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Record 101 thru 150 of 2049

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
MESSICK, Wm. Shelby Sep 1, 1883 Saul Messick Mary R. Messick Warren Detail
LISTER, Eddie Eugene Clarence Shelby Aug 8, 1883 A. A. Lister Ida V. Lister Priest Detail
CRAIN, Alma Blanch Shelby Sep 27, 1883 Jasper V. Crain Maybel Crain Willis Detail
CLETTEN?, Shelby Oct 4, 1883 Thomas Clretten? Not Given Henry Detail
HARDING, Shelby Sep 17, 1883 John Harding Not Given Wallace Detail
GLENN, Shelby Aug 15, 1883 Robert Glenn Not Given Wallace Detail
BAYURUN, Shelby Aug 9, 1883 Sa??l Bayruen Mary Bayrnun Bush Detail
FLETCHER, Shelby Aug 5, 1883 Gus Fletcher Katie Fletcher WIlkins Detail
KIMBALL, Shelby Jul 21, 1883 Frank M. Kimball Louisa Kimball Kidwell Detail
BOYD, Shelby Jul 14, 1883 Thomas Boyd Not Given Detail
MOORE, Shelby Jul 3, 1883 Robert Moore Not Given Sparks Detail
DODD, Shelby Nov 9, 1883 Joseph Dodd Jeff Dodd Garrett Detail
MCELROY, Shelby Nov 16, 1883 John McElroy Hettie McElroy Smith Detail
GILLASPY, Shelby Nov 4, 1883 W. L. Gillaspy Mary Ann Gillaspy Davis Detail
GAINES, Shelby Oct 24, 1883 Wm. T. Gaines Mary Rebecca Gaines Stuart Detail
STEWART, Shelby Oct 25, 1883 Robert Stewart Fannie stewart Chick Detail
FRANKLIN, Shelby Not Given Thomas Franklin Lillia Franklin Detail
SCHLAGLE, Ella Shelby Oct 20, 1883 John L. Schlagle Emma E. Schlagele Kantz Detail
COCHRANE, Shelby Nov 15, 1883 Joseph Cochrane Roxanna Cochrane Kincheloe Detail
WOOD, Shelby Nov 7, 1883 John Wood Mary E. Wood Bell Detail
DAVIS, Oak Dale Shelby Nov 18, 1883 Tho. Jefferson Davis Nancy Davis Collins Detail
CARLILE, Shelbyville Shelby Nov 27, 1883 Henry C. Carlile Mary A. Carlile McMuntry Detail
STEWART, Shelby Nov 16, 1883 James Stewart Not Given Vandiver Detail
WALKEN, Shelby Nov 26, 1883 James Walken Ellen Walken Galay Detail
CHENOROUT, Annie Shelby Nov 8, 1883 Gideon P. Chenorout Rebecca F. Chenorout Allen Detail
DRAKE, Shelby Nov 11, 1883 A. F. Drake Lena West Drake Moffett Detail
HASTINGS, Shelby Oct 1, 1883 Robert Hastings Julia A. Hastings Ewing Detail
STEWART, Shelby Oct 5, 1883 David Stewart Sarah E. Stewart Masters Detail
CHRISTINE, Shelby Oct 10, 1883 Wm. F. Christine Jessie E. Christine Ritten Detail
HARDY, Shelby Nov 7, 1883 Jessie T. Hardy Mary E. Hardy Maddox Detail
MCCAREY, Shelbina Shelby Nov 23, 1883 Goolman McCarey Jeannette McCarey Skinner Detail
DESSERT, Shelbina Shelby Nov 29, 1883 Anthony Dessert Mary Dessert Loyd Detail
BURDEN, Shelbina Shelby Dec 1, 1883 James W. Burden Maggie Burden Fugute? Detail
PHILLIPS, Shelby Oct 24, 1883 Thomas H. Phillips R. Phillips Hartman Detail
BISHOP, Shelby Nov 29, 1883 Americus M. Bishop Sarah J. Bishop Byans Detail
MCGLUSSON, Shelby Dec 7, 1883 Thos. P. Mcglusson Susan R. McGlusson Ryan Detail
ROBINSON, Shelby Nov 21, 1883 Albert Robinson ? Robinson Givens Detail
HOGAN, John Clarence Shelby Nov 23, 1883 James Hogan Maggie Jane Hogan Myan Detail
FORMAN, Marcus Lee (Given name recorded 07/23/42 Shelbyville Shelby Dec 11, 1883 Aaron B. Foreman Martha V. Foreman COpenhaven Detail
HUDSON, Shelby Nov 15, 1883 John H. Hudson Mary E. Hudson McCully Detail
KERSHEY, Shelby Dec 7, 1883 Michael Hershey Marcia D. Hershey Benner Detail
BLAKEY, Shelby Nov 22, 1883 Fred G. Blakey Nora BLakey Gillispie Detail
PERRY, James W. Shelby Nov 19, 1883 Benjamin Perry Malinda Perry Evans Detail
HAWKINS, Shelby Nov 25, 1883 James Hawkins Bertha Hawkins Shostall Detail
WHEELER, Bulah Shelby Nov 28, 1883 Lonna? Wheeler Cora Wheeler Himluger Detail
RAY, Shelby Dec 10, 1883 John W. Ray Alice Ray Stewart Detail
HAMILTON, Shelby Oct 27, 1883 John Hamilton Ada Alice Hamilton Detail
JONES, Shelby Oct 29, 1883 Bennet B. Jones Mary Jane Jones Hightower Detail
BROWNE, Shelby Nov 30, 1883 C. A. Browne Lavina J. Browne Jorden Detail
SNIDER, Shelby Dec 9, 1883 Edward Snider Josephene Snider Knapp Detail
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