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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Timbrook Jefferson Twp Shelby 1-12-1885 T, Timbrook Timbrook Har[less] Detail
Turner Jefferson Twp Shelby 2-3-1885 James Turner Turner Brownfield Detail
Thurman Jackson Twp Shelby 2-2-1885 D. Thurman R. Catherine Thurman R. Catherine Staples Detail
Terrill Shelbyville, Mo Shelby 2-16-1885 Eugene M. Terrill Henrietta Terrill Henrietta Spate Detail
Thomas Tiger Fork Twp Shelby 3-3-1885 Benj. F. Thomas Mary Ellen Thomas Mary Ellen Hymons Detail
Thomas Kirby, Mo Shelby 4-2-1885 Samuel Thomas Susan E. Thomas Susan E. Pulse Detail
Theihoff Hunnewell, Mo Shelby 4-25-1885 Philip Z. Theihoff Mary R. Theihoff Mary R.McS? Detail
Timmons Clay Twp Shelby 6-17-1885 Wilby H. Timmons Maggie F. Timmons Maggie F. Poage Detail
Taylor Hunnewell, Mo Shelby 6-10-1885 Daniel W. Taylor Anna M. Taylor Anna M. Hamilton Detail
Turner Jackson Twp Shelby 10-28-1885 Thomas W. Turner Susan Turner Susan Pepper Detail
Terwilleger, Stella Shelbyville, Mo Shelby 11-10-1885 S.S. Terwilliger Nellie Terwilliger Nellie Blackburn Detail
Turner Taylor Twp Shelby 12-18-1885 L. Jeff Turner Viola Turner Viola Mote Detail
Tobin, Virgil Tiger Fork Twp Shelby 12-9-1885 John A. Tobin Nancy Katherine Tobin Nancy Catherine Cole Detail
Vicar Clay Twp Shelby 2-9-1885 Richard Vicar Julia Vicar Julia Anthony Detail
Vanskike County Farm Shelby 9-30-1885 Fannie Vanskike Fannie Vanskike Detail
Whitelock Tiger Fork Twp Shelby 11-16-1884 Andrew W. Whitelock Marry E. Whitelock Marry E. White Detail
Winget Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 12-20-1884 Charles Winget May Winget May Arthur Detail
Winetrout Shelbyville, Mo Shelby 2-27-1885 William Winetrout Hannah Winetrout Hannah Cher Detail
Ward Taylor Twp Shelby 2-11-1885 Jerry S. Ward Amanda J. Ward Amanda J. Long Detail
Welch Shelbyville, Mo Shelby 3-19-1885 John T. Welch Mettie T. Welch Mettie T. Mitchell Detail
Wheeler, Matilda L Bethel Twp Shelby 3-6-1885 William S. Wheeler Caroline Wheeler Caroline Schenk Detail
Wolthausen Bethel, Mo Shelby 4-12-1885 W.F. Wolthausen Winnie Wolthausen Winnie G[raubenhort] Detail
Wilt, Minnie G. Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 6-15-1885 Wm Wilt Ella Wilt Ella Merrin Detail
Weisenborn, Wm T. Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 6-29-1885 Henry Weisenborn Rosa Weisenborn Rosa Binder Detail
Wohler Shelbina, Mo Shelby 8-1-1885 J.C. Wohler Mattie Lear Wohler Mattie Lear Detail
Wallace Clarence, Mo Shelby 9-7-1885 Richard M. Wallace Mollie Wallace Mollie Guy Detail
Wailes Salt River Twp Shelby 11-?-1885 Ed Wailes Nan Wailes Nan Melson Detail
Weisenborn. Ida Jefferson Twp Shelby 12-31-1885 Conrad Weisenborn Elizabeth J. Weisenborn Elizabeth J. Laymer Detail
Yoe, Elijah Clemens Bethel Twp Shelby 5-30-1885 Aaron Spencer Yoe Eliza Jane Yoe Eliza Jane McCammon Detail
Young Shelby 9-22-1885 Socrates Young Josephene Young Josephene Forsythe Detail
Allen Clay Twp Shelby 1-17-1886 Joe William Allen Sanah Jane Allen Sarah Jane Thornton Detail
Boyd Shelbyville, Mo Shelby 1-23-1886 Don't Know Emma Boyd Emma Boyd Detail
Benedict Clay Twp Shelby 2-12-1886 Charles Benedict Mary M. Benedict Mary M. Sanders Detail
Barton Jefferson Twp Shelby 3-5-1886 Squire Barton Jennie Barton Jennie Maupin Detail
Boling Jefferson Twp Shelby 2-12-1886 Hugo Boling Boling Detail
Bird Jackson Twp Shelby 2-28-1886 Charles Adam Bird Lucy Barnum Bird Lucy Barnam Hager Detail
Broughton Jackson Twp Shelby 2-26-1886 Joseph L. Broughton Zantippie Lee Broughton Zantippie Lee Dennis Detail
Brenze Bethel Twp Shelby 2-5-1886 John Brenze Elizabeth Brenze Elizabeth Neible Detail
Bently, Minnie May Taylor Twp Shelby 3-8-1886 George Elisha Bentley Annie Virginia Bently Annie Virginia Harland Detail
Buckingham Black Creek Twp Shelby 7-6-1886 George W. Buckingham Josephine Buckingham Josephine Helloms Detail
Bissie, Annie Taylor Twp Shelby 9-15-1886 Abraham Bissey Siloma Bissey Siloma Hershey Detail
Boles Bethel Twp Shelby 9-20-1886 Edward Boles Susan Boles Susah Bohon Detail
Barr Clay Twp Shelby 12-13-1886 John W. Barr Mary H, Barr Mary J. Clark Detail
Bishel Taylor Twp Shelby 12-9-1886 Joseph Bishel Mary T. Bishel Mary T. Glahn Detail
Crawford Clarence, Mo Shelby 3-14-1886 Levi Jason Crawford Alice I. Crawford Alice I. Buck Detail
Cox Taylor Twp Shelby 2-4-1886 R. Cox D.S. Cox D.S. Grandfield Detail
Culbertson Tiger Fork Twp Shelby 3-8-1886 Andrew G. Culbertson Fannie Luella Culbertson Fannie Luella Williams Detail
Crain Clarence, Mo Shelby 5-13-1886 J.V. Crain Mabel Crain Mabel Willis Detail
Chatman, Chester Clarence, Mo Shelby 5-15-1886 Henry Chatman Anna Chatman Anna Bryant Detail
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