danial Chamberlin Mary Chamberlin Mary Bower Detail
Calame, Ida Eugenia Dillon Twp Phelps 05 17 1884 Paul Virgil Calame Ida Calami Ida Heggie Detail
Cox, Dillon Twp Phelps 05 16 1884 Wm J Cox Bertha A Cox Bertha A Johns Detail
Chambers, Julius Elk Prairie MO Phelps 05 22 1884 Mark Chambers Laura Chambers Laura Payne Detail
Chambers, Sarah Francis Miller Twp Phelps 07 09 1884 Andrew Jackson Chambers Susan Emeline Chambers Susan E Joice Detail
Coffman, Rolla MO Phelps 08 02 1884 John B Coffman Hannah E Coffman Hannah E Coffman Detail
Clark, Albert Grover Phelps Co MO Phelps 08 14 1884 John W Clark Elizabeth Clark Elizabeth Cowell Detail
Corse, Arvin Herbert Rolla, MO Phelps 08/10/1884 Arthur Covse Estella L Covse Estella L Lesueur Detail
Case, Puluski Co MO Phelps 09 07 1884 J J Case Marinda C Case Marinda C Scott Detail
Clements, Miller Twp Phelps 09 26 1884 Francis Alex Clements Nannie F Clements Mannie F McMakin Detail
Clark, Spring Creek, MO Phelps 08 02 1884 Levis Clark Sarah Clark Sarah Asher Detail
Clark, Henry Nelson Phelps Co, MO Phelps 10 14 1884 Ransom Amos Clark Nancy Ann Clark Nancy Ann Jackson Detail
Chamberlain, Near Rolla, MO Phelps 10 09 1884 T L Chamberlain Mary Chamberlain Mary Shulis Detail
Carney, Phelps Co, MO Phelps 11 01 1884 Geo W Carvey Agnes A Carney Agnes A Dyer Detail
Criswell, Phelps Co, MO Phelps 10 27 1884 James A Cuswell Martha J Cuswell Martha Evans Detail
Claybaugh, Arther A Phelps Co, MO Phelps 11 21 1884 Wm Clabaugh Emma I Clabaugh Emma I Robbins Detail
Carter, Robert Phelps Co, MO Phelps 12 24 1884 Robert C Bohannau Mary Ann Bohannau Mary W Barues Detail
Carter, Pea Ridge Phelps 12 20 1884 Moses Carter Mary A Carter Mary A Dower Detail
Carney, Phelps Co, MO Phelps 10 26 1884 John Carvey Emma Carney Emma Sullivan Detail
Colvin, Lida May Newburgh, MO Phelps 08 08 1884 Harrison Colvin Sarah J Colvin Sarah Brewinghouse Detail
Cox, Rolla, MO Phelps 02 04 1885 James M Cox E J Cox E J Hawkins Detail
Cox, Margaret Ellen Phelps Co, MO Phelps 03 19 1885 Syfate Cox M L Cox M L Colvin Detail
Cox, Ella M Phelps Co, MO Phelps 04 22 1885 Geo T Cox Mary C Cox Mary Anderson Detail
Cooper, Serana Jane Phelps Co, MO Phelps 06 29 1885 Jessie Cooper Mary J Cooper Mary Majors Detail
Culan, Henry Phillip Rolla, MO Phelps 04 28 1885 Louis Culan S????e Culan S????e Crews Detail
Coffman, Frank Phelps Co, MO Phelps 01 17 1885 James M Coffman Rosaline Coffman Rosaline Crews Detail
Castell, Phelps Co, MO Phelps 08 051885 Jno H Casteel Lucy N Casteel Lucy Perry Detail
Calome, Louis J Phelps Co, MO Phelps 08 07 1885 Paul V Calome Ida Calome Ida Negg Detail
Crouch, Phelps Co, MO Phelps 08 10 1885 Charles Crouch Cornwall Detail
Cox, Phelps Co, MO Phelps 10 06 1885 Lee H Cox Mary Jane Cox Mary Jane Cox Detail
Conrad, Edgar M Phelps Co, MO Phelps 10 18 1885 Chas J Conrad Minnie Conrad Minnie Martin Detail
Corey, Blanche Phelps Co, MO Phelps 12 27 1885 Wm A Corey Fanny M Corey Fanny M Sharrar Detail
Canlal, Phelps Co, MO Phelps 11 17 1885 John Cansul Agala Cansul Agala Resig Detail
Campbell, Rbb Rolla MO Phelps 12 06 1885 E M Elmers Lucy Elmere Lucy Campbell Detail
Cox, Neoma Victera Dillon Twp Phelps 12 18 1885 Jeffersen D Cox Rosa B Cox Rosa Johnson Detail
Cavett, Murtle Virginia Liberty Twp MO Phelps 12 30 1885 Geo W Cavett Mary R Cavett Mary A Sexten Detail
Carrier, Clarence Chester South Dillon Phelps 12 31 1885 Adelbert A Carrier Alice C Carrier Alice C Shoop Detail
Castleman, Justina J Cold Spring Twp Phelps 01 24 1886 Osbum David Castleman Tritheni Castleman Tritheui Gravis Detail
Colvin, Della On 11th & Main St, Rolla Phelps 01 28 1886 Nathan Billlings Colvin Emma Eugenia Colvin Emma E Ewong Detail
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