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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Alverson, Miami MO Saline Aug 6 1883 L. L. Alverson Susan Alverson Susan Du(rn)ill Detail
Alexander Mary Alice Miami Twp Saline Oct 2 1883 J. W. Alexander Mary Alexander Mary Reece Detail
Ament Sarah 4 Miles West of Napton MO Saline Nov 11 1883 Henry Doddridge Ament Lida Ament Lida Moore Detail
Alfrey, 4 Miles SW of Napton MO Saline Dec 22 1883 Samuel C Alfrey Minerva Catherine Alfrey Minerva C Ritchey Detail
Armantrout Daisy near Brownsville MO Saline March 4-1884 Jno. T. Armantrout Sarah M. Armantrout Wilson Detail
Aulger, Liberty Twp. Saline Co. MO Saline March 8-1884 William R?(f)no Aulger Cordelia Ann Aulger Cordelia Ann Price Detail
Alexander, 3 Mls south of Napton Missouri Saline April 26 1884 James Alexander Martha Ellen Alexander Martha Ellen Thomas Detail
Acameyer, Blk. Water T.S. Pettis Co MO Saline April 14-1884 Andrew Acameyer Olga Acameyer Olga Cook Detail
Anderson, G. P. T. S. Saline April 25-1884 Charles Anderson Willie Anderson Harris Detail
Aul, Clay Township MO Saline Aug 12 1884 Daniel Webster Aul Inez Aul Inez White Detail
Aulger, Brownsville MO Saline Nov 1st 1884 George B Aulger Mary Jane Aulger Mary Jane Harris Detail
Alexander Alice Miami Twp Saline Nov 22 1884 Marshall Alexander Fannie Alexander Fannie Graves Detail
Alexander, Elmwood Twp Saline Dec 11 1884 James Alexander Hannah L Alexander Hannah L Hooper Detail
Alexander, Marshall MO Saline May 5, 1885 Moss Harvey Alexander Eliza H Alexander Guthrey Detail
Allen, near Brownsville MO Saline May 14 1885 Jack Allen Sarah Allen Sarah Venable Detail
Alexander, Saline Co MO Saline Sept 7 1885 J W Alexander Mary Alexander Mary Reese Detail
Booth Henry Pierson Miami MO Saline August 31 1883 William Booth Bettie Booth Bettie Parson(s) Detail
Blakely William Henry Miami Saline Aug 15 1883 William Blakely Margaret Blakely Margaret Robinson Detail
Branch Richard Miami Twp Saline August 29 1883 James H. Branch Lucretia Branch Lucretia Crust Detail
Barnes Alice Rebecca 6 miles SE Napton MO Saline Sept 22 1883 Charles Henderson Barnes Lucill(e) Mildred Barnes Lucill(e) Mildred Johnson Detail
Bortsfield Edward Leslie Blackburn MO Saline March 17 1883 Adam Bortsfield Lula V. M. Bortsfield Lula V. M. Rine Detail
Bailey, Liberty Twp Saline August 29 1883 Albert Bailey Detail
Biggs Baby Blackburn MO Saline July 24 1883 Finis Ewing Biggs Mary Lucill(e) Biggs Detail
Bennington, Saline Aug 3, 1883 John Bennington Detail
Blakesly Mamie Saline Co MO Saline Oct 5 1883 Edward Blakesly Amanda Blakesly Amanda Brown Detail
Boyer Edgar Saline Co MO Saline Sept 25 1883 John H. Boyer Sallie Boyer Sallie Bagby Detail
Brown, Brownsville MO Saline Oct 15 1883 George D Brown Sena Missouri Brown Sena Missouri Lindsay Detail
Blake, Salt Pond Twp Saline Oct 21 1883 Maurice C Blake Mary Jane Blake Mary Jane Peck Detail
Boyd John Barnes Elk Lick Saline Co MO Saline Oct 16, 1883 William George Boyd Sarah C Boyd Sarah C Ragsdale Detail
Bowman Maggie L Brownsville MO Saline Sept 15 1883 Henderson G Bowman Mary E Bowman Mary E Hurst Detail
Brown, Elmwood Twp Saline Dec 3, 1883 James D Brown Francis A. Brown Francis A Beaty Detail
Buie, Arrow Rock Twp Saline Nov 29 1883 William H Buie Harriet D. Buie Harriet D. Jones Detail
Bishop, Miami MO Saline Nov 5 1883 Albert Pike Bishop Mollie Bennett Bishop Mollie Bennett Detail
Brown, Miami MO Saline Nov 17 1883 George Brown Samantha Brown Samantha Brown Detail
Ballard, Arrow Rock Twp Saline Nov 23 1883 Abner G. Ballard Elisabeth Ballard Elisabeth Scaling Detail
Bell, Marshall Twp Saline Nov 18 1883 James Bell Annie J Bell Annie Mo(niga)n Detail
Bristow George Henry Miami Twp Saline Dec 13 1883 William Bristow Eliza Bristow Eliza Wright Detail
Boswell, Brownsville MO Saline Dec 15 1883 Francis Marion Boswell Mary Alice Boswell Mary Alice Ferguson Detail
Brown, Saline Co MO Saline Nov 24 1883 Henry J Brown Ellen Brown Ellen Ca(n)t?rae Detail
Berry, Brownsville MO Saline Jan 18-1884 John Wm Berry Mary Fair Berry Mary F. Pitts Detail
Bess Mary and Sallie (twins) Clay Twp Saline Oct 23-1883 John Bess Melissa Bess Melissa Tucker Detail
Bean John Lee Marshall MO. Saline Feb 26-1884 Jno. Bean Lou M(i)llard Bean Lou M(i)llard Shoemaker Detail
Buckner, near Mt. Leonard Missouri Saline Feb 11-1884 George Buckner Fanny Buckner Fanny Allen Detail
Burford Mary C. H. Saline Co. MO Saline Nov 8- 1883 Benj. F. T. Burford Eliza Jane Burford Eliza Jane Rothock Detail
Beeson, Pettis Co. MO. Saline Feb 26-1884 Richard W. Beeson Eliza Jane Besson Eliza Jane Whicker Detail
Bowler, Salt Fork Twp. Saline March 19-1884 Chas W. Bowler Eliza Ann Bowler Halloway Detail
Bert Amos Henry Miami Twp. Saline Feb 12-1884 Amos Bert Susan Bert Susan Roc(h) Detail
Brummet, 9 (mls East) of Miami Saline Mar 18-1884 Jacob Layfayette Brummet Mary Ann Brummet Mary Ann ????? Detail
Bailey, Saline Co. MO Saline May 4-1884 Isham Tarlton Bailey Loretta M. Bailey Loretta M. Bailey Detail
Blain, Saline Co. MO Saline May 1-1884 Jesse B. Blain Lizzie Blain Lizzie Hunter Detail
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