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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Mary Ida Holder Moreland Township Scott Jan. 4, 1886 Andrew Holder Ludolphian Holder Ludolphian Eck Detail
Not Provided Kelso Townshipp, Scott Co, MO Scott Aug. 16, 1885 Thomas Carroll Lizzie Carroll Lizzie Slaten Detail
Lou Ada Byrne Scott Co., MO Scott Nov. 10, 1885 Simon Byrne Mary Byrne Mary Tanner Detail
Henry G.A. Grupe Kelso Township, Scott Co, MO Scott Jan. 2, 1886 Henry F. Grupe Katie Grupe Katie Hoffman Detail
Cloar, Moreland Township Scott Feb. 16, 1886 Elisha Fleloar Eddie Cloar Eddie Champion Detail
Evans, Sylvania Township Scott Mar. 8, 1886 Simon E. Evans Julia Evan Julia Dooms Detail
Hughes, Morley Townhip Scott Mar. 10, 1886 Andrew Hughes L. Hughes L. Nations Detail
Holder, Moreland Township Scott Mar. 12, 1886 Hyppolitis Holder Josephine Holder Josephine Eck Detail
Died in few hours Commerce Scott Feb. 24, 1885 James High Minnie High Minnie Cooley Detail
Not Provided Near Morley Scott Feb. 9, 1886 Noah Newton S.C. Newton S.C. White Detail
Its mother is named Norman Sylvania Township Scott Mar. 25, 1886 None given Harriet Norman Harriet Warley Detail
Bessie Deline Morgan Sylvania Township Scott Mar. 17, 1886 John A. Morgan Lettie Morgan Lettie Jeffords Detail
John Curtis Hunt Birds Hill, Sylvania Township Scott Mar. 7, 1886 Geroge R. Hunt Amanda M. Hunt Amanda M. Paterson Detail
Blocker, Sylvania Township Scott Apr. 5, 1886 Thomas F. Blocker Theodocie Blocker Theordocie Byrnt Detail
McAuliffe, Sylvania Townhip Scott Apr. 3, 1886 Thomsa McAuliffe Nancy E. McAuliffe Nancy E. Height Detail
Grace McKinley Benton, Scott Co, MO Scott Apr. 1, 1886 James McKinley Katie McKinley Katie Davis Detail
William Vennble Hunter Benton, MO Scott Dec. 30, 1885 William Hunter Ella Hunter Ella Walker Detail
Smith, Sandy Land Township Scott Apr. 28, 1886 P. Newton Smith Polly Ann Smith Polly Ann Collins Detail
Bermice Allen Moreland Township Scott May 2, 1886 Thom S. Allen Rosella M. Allen Rosella M. Renmick Detail
Not Provided 4 miles east of Morley Scott May 6, 1886 William S. Dickerson S. Annie Dickerson S. Annie Dupuree Detail
John Auther Riggs Commerce, MO Scott May 4, 1886 Wilson F. Riggs Mary E. Riggs Mary E. Legsand Detail
Katharina Mueller Farm area Kelso Scott June 12, 1886 Casper joseph Mueller Anna Mueller Anna Etter Detail
G.C. Smith Morley, MO Scott May 24, 1886 Eliza C. Smith Briget Smith Briget Hughes Detail
Dona Anna Lile Morely, MO Scott Mar. 30, 1886 Joseph Lile A.L. Lile A.L. Manahau Detail
Not Provided Scott Co. Scott Feb. 25, 1886 Bery F. Merritt Francis A. Merritt Francis A. Merritt Detail
Oscor Pesdue Scott Co. Scott Mar. 9, 1886 Phillip W. Pesdue Sarah Adline Pesdue S.A. Wilson Detail
Luke Congleton Morley, MO Scott Mar. 5, 1886 James W. Congleton Bell Congleston Bell Willis Detail
Finley, Moreland Township Scott Aug. 1, 1886 Silas O. Finley Lizzie Finley Lizzie Bates Detail
Ben 'Smith Near Morley Scott July 17, 1886 James Smith `Laura Smith Laura Cooke Detail
Essner, Moreland Township Scott Aug. 28, 1886 Andrew G. Essner Catharine Essner Catherine Schoen Detail
Cove W. Brown Commerce Scott July 25, 1886 Joseph Brown Amanda Brown Amanda Wright Detail
Not Provided Commerce Township Scott Aug. 17, ? Lincoln Mills Annie Mills Annie Hunter Detail
Not Provided Commerce, MO Scott Sept. 10, 1886 William Blocker Mary Blocker Mary Calhoun Detail
Not Provided Commerce Township Scott Sept. 10, 1886 Augustus Mifflin Emily Mifflin Emily Luzar Detail
Near Benton Scott Aug. 14, ? White Harlow Mary Louisa Harlow Detail
Oran Scott Oct. 10, 1884 Osborn M. Radcliff, Sr. Lizzie Radcliffe Detail
Oran Scott Oct. 14, 1884 J.T.. Ashley Maggie Ashley Detail
Commerce Township Scott July 24, ? Geroge Laferty Mary Laferty Detail
Commerce Township Scott July 26, ? Louis Goodman Martha Goodman Detail
Scott County Scott May 30, 1885 William Frederick Westwiller Cora Elizabeth Westwiller Detail
Scott County Scott July 14, 1885 Casper J. Miller Annie Miller Detail
Sylvania Township Scott Aug. 25, 1885 Francis M. Friend Amelia Friend Detail
Commerce Township Scott Sept. 11, 1880 William Spradlin Hattie Spradlin N. Parks Detail
Near Diehlstadt Scott fourth James Thomas Goodman Etta Goodman Detail
Benton, MO Scott Feb. 13, 1886 John Reeder Sophia M. Reeder Detail
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