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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Not Provided Near Louisiana MO. Pike Dec. 7th 1883 Stepen A D Henderson Mary I. Henderson Mary I Ince Detail
Not Provided Spencerburg MO. Pike Feb. 8th 1884 Wm S Hendrix Elizabeth Hendrix Elizabeth Dowell Detail
Not Provided Bowling Green MO. Pike Feb. 14th 1884 George Humphrey Bettie Humphrey Bettie Waugh Detail
Not Provided Near Ashley MO. Pike Dec. 25th 1884 David Hickman Lou Hickman Lou Childs Detail
Not Provided Pike County MO Pike Nov. 10th 1883 James Marion Henderson Mary Ellen Henderson Mary E. Higgins Detail
Not Provided Pike County MO. Pike Dec. 1st 1883 James Henderson Sarah Henderson Sarah Garland Detail
Not Provided Near Frankford MO. Pike Jan 26th 1884 James Holman J. Elizabeth Holman J. Elizabeth McCune Detail
Malinda Lee House Pike County MO Pike Mar. 10th 1884 Thos J. House Mariam House Mariam Metts Detail
Not Provided Spencer Tp. MO. Pike Mar. 11th 1884 John M. Hawkins Amelia C. Hawkins Amelia C. Shutt Detail
Not Provided Pike County MO. Pike Apr. 1st 1884 Wm. J. Headrick Mary Headrick Mary Penni? Detail
Mary Hudson Louisiana MO Pike May 7th 1884 George Hudson Charley Peach Charley Peach Detail
Hostetter, Peno Tp. Pike Co. Pike July 28th 1884 William H. Hostetter Mary E Hostetter Burrows Detail
Sallie Heimer B Green MO Pike May 11th 1884 Wm Heimer Lula Heimer Lula Murphy Detail
Hart, B Green MO Pike June 18 - 1884 Wm Hart Sallie Hart Sallie Swagarty Detail
Hawkins, B Green MO Pike July 24 1884 Benj. F. Hawkins Elna M. Hawkins Elna M Gorch Detail
Edna M. Hill Hartford Twp. MO. Pike July 30th 1884 Porter N. Hill Josephine Hill Josephine Hayden Detail
Forrest M. Hinchee Hartford Twp. MO. Pike July 24th 1884 Jno D Hinchee Martha C. Hinchee Martha C Chandler Detail
Susan Francis Hillianhart Louisiana MO. Pike Sept. 10th / 84 Chas Hillianhart Rebecca Hillianhart Gallagher Detail
Not Provided Spencer Tp Pike Co MO Pike Oct 9th 1884 Wylie P Holman Eliza J. Holman Eliza J Lowry Detail
Not Provided Hartford Tp Pike County MO Pike Oct 12 1884 Samuel A Hufford Margaret A Hufford Margaret A Wilcox Detail
Cleaveland Hostetter Peno Tp MO Pike Nov 29 1884 Roe R Hostetter Harriet V Hostetter H V Haden Detail
John T Halland Near Louisiana MO Pike Oct 31st 1884 Elijah Halland Mary C Holland Mary C Gosline Detail
Marion Pearson Hobbs Grassy Creek Pike Co Missouri Pike Aug 24th 1884 William War(m)er Hobbs Mary Frances Hobbs Mary F Rutherford Detail
Allen Clark Haley Buffalo Tp Pike County Missouri Pike Sept 17th 1884 John J Haley Clara Haley Clara James Detail
Laura Bessy Ince Near Louisiana MO Pike November 10th 1883 John Ince Margaret Louisa Ince Margaret L Carr Detail
Sam Irrick Buffalo Twp Pike Co. MO. Pike May 7 / 84 Eli Irrick Julia Irrick Julia Cunningham Detail
Elly M. Ince Buff. Twp. Pike Co MO. Pike June 8, 1884 Jas H. Ince Mary E Ince Mary E. Carter Detail
Not Provided Frankford Missouri Pike March 22nd 1884 Alven Irvine Ellen Irvine Ellen South Detail
Addie Francis Jones Frankford MO Pike Sept 15th 1883 Allison Robt Jones Catharine Janett Jones Catharine J Todd Detail
Not Provided South West Louisiana MO Pike Sept 19th 1883 John N Jenkins Alice Jenkins Alice Pe(ay) Detail
Not Provided Peno Township Pike Sept 12th 1883 John C Johnson Emily Johnson Emily Jackson Detail
Harry Johnson Louisiana MO Pike Nov 9th 1883 Anthony Johnson Hanna Johnson Hanna Douglass Detail
Not Provided Hartford Tp MO Pike Nov 29th 1883 James T Jarbo Malinda J Jarbo Matilda J Moore Detail
Not Provided Bowling Green MO. Pike Apr. 18th 1884 Chas. M. Jones Fannie C. Jones Fannie C. Martin Detail
Not Provided New Harmony MO. Pike Nov. 16th 1883 Lewis Jones Harriet P. Jones Harriet P. Hendricks Detail
Mary Lillian Jett Edgewood MO Pike Nov. 7th 1883 Stephen F. Jett Susan F. Jett Susan F. Penny Detail
Lillie Jennings Peno Tp MO. Pike Nov. 5th 1883 Wm H. Jennings Ellen E. Jennings Ellen E Tracy Detail
George Johnson Frankford MO. Pike Dec. 7th 1883 James M. Johnson Laura Johnson Laura Robertson Detail
Not Provided Pike County MO Pike Jan. 14th 1884 Oliver Jones Emma Jones Emma Ledford Detail
Lena Johnson Indian Tp. MO. Pike Feb 6th 1884 Lafayette Johnson Ann Zerelda Johnson Ann Z. Willis Detail
Not Provided Curryville MO. Pike Feb. 23rd 1884 Milton W. Jenkins Paulina H. Jenkins Paulina H. Woodson Detail
William Douglas James Spencer Tp MO. Pike Apr. 18th 1884 Augustus P. James Mary Victoria James Mary V. Sutton Detail
Jones Stella May Louisiana MO Pike May 13th 1884 Presley Jones Ella Jones Doyle Detail
Henry Jester B Green MO. Pike Apr. 18th 1884 Pe(nn)y Jester Lucy Jester Lucy Goodwin Detail
Jones, Pike Co. Ill. Pike July 30th 84 Geo. Jones Martha Jones Mathews Detail
James, Curryville MO. Pike Sept 1st 1884 John W James Lucinda James Cox Detail
Effa L. Jackson Hartford Twp MO. Pike Sept 24 / 84 Tim A. Jackson Sarah A. Jackson Sarah A. Arbogast Detail
Not Provided Hartford Tp MO Pike Oct 22nd 1884 Alex Johnston Matilda M Johnston Matilda M Woodson Detail
William Marshall Jackson Buffalo Tp Pike Co MO Pike July 7th 1884 John Jackson Sarah A. C. Jackson Sarah A. C. Griffith Detail
Maggie Elizabeth Kramer Peno Tp MO Pike Oct 2nd 1883 L. F Kramer Nancy Kate Kramer Nancy K Sparks Detail
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