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Record 51 thru 100 of 2380

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Blue, Mill Creek, Phelps Co MO Phelps 05 2? 1884 Joseph H Blue Julia A Blue Julia A Spaulding Detail
Bullard, James Glover Phelps Co MO Phelps 05 10 1884 Willliam Bullard Minurva R Bullard Minurva R Burkhe art Detail
Broun, Phelps Co MO Phelps 04 07 1884 Marion Brown Julia Brown Julia Morrison Detail
Black, Cora Ida Spring Creek MO Phelps 05 16 1884 James Carrol Black Martha Jane Black Martha J Craddock Detail
Berriau, William Walter Phelps Co MO Phelps 05 25 1884 Jacob M Berriau Frisey Cerline Berriau Frisey C Walker Detail
Bolin, Anvil Earle St James MO Phelps 05 15 1884 John C Bolin Edna Alice Bolin Edna Alice Pease Detail
Beezley, Olla May St James MO Phelps 05 25 1884 Anvil A Beezley Hannah Elizabeth Beezley Hannah E Furguson Detail
Beveridge, Rolla Twp, MO Phelps 05 30 1884 James W Beveridgee Mary J Beveridge Mary J Banks Detail
Bauman, Anna Phelps Co MO Phelps 05 28 1884 George Bauman Laura Bauman Laury Lauge Detail
Brown, Della May Dillon Twp, Phelps Co MO Phelps 06 06 1884 Fandy B Brown Velday Pryor Brown Velday P McBu Detail
Beddoe, Rolla, MO Phelps 05 25 1884 Henry Beddoe Ellen Beddoe Ellen Mouse Detail
Brooks, Avetta Ellizabeth Arlington Twp MO Phelps 05 22 1884 Ad?n W Brooks Emily Brooks Emily Choat Detail
Bassett, Phelps Co MO Phelps 07 11 1884 Thomas Bassett Lorna Bassett Lorna Waldron Detail
Browne, Liberty Twp MO Phelps 08 05 1884 David Brown Sarah Brown Sarah Weber Detail
Bowen, Clara Maude Dillon Twp MO Phelps 07 26 1884 Samuel Talbert Bowen Mary Ellen Bowen Mary Ellen Snodgrass Detail
Brim, Malinda Phelps Co MO Phelps 08 10 1884 William Brim Malinda Brim Malinda Overlease Detail
Brown, Near Rolla, MO Phelps 08 15 1884 George Brown Malissa Brown Malissa Dykes Detail
Bortoff, Mertie Maremac Twp, MO Phelps 08 16 1884 James M Bortoff Martha Ann Bortoff Martha Ann Allison Detail
Baly, William Anderson Phelps Co MO Phelps 09 16 1884 George W Baly Ellen Baly Ellen Fink Detail
Barnes, Phelps Co MO Phelps 09 10 1884 Fulton Barnes Margaret J Barnes Margaret J Tucker Detail
Barr,Wm Arthur Phelps Co MO Phelps ? 15 1884 Avington Joshua Barr Sarah Clementine Barr Clemamonger Detail
Bradford, George Everett Phelps Co MO Phelps 10 03 1884 Geo J Bradford Malisa J Bradford Stephens Detail
Bonny, Rolla, MO Phelps 11 08 1884 J S Bonny Ida N Bonny Ida N Darden Detail
Badders, Phelps 10 10 1884 Hannah Badders Detail
Bell, Phelps Co MO Phelps 11 28 1884 James Bell Sarah E Bell Adams Detail
Baker, James Oliver Phelps Co MO Phelps 12 12 1884 Oliver Baker Sarah D Baker Sarah D ??art Detail
Bailey, George Franklin St James MO Phelps 11 23 1884 F W Bailey Alice Bailey Alice Richardson Detail
Bauman, William Christian St James MO Phelps 12 11 1884 Christian Bauman Mary Rose Bauman Mary Rose G???ther Detail
Bartlett, Rolla, MO Phelps 12 27 1884 Geo Bartlett Amanda Bartlett Amanda Perkins Detail
Black, William Arthur Spring Creek, MO Phelps 01 19 1885 Willliam Henry Harrison Black Margaret Black Margaret Riley Detail
Bunch, Lea Mahulda Rolla Twp, MO Phelps 01 18 1885 Jessie Bunch Victoria Bunch V Reads Detail
Bray, Marilda Phelps Co MO Phelps 09 14 1884 Andrew Bray Sa?? Bray S Nargus Detail
Ball, Joseph Ferdinand Rolla Twp, MO Phelps 03 19 1885 Joseph Ball Emma Ball E Ball Detail
Bullock, Mary E Phelps Co MO Phelps 03 08 1885 Thos F Bullock Mary J Bullock M Myzell Detail
Bartley, Mary I Maries Co, MO Phelps 05 27 1885 Warren Bartley Louisa Bartley L Bell Detail
Barton, Henry Phelps Co MO Phelps 06 18 1886 Sam S Barton Clara Barton C Funk Detail
Brisbon, Rolla, MO Phelps 04 282 1885 N J Brisbon E A Brisbon E Ames Detail
Beckham, Phelps Co MO Phelps 07 07 1885 Geo M Beckham Frances Ames Beckham F Isle??? Detail
Beckham, A??nta Jane Phelps Co MO Phelps 05 15 1885 Thos L Beckham Clementine Beckham C Sewell Detail
Birthall, Samuel Phelps Co MO Phelps 05 24 1885 Samuel Birthall Martha E Birthall M Walker Detail
Bechtell, John Phelps Co MO Phelps 04 03 1885 Frits Becktell Lizzie Bechtell L Schweitzer Detail
Bauman, Annie Phelps Co MO Phelps 02 02 1885 Frank Bauman Barbara Bauman B Lietman Detail
Barnhart, Phelps Co MO Phelps 08 31 1885 Weuzel Ponzer Catherine Ponzer C Peter Detail
Black, Phelps Co, MO Phelps 08 11 1885 Henry J Black Emeline S Black E Geissom Detail
Bergler, Cold Spring Twp, MO Phelps 11 24 1885 Jos Bergler Addie Bergler Addie Kamfer Detail
Brecht, Chas Albert Cold Spring Twp, MO Phelps 12 25 1885 Henry Brecht Helena F Brecht Helena F Zimmerman Detail
Barnes, Sarah Meramec Twp, MO Phelps 01 05 1886 Moses G Barnes Sarah Jane Barnes Sarah J Mahan Detail
Burton, Miss Jessie Dillon Twp, MO Phelps 01 08 1886 Jessie Burtin Nettie Burtin Nettie Newbunch Detail
Bunch, Paul Virgil Pierre Valley, Phelps Co MO Phelps 03 14 1886 Martin Bunch Polley A Bunch Polley A Light Detail
Blake, Henry Eugene Wadkins Precinct, Dent Co MO Phelps 04 07 1886 Chas Blake Susan Blake Susan Darby Detail
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