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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Armstrong, Carroll Twp Platte July 7, 1886 Alonzo Armstrong Mary Armstrong Banghes Detail
Allen, May Twp Platte Jan 31, 1887 Oliver D. Allen Sarah E. Allen Osburn Detail
Avery, Charles Logan Waldron lTwp Platte Apr 5, 1887 James Austin Avery Sarah Jane Avery Eecles Detail
Anderson, Lucy Camden point Platte Apr 24, 1887 John Anderson Lucy Ellen Anderson Sowder Detail
Allen, Bertha Allen May Twp Platte Aug 28, 1887 James Allen Bertha H. Allen Sampson Detail
Arnold, George Platte Co, MO Platte Sept 8, 1887 Levi V. Arnold Mary Eliza Arnold Berry Detail
Arnold, Bettie May Twp Platte June 8, 1888 Charles Arnold Minnie Arnold Halgbez Detail
Blakeley, Wethea Kemper Platte City, MO Platte Aug 14, 1883 Jesse J. Blakly Fannie Blakly Miller Detail
Brubeck, Platte Co, MO Platte July 21, 1883 David Brubeck Brubeck Stone Detail
Beller, Parkville Platte Aug 2, 1883 John Belles Sassia Belles Childs Detail
Broadhurst, Nr Parkville Platte Sept 12, 1883 C. W. Broadhurst Amanda B. Broadhurst Prather Detail
Baker, Platte Co, MO Platte Oct 6, 1883 James Baker Sarah Baker Tudor Detail
Banks, Mildred Platte Co, MO Platte July 23, 1883 Philip Banks Rachel Banks Gilbert Detail
Boydston, Platte Co, MO Platte Oct 11, 1883 Ben F. Boydston Martha A. Boydston Boyden Detail
Boydston, Platte Co, MO Platte Oct 15, 1883 Wm Boydston Mollie Boydston Chinn Detail
Baxter, Ridgeley Platte Sept 9, 1883 Geo. Baxter Kate Baster Gilbert Detail
Burris, Mary J.B. Weston, MO Platte Oct 29, 1883 James Burris Susan A. Burris Woods Detail
Buchanan, Platte Co, MO Platte Nov 1, 1883 John Buchanan Helen Buchanan Duncan Detail
Blankenship, Platte Co, MO Platte Nov 6, 1883 Alonzo Blankenship Josephine Blankenship Endicott Detail
Bryant, New Market, MO Platte Nov 3, 1883 Simeon H. Bryant Zerelda C. Bryant Byrant Detail
Boydston, Platte Co, MO Platte Nov 24, 1883 Thomas Boydston Boydston Amos Detail
Baker, Tracy, MO Platte Jan 21, 1884 Jas. J. Baker Elsie Lena Baker Nicholson Detail
Baker, Edith Estelle Weston, MO Platte Nov 8, 1883 John Baker Amelia Baker Shaback Detail
Barber, Henry H. Platte Co, MO Platte Oct 9, 1883 Edgar l. Barbee Mary E. Barbee Pepper Detail
Baker, Platte Co, MO Platte Dec 14, 1883 James Baker Baker Edwards Detail
Bradbury, Mary A. Lee Twp Platte Dec 2, 1883 Jasper Bradsberry Mary Bradbury Gear Detail
Brown, Platte Co, MO Platte Jan 25, 1884 John L. Brown Sally Brown Johnson Detail
Bohder, Platte Co, MO Platte Jan 30, 1884 Joseph Bhoder Alice Bohder Strange Detail
Bernard, Ernest G. Platte Co, MO Platte Jan 17, 1884 Albin G. Bernard Eliz. E. Bernard Biggs Detail
Bueneman, Daisy Parkville, MO Platte Feb 11, 1884 Charles Bueneman Nettie Bueneman Alexander Detail
Baldwin, Harry Pettis Twp Platte Feb 1, 1884 Jno. A. Baldwin Virginia A. Baldwin Peed Detail
Benner, Attie Carroll Twp Platte Feb 5, 1884 Henry Benner Nannie M Benner McGalliard Detail
McGhay, Platte Co, MO Platte July 26, 1885 Jas. A. McGhay Elizabeth McGhay Minter Detail
McAuliff, Claud Edgerton Platte Aug 22, 1885 Michael McAuliff Hester McAuliff Jones Detail
McMichael, Jno T. Green Twp Platte Oct 23, 1885 Jno T. McMichael Rebecca McMichael Baughman Detail
Mc Call, Ida C. Platte Aug 4, 1885 Robt McCall Firginia E. McCall Smith Detail
McComas, Preston Twp Platte Mar 2, 1886 Jeff D. McComas Lucy McComas Edwards Detail
McComas, Preston Twp Platte Mar 2, 1886 Burk McComas Myrtle McComas Yates Detail
MGurie, Carroll Twp Platte May 28, 1886 John McGuire Mary C. McGuire Tinder Detail
McConnell, Pettis Twp Platte Spt 18, 1886 George McConnell Maggie McConnell Stevenson Detail
Mountjoy, Agnes Camden Pt Platte Jan 17, 1886 Wiley Mountjoy Mary E. Mountjoy Isrine Detail
Morrow, Waldron Twp Platte Feb 28, 1886 Fracis M. Morrow Susanah Morrow Branum Detail
Mauzey, Edgerton Jnct. Platte Mar 1, 1886 T.J. Mauzey Anna E. Mauzey Chestnut Detail
Miller, Pettis Twp Platte Apr 23, 1886 Absolom Miller Susan F. Miller Naylor Detail
Moore, Mamie D. Sugar lake Platte Jan 18, 1886 Ben J. Moore Gusta D. Moore Dixon Detail
Moreland, Ardel Green Twp Platte July 8, 1886 Henry C. Moreland Ardel Moreland Cook Detail
Miller, Edgerton Platte Mar 19, 1886 Isaac Miller Melvina Miller McComas Detail
Messick, Parkville Platte Aug 15, 1886 A.R. Messick Ida Messick Childers Detail
Mitchell, Anna Green Twp Platte Aug 17, 1886 Wm A. Mitchell Ann M. Mitchell Boydston Detail
Martin, Lilly (Twin) Pettis Twp Platte Aug 25, 1886 John Martin Malinda B. Martin Silvey Detail
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