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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Akers, Spencer Twp Ralls not given Stephen Akers Noney E. Akers Noney E. Hicklin Detail
Cox, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 10/28/1885 M. T. Cox Sallie Cox Sallie Clayton Detail
Hagar, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 11/23/1885 Wm. Hagar Mollie Hagar Mollie Bramblet Detail
Hulse, Center, Mo Ralls 8/28/1885 Wm. Hulse Mattie Hulse Detail
John C. Mayhall Madisonville/Ralls Co Ralls 10/29/1885 John W. Mayhall Mary M. Mayhall Mary M. Allison Detail
Grover C. Webb Clay twp Ralls 10/28/1885 Geo. W. Webb Almyra A. Webb Almyra A. Moore Detail
Lindsey E. Minor Marion Co, MO Ralls 11/22/1885 John F. Minor Mary Jane Minor Mary Jane Gentry Detail
Addie F. Brashears Clay twp Ralls 11/30/1885 Wm. M. Brashears Mary E. Brashears Mary E. Krigbaum Detail
Polly L. O'Keefe Clay twp Ralls 11/11/1885 John O'Keefe Nancy E. O'Keefe Nancy E. McCann Detail
Hurley, Salt River Twp Ralls 11/29/1885 John M. Hurley Susan Hurley Susan Shell Detail
Starks, Clay twp Ralls 12/26/1885 James Starks Annie Starks Annie Burton Detail
McCann, Clay twp Ralls 12/28/1885 James McCann Sarah J. McCann Sarah J. Hooper Detail
Johnson, Madisonville/Ralls Co Ralls 12/23/1885 Charles E. Johnson Ella H. Johnson Ella H. Evans Detail
Eugenie Phillips Salt River Twp, Ralls Ralls 8/22/1883 Thomas D. Phillips M. J. Phillips M.J. Reynolds Detail
Briggs, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 9/22/1883 D. F. Briggs Katie Briggs Katie Woodson Detail
Shelbouch, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 9/24/1883 William Shelbouch Susie Shelbouch Susie Houci(s) Detail
Taylor, Salt River Twp, Ralls Ralls 9/08/1883 John F. Taylor Isabella Taylor Isabella Woodhurst Detail
Jesse M. Ely Salt River Twp, Ralls Ralls 7/17/1883 Wm. M. Ely Harriet C. Ely Harriet C. Wolfe Detail
Smith, Salt River Twp, Ralls Ralls 8/09/1883 Wm. L. Smith Annie M. Smith Annie Hobbs Detail
Eales, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 10/03/1883 J. . Eales Polly Eales Polly Bramblett Detail
Laurence G. Shuck Saline Twp/Ralls Co Ralls 7/06/1883 Theophalus Shuck Cecelia V. Shuck Cecelia V. Chism Detail
Jesse E. Sutman Ralls Co, MO Ralls 5/01/1883 H???? Sutman Mary A. Sutman Mary E. Greeves Detail
Patterson, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 10/05/1883 William E. Patterson Virginia S. Patterson Virginia S. Gr(im)es Detail
Payton, Jasper Twp, Ralls Co Ralls 7/12/1883 Henry C. Payton Sarah Ann Payton Sarah Ann Harper Detail
Oren S. Leary Jasper Twp, Ralls Co Ralls 9/02/1883 James Leary Catherine M. Leary Catherine M. Krigbaum Detail
Inlow, Jasper Twp, Ralls Co Ralls 9/22/1883 James A. Inlow Sarah Inlow Sarah Ellis Detail
Robinson, Jasper Twp, Ralls Co Ralls 10/05/1883 Henry Robinson Perlina F. Robinson Perlina F. Organ Detail
Jesse R. Booker Madisonville, MO Ralls 7/27/1883 John Booker Nancy M. Booker Nancy M. Allison Detail
Griggs, Madisonville, MO Ralls 8/22/1883 Charles Griggs Jilla grigs Jilla Roland Detail
Norman J. Branstetter Madisonville, MO Ralls 8/19/1883 L. Branstetter E(mi)line Branstetter E(mi)line Reed Detail
Wood, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 10/03/1883 George Wood Eva Wood Eva Wood Detail
Smith, New London, MO Ralls 10/11/1883 R.J. Smith Sarah E. Smith ------ Detail
Mary B. Womach New London, MO Ralls 10/21/1883 Robert H. Womack Susie Womack Susie Megown Detail
Margaret E. Mate(es) Ralls Co, MO Ralls 10/22/1883 William Mat(ees) Elvira Mat(ees) Elvira Holt Detail
Mary Alice Giboney Ralls Co, MO Ralls 10/23/1883 John W. Giboney Catherine Giboney Catherine Oleo(uness) Detail
Adena Utterback Ralls Co, MO Ralls 8/13/1883 Timothy T. Utterback Mary F. Utterback Mary F. Rouse Detail
Simpson, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 10/15/1883 John Simpson Jennie Simpson Jennie Smith Detail
Boyd, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 9/15/1883 John Boyd Mary Boyd Mary Smith Detail
Nett, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 10/12/1883 James Nett Mollie Nett Mollie ---- Detail
Greta May Smith Ralls Co, MO Ralls 8/13/1883 Wm. J. Smith Mary E. Smith Mary E. Sweet Detail
Dye, Ralls 10/21/1883 R.J. Dye Dye Hollis Detail
Decky, Audrain Co, MO Ralls 3/21/1883 Decky Decky Clapper Detail
Leonard, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 6/02/1883 James Leonard Leonard Murphy Detail
Dye, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 5/01/1883 Robert Dye Lizzie Dye Lizzie Righter Detail
Wilkerson, Ralls Fred. Wilkerson ---- Detail
Brown, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 8/17/1883 Benjamin Brown Brown Craig Detail
Mattie Edith Brown Ralls Co, MO Ralls 4/01/1883 H. H. Brown Maggie Brown Maggie Muldrow Detail
Ella May Dulany Near Perry, MO Ralls 10/01/1883 John W. Dulany Sarah M. Dulany Sarah M. Cummins Detail
Frank J. Bently Near Perry, MO Ralls 10/03/1883 C.M. Bently Iola (T) Bently Iola T. Tipton Detail
Minnie Dell Wright Near Perry, MO Ralls 9/27/1883 William L. Wright Sarah Frances Wright Sarah Frances Patterson Detail
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