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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Eales, Saline Twp Ralls 4/17/1885 Wm. A. Eales Sarah M. Eales Sarah M. Watts Detail
Ely F. See Ralls 7/12/1885 Geo. See Lucinda Ann See Detail
Leota Snyder Near Perry, MO Ralls 4/29/1884 Geo. T. Snyder Mary T. Snyder Mary T. Rouse Detail
Snodgrass, Clay Twp,Ralls Co Ralls 7/26/1884 Wm. Henry Snodgrass Sarah R. Snodgrass Sarah R. Dwyer Detail
Ora Ellen Sherwood Center Twp Ralls 7/04/1884 James M. Sherwood Alice E. Sherwood Alice E. Herring Detail
Self, Jasper Twp Ralls 7/16/1884 E. Self E. S. Self E. S. Cox Detail
Smith, Center Twp Ralls 8/15/1884 E. B. Smith Emily Smith Emily Ellis Detail
Strode, Near New London,MO Ralls 8/23/1884 Edward M. Strode Cora B. Strode Cora B. Nichols Detail
Sykes, Madisonville, MO Ralls 8/28/1884 Henry T. Sykes Sarah F. Sykes Sarah F. Murphy Detail
Stewart, Near New London,MO Ralls 8/16/1884 Charles Stewart Kitty C. Stewart Kitty C. Cottage Detail
Scott, New London,MO Ralls 8/03/1884 Geo. Scott Rebecca Scott Rebecca Walker Detail
Shelvey M. Truitt New London,MO Ralls 12/17/1883 Samuel A. Truitt Laura C. Truitt Laura C. Roland Detail
Turner, Jasper Twp Ralls 3/08/1884 Peyton Turner Caroline Turner Caroline Pierce Detail
Tompkins, Saline Twp,Ralls Co Ralls 4/15/1884 Wm. H. Tompkins Sarah E. Tompkins Sarah E. Stout Detail
Taylor, Perry, Ralls Co Ralls 6/12/1884 John W. Taylor Esther Jane Taylor Esther Jane Shaw Detail
Turner, Perry, Ralls Co Ralls 6/2(?)/1884 Howard H. Turner Annie E. Turner Annie E. Elliott Detail
Taft, Cincinnati Ralls 8/10/1884 Geo. H. Taft Elyra Taft Elyra Miller Detail
Tooley, Saline Twp,Ralls Co Ralls 9/20/1884 George W. Tooley Catherine R. Tooley Catherine R. Cassady Detail
Thompson, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 10/20/1884 Wm. H. Thompson Mary Thompson Mary Moss Detail
Tompkins, Ralls Co, MO Ralls October (no date) W. C. Tompkins Ella G. Tompkins Ella G. Lear Detail
Waters, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 11/18/1883 (F)inisch Waters Emily Waters Emily Liter Detail
Girl & Boy Webb Clay Twp,Ralls Co Ralls 1/26/1884 Charles M. Webb Nancy E. Webb Nancy E. Gi(ngry) Detail
Earnest C. Walker Near Perry, MO Ralls 12/09/1883 Charles Ed Walker Elizabeth Walker Elizabeth Carter Detail
Charles E. Westfall Near Perry, MO Ralls 12/30/1883 Charles T. Westfall Lucy Westfall Lucy Neo(d)le Detail
Edith Winfrey Near Perry, MO Ralls 1/05/1884 Robert W. Winfrey Eliza H. Winfrey Eliza H. Dearing Detail
Wood, Near New London,MO Ralls 2/28/1884 Oliver J. Wood Rockie Wood Rockie Walden Detail
Watson, Near New London,MO Ralls 2/28/1884 James P. Watson Eliza (V). Watson Eliza Tutt Detail
Wright, Clay Twp,Ralls Co Ralls 2/08/1884 William T. Wright Mary Wright Mary Lowe Detail
Webb, Clay Twp,Ralls Co Ralls 2/22/1884 Wm. L. Webb Harriett E. Webb Harriett E. Fleake Detail
Weaver, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 5/18/1884 H. T. Weaver Martha E. Weaber Martha E. Brumblet Detail
Evie May Wells Near Perry, MO Ralls 2/25/1884 Leondas Wells Mary A. Wells Mary A. Over(cureu) Detail
Stephen I. Williamson Ralls Co, MO Ralls 6/10/1884 Dulaney Williamson Sarah F. Williamson Sarah F. Bloodgood Detail
White, Clay Twp,Ralls Co Ralls 7/30/1884 Henry White Ella White Ella Falkner Detail
Ward, Perry, Ralls Co Ralls 9/24/1884 Aaron F. Ward Mary J. Ward Mary J. Fagan Detail
Whitecotton, Hassard, Ralls Co Ralls 9/25/1882 Ben. A. Whitecotton Mary A. Whitecotton Mary A. Elliott Detail
Anna P. West Saverton Twp Ralls 8/28/1884 Clinton West Martha J. West Martha J. Meadows Detail
White, Saline Twp,Ralls Co Ralls 10/27/1884 Wm. White Annie White Annie Bowman Detail
Webb, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 11/17/1884 Lish Webb Sarah Webb Sarah Keeler Detail
Franklin D. Yager Saline Twp,Ralls Co Ralls 2/28/1884 J. D. Yager Sarah F. Yager Sarah F. Greeves Detail
Yager, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 10/15/1884 Fred. Yager Frances Yager Frances Burns Detail
Anderson, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 12/15/1884 Oregon Anderson Mary Jane Anderson Mary Jane Stevens Detail
Adams, Jasper Twp Ralls 9/19/1884 C. C. Adams Cynthia Adams Cynthia Furley Detail
Margaret Alexander Clay Twp,Ralls Co Ralls 3/28/1885 T. C. Alexander J. M. Alexander J. M. Spalding Detail
Alice Edna Armstrong Perry, Ralls Co Ralls 8/28/1885 Edward S. Armstrong Alice R. Armstrong Alice R. Nelson Detail
Boaz, Near Perry, MO Ralls 9/14/1884 John E. Boaz Virginia P. Boaz Virginia P. Collins Detail
Briscoe, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 1/14/1885 unknown Mary E. Briscoe Mary E. Briscoe Detail
Branstetter, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 4/13/1884 M. E. Branstetter Mary C. Branstetter Mary C. Branstetter Detail
Brown, Spencer Twp/Rall Co Ralls Jan 1885 Geo. Brown Sarah A. Brown Sarah A. Rismiller Detail
Black, Saline Twp,Ralls Co Ralls 2/03/1885 Alexander Black Annie V. Black Annie V. Lee Detail
Braxton, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 4/03/1885 Benjamin Braxton Sarah Braxton Sarah Stewart Detail
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