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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Mary Eliza Watteroth Oran, MO Scott Aug. 24, 1885 George P. Wetteroth Rosy L. Wetteroth R.L. Derington Detail
Axell Edward & Lillie May Olsson Diehlstadt Scott Sept. 12, 1885 Peter Olsson Martha Elizabeth Martha Elizabeth Carr Detail
Arnold, Benton Scott Sept. 20, 1885 Marshall Arnold Anna E. Arnold Anna E. Parrott Detail
Mary C. Diemme Kelso, MO, Scott Co Scott Aug. 10, 1885 John B. Diemme Mary Diemme Mary Felden Detail
Mary L. Diemme Kelso, MO, Scott Co. Scott Aug. 10, 1885 John B. Kiemme Mary Diemme Mary Felden Detail
George Holder Caney Station Scott Sept. 10, 1885 George Holder Caroline D. Holder Caroline Belston Detail
William F. Boals Morley Township Scott Sept. 1, 1885 Robert Boals Nancy Elizabeth Boals Nancy E. Bolland Detail
(Not named) Morley Scott Sept. 6, 1885 William Alexander Nobel Annay Mary Noble Anna Mary Burlboro Detail
(Not named) Morley, MO Scott Sept. 14, 1885 Johnathan Perdue Birdie Perdue Birdie Hines Detail
(Not named) (Twins) Scott Co. MO Scott Sept. 28, 1885 Geroge William Washington Gold Dixie E. Gold Dixie E. Caldwell Detail
(No name given Benton Scott Aug. 21, 1885 Peter Glueck Katie Glueck Katie Gerse Detail
Not Provided Benton Scott Sept. 11, 1885 L.A. Townes Amanda Towne Amanda Adams Detail
Not Provided Near Benton, MO Scott Sept. 27, 1885 John Bullinger Mary Bullinger Mary Blettel Detail
Not Provided Benton, MO Scott Oct. 3, 1885 Frank Steck Minnie Steck Minnie Brenecer Detail
Batts, Morley Township Scott Oct. 15, 1885 William R. Batts Emma E. Batts Emma Jones Detail
Gracie Wilson Morley Township Scott Oct. 26, 1885 Oscar S. Wilson Eliza C. Wilson Eliza Bugg Detail
(Not name given) Benton, MO Scott Oct. 14, 1885 Don't know Allie Humphrey Detail
Not Provided Sandy Prairie Scott Oct 1 1884 Lish Harrison Stacy Alice Chaney Aminda Stacy Alice Chaney Aminda Barnes Detail
Lula M Smith Richland Township Scott May 13 1884 John Smith Jane Smith Jane Nelson Detail
Frank George Schaefer New Hamburg Scott May 2 1884 Barthel Schaefer Mary Schaefer Mary Kern Detail
Maria Carbkin Scherer New Hamburg Scott Aug 7 1884 Antony Scherer Caroline Scherer Caroline Henring Detail
Roy E Sibley Sikeston Scott Oct 24 1884 L D Sibley Roxie A Sibley Roxie A Sillman Detail
Ernest Sharrork Buffington MO Scott Jan 6 1885 D L Sharrorok Sarah Sharrork Sarah Shoemaker Detail
Mark Lynn Stallcup New Madrid CO MO Scott Jan 10 1885 Mark Cardin Stallcup Sue Abbie Stallcup Sue Abbie Greugery Detail
Stallions, Sylvania Twp Scott Mar 18 1885 Geo Austin Stallions Sallie Stallions Sallie Turner Detail
Nellie Smith Commerce Township Scott Nov 16 1884 Algernon Gray Smith Matilda Smith Matilda Fleeman Detail
Iona Franciska Stephens Oran, Sylvania Town Scott Feb 9 1885 Charles Stephens Drucilla F Stephens Drucilla F Warford Detail
Not Provided Kelso Township, Scott CO MO Scott Feb 27 1885 August Sanders Anna Sanders Anna Heeb Detail
Suttle, Scott CO MO Scott Jan 27 1885 Wm Suttle Eliza Suttle Eliza Trotten Detail
Smith, Near Morley Scott Apr 4 1885 Richard Smith Laura Smith Laura Cocks Detail
Turner, Sylvamia Township Scott Sep 25 1884 John Turner Mary Louisa Turner Mary Louisa Keys Detail
Cattie Ann Taylor Scott CO MO Scott Aug 10 1884 Francis Marion Taylor Mary Alice Tatlor Mary Alice Reder Detail
Turner, Sylvania Twp Scott Mar 11 1885 George W Turner Marsha Elvira Keys Detail
Oliver C Turner Near Morley Scott Apr 20 1885 Nathan Turner Lucinda Turner Lucinda B? Detail
Anna Jamima Vaughn Sylvania Township Scott Dec 29 1884 William Vaughn Marget Elizabeth Vaughn Marget Elizabeth Martin Detail
Joanna Anna Vetter New Hamburg Scott Aug 9 1884 Andy Vetter Anna Vetter Anna Slitt Detail
West, Scott CO, near Morley Scott Oct 13 1883 James B West Bell West Detail
Harris Clay Wilson Morley MO Scott Dec 12 1883 Geo R Wilson Amanda Wilson Amanda Watkins Detail
Louisa Maria Westerholtz Scott CO Scott Feb 17 1884 William Henry Westerholtz Wilhelma Westerholtz Wilhelma Ackermire Detail
George Anna Weteroth Oran, Scott CO MO Scott Feb 28 1884 George Peter Wetteroth Rosie Lee Wetteroth Rosie Lee Deington Detail
Marion Francis Wilson Morley MO Scott Feb 22 1884 Irvin A Wilson Mary Francis Wilson Mary Francis Batts Detail
Not Provided Morley Township Scott Jun 14 1884 David J A West Martha Cashanie Martha Moore Detail
Not Provided Near Diehlstadt Scott May 17 1884 Louis Jacob Watts Susan Isabelle Watts Susan Isabelle Watts Detail
Wards, Commerce MO Scott Jun 12 1884 Wm Woods Margret Jones Detail
Not Provided Near Diehlstadt Scott Sep 10 1884 Flora Aharetta Williams Flora Aharetta Gregory Detail
George Theodore Westrich New Hamburg Scott Jul 24 1884 John Westuch Katharina Westuch Katharina Metz Detail
Not Provided New Madrid CO MO Scott Nov 10 1884 Theo A Welman Nancy J Welman Nancy J Hill Detail
Not Provided Near Diehlstadt Scott Jan 17 1885 William H Wilkinson Amanda Wilkinson Amanda Rina Detail
Lou Alfred Waters Scott County Scott Feb 24 1885 Charles R Waters Mary Waters Mary Brock Detail
Watts, Near Diehlstadt Scott Apr 5 1885 Louis Ja? Watts Susan Isabella Watts Susan Isabella Watts Detail
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