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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
WEST, Shelby Jul 20, 1883 William West Not Given Detail
BAKER, Shelby Jul 22, 1883 Henry Baker Not Given Detail
D?OBBIN, Shelby Jul 31, 1883 William D?obbin Not Given Detail
FESS??DEN, Shelby Aug 27, 1883 Not Given Martha Fess??rden Detail
TAYLOR, Shelby Aug 9, 1883 David Taylor Not Given Detail
WOOD, Shelby Aug 25, 1883 Anderson Wood Not Given Detail
TAYLOR, Shelby Aug 26, 1883 Ephraim Taylor Not Given Detail
COLE, Shelby Jul 17, 1883 Samuel Cole Not Given Detail
RICHARDSON, Shelby Jul 22, 1883 R. P. Richardson Not Given Detail
YOUNG, Shelby Aug 1, 1883 James T. Young Not Given Detail
SISTER, Shelby Aug 8, 1883 A. A. Sister Not Given Detail
SMITH, Shelby Aug 9, 1883 Robert Smith Not Given Detail
WAINWRIGHT, Shelby Sep 23, 1883 C. F. Wainwright Ella C. Wainwright Parson Detail
KIRK, Shelby Sep 21, 1883 Orean B. Kirk Mary A. Kirk Vandiver Detail
MOUTARE?, Shelby Sep 22, 1883 Gilbert Mountair? Lizzie J. Moutare? Donahue Detail
KINDRICKS, Shelby Sep 23, 1883 John Kendricks Mary Kendricks Fisher Detail
COOPER, Shelby Sep 17, 1883 Alonzo Cooper Sarah J. Cooper Parry Detail
HOPKINS, Charles Shelby Sep 24, 1883 John T. Hopkins Mirah P. Hopkins Libby Detail
BROWN, Shelby Sep 14, 1883 Oscar Brown Not Given Detail
MASSICK, Shelby Sep 1, 1883 Saul S. Massick Not Given Detail
CHATMAN, Shelby Sep 23, 1883 Henry Chatman Not Given Detail
CRAIN, Shelby Sep 27, 1883 J. Crain Not Given Detail
BENNETT, Shelby Jul 16, 1883 John Bennett Amelia Bennett Detail
FARRISH, Shelby Jul 11, 1883 B. B. Farrish Nancy Farrish Moreland Detail
MISHLER, Shelby Bastard Child Mary Mishler Detail
HARLAND, Shelby Jul 11, 1883 James Harland Nannie? Harland McCray Detail
DETWILER, Cherry Box Shelby Sep 6, 1883 John Detwiler Not Given Detail
COPENHAVER, Shelby Jul 20, 1883 Lenn Copenhaver Jennie Copenhaver Lanner? Detail
RAY, Hayers Grove Shelby Jul 22, 1883 James G. Ray Pauline Ray Mencafee Detail
HARLAND, Shelby Jul 27, 1883 Logice? Harland Meta Harland Hilligoss Detail
GRAHAM, Hayers Grove Shelby Aug 8, 1883 Robert Graham Anne Graham Aape? Detail
GRAHAM, Hayers Grove Shelby Aug 8, 1883 Robert Graham Anne Graham Aape? Detail
HUDSON, Hayers Grove Shelby Aug 17, 1883 William Hudson Mary Hudson Perry Detail
FLUENCE, Shelby Aug 25, 1883 Edward Fluence Mildred Fluence Detail
COLVERT, Ella Shelby Sep 2, 1883 Thos. Colvert Margaret Colvert Durratt Detail
GREGORY, Webster Shelby Sep 9, 1883 Edward Gregory Mary Gregory Carlile Detail
DAVIS, Union Shelby Sep 10, 1883 Minta Davis Mary Davis Moneland? Detail
DAY, Shelbyville Shelby Jul 2, 1882 Lewis Day Martha Day Franklin Detail
TRAGGLE, Shelby Sep 3, 1883 Richard Traggle Mollie Traggle Peaples Detail
SINGLETON, Moulton Shelby Sep 18, 1883 Wm. H. Singleton Bell Singleton Fillinber? Detail
MORAND, Ivanhoe Shelby Sep 20, 1883 James Morand Not Given Detail
VAN VACTER Shelby Sep 21, 1883 James Vanvacter Melitia Vanvacter Detail
STEWARD, Price Shelby Sep 27, 1883 David Stewart Martha Stewart Vandiver Detail
MCDANIEL, Shelby Oct 1, 1883 Cornelius R. McDaniel Not Given Detail
MAHONEY, Shelby Oct 4, 1883 Ed Mahoney Not Given Detail
WINGATE, Leonard Shelby Sep 16, 1883 Charles Wingate Sally Wingate Arthur Detail
HOPPER, Hagers Grove Shelby Sep 25, 1883 Gillum Hopper Mary E. Hopper Dove Detail
MOORE, Hagers Grove Shelby Sep 14, 1883 Tanner? Moore Nettie Moore Larkan Detail
SHUDY, Kirby Shelby Sep 27, 1883 Frank Shudy Sally Shudy Thomas Detail
GATEWOOD, Roy James Shelbina Shelby Aug 31, 1883 Clay Gatewood Mary Elizabeth Gatewood Harrison Detail
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