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Record 1951 thru 2000 of 2049

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Minick Clay Twp Shelby 11-3-1885 W.G. Minick Addie Minick Addie Elgin Detail
Miller Jefferson Twp Shelby 11-7-1885 Wm Miller Sarah Miller Sarah Donaldson Detail
Nash Tiger Fork Twp Shelby 5-2-1885 George H. Nash Nannie Ayers Nash Nannie Ayers Turner Detail
Nelson Bethel Twp Shelby 7-1-1885 D.S. Nelson Emma D. Nelson Emma D. Ellis Detail
Ogelsby Jefferson Twp Shelby 8-9-1885 Samuel Oglesby Cass Oglesby Cass Cunningham Detail
Pickett, Lucy Virginia Bethel Twp Shelby 12-12-1884 Sanford H. Pickett Malissa Pickett Malissa West Detail
Priest Black Creek Twp Shelby 12-31-1884 John C. Priest Emma C. Priest Emma C. McMurry Detail
Pflum, Edward Gilbert Bethel, Mo Shelby 2-5-1885 Frederick Pflum Louisa Pflum Louisa Will Detail
Parsons, Valley Virginia Tiger Fork Twp Shelby 3-13-1885 John W. Parsons Mary Ann Parsons Mary Ann Drake Detail
Paliser Jefferson Twp Shelby 3-1-1885 Thomas Paliser Sarah M. Paliser Sarah M. Ferbuson Detail
Potter, Joseph Lorenzo jr Shelby 3-13-1885 Joseph Lorenzo Potter Katie Potter Katie Renner Detail
Pickett Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 9-3-1885 Wm Cla-born Pickett Charlotte Pickett Charlotte Glasscock Detail
Patton Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 11-3-1885 Mathew N. Patton Josephine Patton Josephine N[itter] Detail
Price Black Creek Twp Shelby 11-8-1885 Wm R. Price Sarah Ellen Price Sarah Ellen Noble Detail
Patton, Annie Eliza Hagers Grove, Mo Shelby 11-17-1885 S.S. Patton Mary A. Patton Mary A. Stutt Detail
Perry Jackson Twp Shelby 12-23-1885 John T. Perry Rosa A. Perry Rosa A. Snyder Detail
Powell Clay Twp Shelby 11-19-1885 Elijah Powell Moore Detail
Reinheimer Black Creek Twp Shelby 1-20-1885 John Reinheimer Catherine Reinheimer Catherine Newshafer Detail
Robbins, Maggie B. Jackson Twp Shelby 1-7-1885 Wm Jerome Robbins Sophronia Marmaduke Robbins Sophronia Marmaduke Parker Detail
Ridge Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 12-26-1885 Wm L. Ridge Josie S. Ridge Josie S. Beath Detail
Reinheimer, Elizabeth Clay Twp Shelby 8-3-1885 Charles C. Reinheimer Emma Reinheimer Emma Hirlinger Detail
Ray Jefferson Twp Shelby 7-19-1885 James Ray Ray Clutter Detail
Ruffner Clay Twp Shelby 8-4-1885 John Ruffner Detail
Renner Shelby 9-3-1885 Wm E. Renner Frances Renner Frances Jackson Detail
Robbins, Berta May Lakeman,Mo Shelby 10-30-1885 Andrew Elonzo Robbins Jane Elizabeth Robbins Jane Elizabeth Douglass Detail
Ruckman, Mable Tiger Fork Twp Shelby 1-1-1886 John H. Ruckman Emma Ruckman Emma Miller Detail
Sevier Tiger Fork Twp Shelby 12-9-1884 George L. Shiver Lula Shiver Lula Yocum Detail
Smoot Black Creek Twp Shelby 2-9-1885 Thomas H. Smoot Anna Cora Smoot Anna Cora Taylor Detail
Stover Clay Twp Shelby 2-10-1885 L.C. Stover Kittie A. Stover Kittie A. Arnett Detail
Stretch Lentner, Mo Shelby 1-6-1885 L.A. Stretch Stretch Wiggins Detail
Swisher Tiger Fork Twp Shelby 2-3-1885 Parley E. Swisher Nanct C. Swisher Nancy C. Heron Detail
Snider Jackson Twp Shelby 1-29-1885 Charles A. Snider Laura W. Snider Laura W. Pence Detail
Shelton Black Creek Twp Shelby 2-26-1885 James W. Shelton Nancy Jane Shelton Nancy Jane Kincaid Detail
Spyers near Maud, Mo Shelby 2-27-1885 John Spyers Ella Spyers Ella Hardwick Detail
Sevier Clay Twp Shelby 3-17-1885 D. Sevier Detail
Sherwood Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 3-4-1885 John N. Sherwood Susan B. Sherwood Susan B. Wilhoit Detail
See Black Creek Twp Shelby 5-3-1885 Yat See Mary B. See Mary B. Ratliffe Detail
Stewart Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 5-11-1885 David S. Stewart Sarah E. Stewart Sarah E. McMasters Detail
Sturgis Jackson Twp Shelby 6-8-1885 James L. Sturgis Florence Sturgis David Smith Detail
Stuetz, Jacob Clarence, Mo Shelby 6-6-1885 Frederick C. Stuetz Julia Stuetz Julia Ruckle Detail
Schlaegel Black Creek Twp Shelby 6-13-1885 John T. Schlaegel Emma E. Schlaegel Detail
Sparks Salt River Twp Shelby 4-24-1885 Spencer Sparks Sparks Longman Detail
Shackelford Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 5-20-1885 Virgil Shackelford Addie Shackelford Addie Foster Detail
Swearengen Clay Twp Shelby 4-9-1885 Japhtha H. Swearengen Mary Sanders Mary Gough Detail
Sanders Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 9-22-1885 James A. Sanders Nannie Stacy Nannie Ze[nie] Detail
Stacy Clarence, Mo Shelby 10-8-1885 Joshua F. Stacy Stewart Glasscock Detail
Stewart Jefferson Twp Shelby 9-3-1885 S.J. Stewart Detail
Swinney Shelby 10-19-1885 Joseph Swinney Orana Swinney Orana Carroll Detail
Schreiver Bethel, Mo Shelby 11-3-1885 Henry Schreiver Detail
Stalcup Jefferson Twp Shelby 11-26-1885 William StalcupWm Stalcup Jennie Stalcup Jennie Phillips Detail
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