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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
O'Bryen Shelbyville, Mo Shelby 12-14-1884 J.M. O'Bryen Mary Bell O'Bryen Mary Bell Ballard Detail
Perigo Bethel, Mo Shelby 6-3-1884 Martin Perigo Ida Bell Perigo Ida Bell Purvis Detail
Prichard, Alma Clarence, Mo Shelby 6-24-1884 James W. Prichard Mina Prichard Mina Morrill Detail
Pollard, Peasley B. Clarence, Mo Shelby 6-9-1884 J.H. Pollard Mary Pollard Nancy Gay Detail
Polight Tiger Fork Twp Shelby 7-16-1884 Levi Polight Milly Ann Polight Milly Ann Peak Detail
Price Black Creek Twp Shelby 7-3-1884 John Price Mattie Price Mattie Maberry Detail
Parish Salt River Twp Shelby 7-16-1884 John Parish Anna Parish Anna Boyd Detail
Peak Tiger Fork Twp Shelby 7-28-1884 John W. Peak Margaret Peak Margaret Daugherty Detail
Polliston, Fanny Marion Co, Mo Shelby 9-24-1884 Dexter R. Pollister Sarah C. Pollister Sarah C. Hen[dr]on Detail
Pickett, Thomas G. Cleveland Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 11-14-1884 Hodgemen Pickett Sarah Catherine Pickett Sarah Catherine Allen Detail
Quigley Salt River Twp Shelby 12-26-1884 Henry Quigley Dic Quigley Dic B---ont Detail
Rivard Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 8-28-1884 F? Rivard Sofa Rivard Detail
Rufner Clay Twp Shelby 3-27-1884 Morton Rugner Rufner Detail
Richmond Tiger Fork Twp Shelby 8-18-1884 John Richmond Laura T. Richmond Laura T. King Detail
Rigler Jefferson Twp Shelby 8-7-1884 Saml. Rigler Rigler Detail
Reverly Shelbina, Mo Shelby 10-1-1884 Alex M. Reverly Almyra Reverly Almyra Harris Detail
Roberson Black Creek Twp Shelby 10-6-1884 James Roberson Matilda Roberson Matilda Shudy Detail
Riley Jefferson Twp Shelby 11-7-1884 James Riley Riley Butler Detail
Robinson Shelbina, Mo Shelby 12-1-1884 It has no father Nannie Robinson Nannie Robinson Detail
Ritter Black Creek Twp Shelby 12-15-1884 Illegitimate Sarah Ritter Sarah Ritter Detail
Sanders, Grover Cleveland Near Lakenan, Mo Shelby 6-17-1884 James Sanders Mary Sanders Mary Gough Detail
Snowder Clay Twp Shelby 7-10-1884 Saml. P. Snowder Delilah M. Snowder Delilah M. Warren Detail
Stockham Taylor Twp Shelby 7-18-1884 Wm E. Stockham Sarah A. Stockham Sarah A. Selley Detail
Sutton Shelbyvile, Mo Shelby 8-1-1884 Wm H. Sutton Matilda O. Sutton Matilda O. Pulse Detail
Singleton Taylor Twp Shelby 8-16-1884 A.E. Singleton Alice E. Singleton Alice E. Magruder Detail
Spegener Jefferson Twp Shelby 8-30-1884 Frederick Spegener Spegener Dil? Detail
Smith, Frederick O'Boyer Black Creek Twp Shelby 8-15-1884 Charles E. Smith Cora C. Smith Cora C. Bennett Detail
Scearce, Carrie Bell Shelbina, Mo Shelby 2-20-1884 Harry Thomas Scearce Mary Thomas Scearce Mary Thomas Cotton Detail
Sparks Monroe Co, Mo Shelby 7-2-1884 Henry O. Sparks Annie Valentine Sparks Annie Valentine Sparks Detail
Sidener, Emmet Clay Salt River Twp Shelby 6-6-1884 Frank B. Sidener Sarah B. Sidener Sarah B. Ridge Detail
Snell, Wm Henry Black Creek Twp Shelby 10-8-1884 James Thomas Snell Alice Snell Alice Powell Detail
Stephens Clay Twp Shelby 10-4-1884 not known Alic? Stepens Alic? Miles Detail
Shofstall Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 11-15-1884 Oliver Shofstall Sallie Shofstall Sallie Dodd Detail
Shanks Clarence, Mo Shelby 11-30-1884 Reuben Shanks Annie Shanks Annie Huston Detail
Stewart, Benjamin Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 11-14-1884 Joseph Stewart Nancy Ann Stewart Nancy Ann Bunn Detail
Sturgis, Maggie Bell Jackson Twp Shelby 11-6-1884 John W. Sturgis Eliza Jane Sturgis Eliza Jane Ratliff Detail
Smith Salt River Twp Shelby 11-20-1884 James Smith Susan Smith Susan Carothers Detail
Taylor Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 7-4-1884 Wm Taylor Phoebe J. Taylor Phoebe J. McCaslin Detail
Turner Black Creek Twp Shelby 7-1-1884 Wm Richard Tuirner Mary A. Turner Mary A. Doyle Detail
Tucker Shelbyville, Mo Shelby 7-6-1884 James P. Tucker Margaret S. Tucker Margaret S. Dawson Detail
Timbrook Jefferson Twp Shelby 8-6-1884 Albert H. Timbrook Pallace Timbrook Pallace Gorby Detail
Tenny Jefferson Twp Shelby 9-6-1884 John H. Tenney Melvina C. Tenny Melvina C. Ford Detail
Thompson Bethel Twp Shelby 8-22-1884 John Wm Thompson Mary Thompson Mary Latimer Detail
Trogden Salt River Twp Shelby 9-19-1884 Charles Trogden Trogden Edmondson Detail
Timbrook Jefferson Twp Shelby 8-21-1884 Jefferson Timbrook Maggie Timbrook Maggie Gorby Detail
Tarlton, Carl Marshall Shelbina, Mo Shelby 7-8-1884 Marion Tarlton Eliza Ann Tarlton Eliza Ann Peck Detail
Thurman Bethel, Mo Shelby 6-4-1884 Wm H. Thurman Mary Elizabet Thurman Mary Elizabeth Haughland Detail
Todd Bethel Twp Shelby 6-15-1884 Thos Todd Emily V. Todd Emily V. Engin Detail
Turner x Shelby 10-1-1884 Duf Thurman Ruale Turner Ruale Matte Detail
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