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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Robb, West Liberty, Mo Putnam 7-8-84 Jessie Robb Martha J Robb Gray Detail
Not Provided Unionville, Mo Putnam 7-19-1900 FosterFreemanWright farmer Sarah E Wright Sarah E McCoy Detail
Clifford Rowland Omaha Putnam 3-13-1900 Perl C Rowland Hattie Rowland Hattie Harns Detail
James Emory Stevens Liberty TwpPutnamCo Mo Putnam 7-8-1883 James K Stevens Melissa Ann Stevens Melissa Ann Horton Detail
Not Provided Unionville,Putnam Co Mo Putnam 10-4-1883 Martin Schick Crissey Schiek Crissey Brandl Detail
Not Provided JacksonTwp PutnamCoMO Putnam 10-15-1883 James N.Smiley Elisabeth Smiley Elisabeth Valentine Detail
Not Provided Elm Twp.PutnamCo Mo Putnam 10-1-1883 Wm Shaw Shaw Ledford Detail
Not Provided Elm Twp PutnamCo Mo Putnam 10-14-1883 Peter H Shipley Carrie E Shipley Carrie E Cassady Detail
Charlis Estella Switt Unionville Mo Putnam 10-23-1883 Arthur M Swett Cora A Swett Cora A Payne Detail
Not Provided Unionville Mo Putnam 10-23-1883 John P Schuster Lizzie A Schuster Lizzie A Wade Detail
Not Provided York TwpPutnamCoMo Putnam 9-10-1883 Isaiah C Sell Sarah Sell Sarah Campbell Detail
Not Provided Grant Twp PutnamCo Mo Putnam 10-25-1883 Thomas Stockton Stockton Hoten Detail
Ernest C Smith ShermanTpPutnamCo Mo Putnam 10-25-1883 George D Smith Cordelia Smith Cordelia Hamlin Detail
Samuel F Shelton Elm Twp Putnam co Mo Putnam George Shelton Sarah A Shelton Sarah A Raney Detail
Not Provided Unionville, Mo Putnam 11-6-1883 Newton J Swaffoard Margaret E Swafford Margaret E Fisher Detail
Len(a)?, Unionville, Mo Putnam 11-27-1883 Michael Schick Salome Schick Salome Hilberthou(sn) Detail
Not Provided York Twp PutnamCo Mo Putnam 12-2-1883 Geo.W.Scott Mary I Scott Mary I Herald Detail
Not Provided Central City, Mo Putnam 12-9-1883 Allen Simmons Cassa A Simmons Cassa A Combs Detail
Not Provided Lincoln Tp. Putnam CoMo Putnam 11-29-1883 John W Sizemen Mary E Sizemen Mary E.Miller Detail
Not Provided York Twp Putnam 1-11-1884 Samuel Sturgeon Jane Sturgeon Parker Detail
Lettie summers Unionville, Mo Putnam 2-25-1884 GreenberrySSummers farmer Eliza A Summers Bennett Detail
Not Provided Wilson Twp. Putnam 2-4-1884 Isaac Smith Delia C smith Childers Detail
Not Provided Wilson Twp Putnam 3-27-84 Benj Schnelle Rachael Schnelle Clark Detail
Aravilla H Stewart Lincoln Twp Putnam 4-8-1884 Sandford Stewart Rebecca A Stewart Fisher Detail
Not Provided Liberty Twp Putnam 3-22-84 Geo W Sholenbarger NancySholinbarger Terrill Detail
Not Provided Liberty Twp Putnam 3-26-84 James W.Selby Sarah E Selby Johnson Detail
Not Provided Central City, Mo Putnam 4-21-1884 H.H. Stanhope Emma Stanhope Valentine Detail
Addie Bell Sulser Jackson Twp Putnam 12-14-1884 John Sulser Dorcus A Sulser Demery Detail
?, Liberty Twp Putnam 4-11-1884 Asa M Shelton Annie M Shelton Shipley Detail
Not Provided West Liberty Mo Putnam 5-4-1884 Chas T Betz Jane Betz Sanders Detail
Orpha E V Stewart Jackson Twp Putnam 5-3-1884 Jacob Steward Fannie Stewart Wilds Detail
Not Provided Medicine Twp. MO Putnam 1-3-1884 J.H. McGee Eva McGee Eva McLain Detail
Finley A. McKinley Lincoln Twp. Mo Putnam 4-26-1884 Hazel L. McKinley Sarah E. McKinley Sarah E ---? Detail
David McGee Lincoln Twp. Mo Putnam 6-5-1884 John R. McGee Louisa A. McGee Louisa A. Rice Detail
V.M. McClure Mendota, MO Putnam 5-27-1884 C. McClure Alida McClure Alida Branshall Detail
? McHenry Liberty Twp. MO Putnam 7-15-1884 Jackson Jones Rebecca McHenry Rebecca McHenry Detail
? McConniel? Liberty Twp. MO Putnam 8-8-1884 William McConnell Lucinda McConnell Lucinda Blackburn Detail
Isabella Fay McCutchin Unionville, MO Putnam 7-5-1896 Geo. E. McCutchen* Isa Eva McCutchen Isa Eva Guffey Detail
Charles M. Nurse Ayersville, MO Putnam 8-14-1883 George P. Nurse Delphina Nurse Delphina Warner Detail
Not Provided Grant Twp. Mo Putnam 1-15-1884 Jas.H. Neagle Hannah Neagle Hannah Centers Detail
Not Provided Sherman Twp. MO Putnam 4-7-1884 Thomas H. Norton Olive O. Norton Olive O. Greene Detail
Joseph W. Neighbors Liberty Twp. MO Putnam 6-6-1884 Wm. E. Neighbors Mary E. Neighbors Mary E. Carter Detail
Millie Norton Sherman Twp. MO Putnam 7-12-1884 James L. Norton Hannah Norton Hannah Nore Detail
Glen Newell York Twp. MO Putnam 10-29-1889 Heron A. Newell Lavina Bradshaw Lavina Bradshaw Detail
Not Provided Wilson Twp. MO Putnam 8-24-1883 Linneust? Olinger? Flora Olinger? Flora Lemen Detail
Not Provided York Twp. MO Putnam 3-22-1884 Lewis Ownes Susanah Owens Susanah Hoivrey? Detail
Not Provided Liberty Twp. MO Putnam 3-31-1884 Wm. J. Overman Alenora Overman Alenora Holton Detail
Lincoln Twp Putnam Sept 16 1895 J H Scott Bell Scott Detail
Grant TB Putnam Aug? 4 1894 Tom Bank?or Lizzie Bank?or Detail
Powersville MO Putnam May 4 J S Rafmson ? R af?mson Detail
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