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Record 1951 thru 2000 of 2049

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Harland Taylor Twp Shelby 6-16-1884 James K. Harland Mattie Harland Mattie Harland Detail
Harkins Taylor Twp Shelby 6-30-1884 Richard Harkins Martha Jane Harkins Martha Bruner Detail
Howard Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 7-5-1884 Geo Howard Indiana Howard Indiana Davis Detail
Hamilton Bethel Twp Shelby 8-5-1884 John H. Hamilton Orpha Hamilton Orpha Merrill Detail
Holliday Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 8-4-1884 Thos Holliday Mary Holliday Mary Ray Detail
Hanly, Nelly Fay Shelbina, Mo Shelby 8-24-1884 Wm M. Hanly Ellen B. Hanly Ellen B. Finley Detail
Hiles Shelbyville, Mo Shelby 9-14-1884 Alonzo Hiles Nettie Hiles Nettie Ritter Detail
Hayward Shelbyville, Mo Shelby 10-6-1884 Lewis Albert Hayward Mary Ellen Hayward Mary Ellen Dobyns Detail
Hightower Jackson Twp Shelby 10-31-1884 Henry Hightower Lucy Hightower Lucy Miles Detail
Howerton Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 10-5-1884 Joseph Howerton Rose Howerton Rose Wright Detail
Hill Clay Twp Shelby 11-23-1884 C.E. Hall Sarah D. Hill Sarah D. Brewington Detail
Harvey Black Creek Twp Shelby 11-25-1884 Wm M. Harvey Allie Harvey Allie Higbee Detail
Harvey Clay Twp Shelby 12-29-1884 John Henry Detail
Jones Tiger Fork Twp Shelby 6-17-1884 A. Robert Jones Mary Jane Jones Mary Jane Hunter Detail
Johnson Shelbina, Mo Shelby 9-3-1884 Charles R. Johnson Emily Johnson Emily Staunton Detail
Kaylor Tiger Fork Twp Shelby 8-25-1884 Alex Kaylor Lewellen Kaylor Lewellen Canary Detail
Kunkle, Eva Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 7-4-1884 John A. Kunkle Anna Kunkle Anna Foreman Detail
Kirtley Shelbyville, Mo Shelby 9-25-1884 George Kirtley Sallie Kirtley Sallie Haney Detail
Killinger Taylor Twp Shelby 9-19-1884 Mitchell Killinger Jennie Killinger Jennie Hernett Detail
Litchiter Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 5-30-1884 John Letchiter Mary Letchiter Detail
Laws Shelbyville, Mo Shelby 9-4-1884 John L. Laws Carrie A. Laws Carrie A. Flack Detail
Lowe, Mary Elizabeth Tiger Fork Twp Shelby 9-5-1884 William Breckenridge Lowe Arthersa Frances Lowe Arthersa Frances S? Detail
Lowe, Jessie May Tiger Fork Twp Shelby 8-27-1884 Charles Henry Lowe Jessie Ann Lowe Jessie Ann Harrison Detail
Latimer Bethel Twp Shelby 7-27-1884 Thos P. Latimer Mary E, Latimer Mary E. Elgin Detail
Lutcherding Clay Twp Shelby 10-16-1884 John H. Lutcherding Lydia Lutcherding Lydia Rawson Detail
Lewis Shelbyville, Mo Shelby 11-4-1884 Allen Lewis Martha Minter Martha Minter Detail
Lane Jefferson Twp Shelby 12-28-1884 Geo Webdell Lucy Lane Lucy Webdell Detail
McElroy Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 7-3-1884 Alex McElroy Annie McElroy Detail
Martin Tiger Fork Twp Shelby 7-21-1884 John Martin Ellen Martin Ellen Durett Detail
Manuel ? M. Manuel Mo Shelby 6-1-1884 Eugene C. Manuel Betty Manuel Betty Ray Detail
McBrady Jefferson Twp Shelby 6-21-1884 Joseph McBrady Nan McBrady Nan Butler Detail
Martin, Gilfred Lyle Jackson Twp Shelby 8-8-1884 Saml. S. Martin Rebecca Martin Rebecca Durett Detail
Miller, Ida Pearl Jefferson Twp Shelby 8-18-1884 Jesse Miller Miller Detail
Moore Possom Branch Shelby 8-3-1884 Henry T. Moore D. Ella Moore D. Ella Minnick Detail
Means Clay Twp Shelby 9-15-1884 Saml. Means Cyntha Means Cyntha Burk Detail
McIlheney Bethel Twp Shelby 7-23-1884 Solomon C. McIlhiney Letta E. McIlhiney Letta E. Smail Detail
Maupin Jefferson Twp Shelby 10-20-1884 David M. Maupin Rosa Maupin Rosa Spye[r]s Detail
Moore Salt River Twp Shelby 11-7-1884 George W. Moore Moore Perry Detail
Maupin Jefferson Twp Shelby 11-8-1884 Fred Granes Maupin Maupin Hennigen Detail
McAtee, Roy A[z]nata Hunnewell, Mo Shelby 10-4-1884 James A. McAtee Celia McAttee Celia She[ner] Detail
McGlothin Monroe Co, Mo Shelby 12-1-1884 Charles McGlothin Lydia McGlothin not given Detail
Mahoney Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 11-22-1884 Ed Mahoney Jennie Mahoney Jennie Upton Detail
Murphy Shelby Co, Mo Shelby 11-10-1884 Geo Murphy Sarah Murphy Sarah Tandy Detail
McCready Black Creek Twp Shelby 12-12-1884 John W. McCready Emma McCready Emma Harvey Detail
Menick Clay Twp Shelby 11-27-1884 John Wesley Menick Eliza Minnick Eliza E? Detail
Mitchell Salt River Twp Shelby 12-3-1884 John C. Mitchell Jane Mitchell Jane Farmer Detail
McCray Salt River Twp Shelby 11-19-1884 Rufus McCready Bell McCray Bell Gunby Detail
Maupin Jefferson Twp Shelby 12-27-1884 Monroe Maupin Emma Maupin Emma Francis Detail
Northingale x Shelby 6-17-1884 Peter Northingale Margaret Nortingale x Detail
Naylor Jefferson Twp Shelby 10-20-1884 Peter Naylor Naylor Duke Detail
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