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Record 2651 thru 2682 of 2682

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Near Camden Pt Mo Platte 09/02/1884 Wm M Duncan Anna T Duncan Detail
Green Township Platte 09/14/1884 Jno W King Sallie King Detail
Platte Co Mo Platte 09/13/1884 W H McClary M J McClary Detail
Pettis Twp Platte 10/07/1884 Jacob Sweiger Lavinia Sweiger Detail
May Twp Platte 11/06/1884 Marion Jacks Susan Jacks Detail
Preston Twp Platte 12/05/1884 L M Bowman Melvina Bowman Detail
Green Township Platte 01/04/1885 Jno S Blake Mrs Blake Detail
Green Township Platte 12/20/1884 Dand F Cravens Lucy Cravens Detail
Green Township Platte 02/07/1885 Robert S Collier Margaret A Collier Detail
Platte City Platte 02/10/1885 Jones Lewis Susan Lewis Detail
Platte Co Mo Platte 09/13/1883 W T Harlan Mrs W T Harlan Detail
Pettis Twp Platte 02/21/1885 S B Stuckey L Stuckey Detail
Green Township Platte 02/18/1885 William Oswalt Elizabeth Oswalt Detail
Pettis Twp Platte 03/03/1885 Jas H Jacks Elmorine Jacks Detail
Pettis Twp Platte 03/13/1885 Absolom Miller Susan Miller Detail
Preston Twp Platte 03/08/1885 Ben A Talbot Rosa Talbot Detail
Near Union Mills Platte 03/10/1885 Francis M Simpson Sarah E Simpson Detail
Platte Co Mo Platte 03/12/1885 Jos E Holland Mary Holland Detail
Tracy Mo Platte 03/22/1885 Charles Blackbuen Dora Blackburn Detail
Green Twp Platte 02/20/1885 Virginius R Cropp Magnolia Cropp Detail
Fair Twp Platte 04/19/1885 Wm C Harlan Ellen Harlan Detail
Platte Co Mo Platte 07/22/1883 Gerling Gerling Detail
May Twp Platte 04/19/1885 Joseph Callicott Martha Callicott Detail
Pettis Twp Platte 05/11/1885 William Carbough Rachel L Carbough Detail
Parkville Platte 05/28/1885 Andrew Cooper Malinda Cooper Detail
Marshall Twp Platte 04/16/1885 Willard Linville Mary Linville Detail
Parkville Platte 07/01/1885 James Champ Mary Champ Detail
Tracy Platte 07/01/1885 J C Ham Lena Ham Detail
Lee Twp Platte 07/31/1885 Henry B Mayo Mary C Mayo Detail
Fair Twp Platte 07/26/1885 Geo W Rixey Lydia Rixey Detail
Platte Co Platte 07/06/1885 Thos Skinner Mary Skinner Detail
Green Twp Platte 07/22/1885 Thos L Gabbert Martha V Gabbert Detail
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