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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Tippett, Pike Twp Stoddard Feb. 13, 1886 John Tippett Melvina Tippett Bollinger Detail
Trusty Emma Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Feb. 13, 1886 John F. Trusty Martha Trusty McQuay Detail
Thomas Marcus Marmaduke Duck Creek Twp Stoddard April 02, 1886 James S.F. Thomas Martha J. Thomas Holms Detail
Thrower Althea Liberty Twp Stoddard April 09, 1886 Albert Jack Thrower Sarah Monroe Thrower Garner Detail
Tettaton Barney Byas Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard April 12, 1886 W. Tettaton Malinda Tettaton Smith Detail
Thurman Dora Ann Liberty Twp, Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard May 08, 1886 1:30pm Wm. [ Risa ] Thurman Sarah Ellen Thurman Hadley Detail
Thompson Rozenna Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Aug. 07, 1886 Enoch Thompson Elly Pacinda Thompson Gordon Detail
Trenthan Cora Stoddard Co, MO Stoddard Sept. 18, 1886 John L. Trenthan Mary Ellen Trenthan Bolinger Detail
Vann, Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Oct. 10, 1883 Thomas Vann Emmey Vann Blackshier Detail
Grover Cleveland Virgin Pike Twp, Mo Stoddard Sept. 21, 1884 William Virgin Jane Virgin Moorsey Detail
Vaughn, Puxico, Mo Stoddard April 16, 1885 J.T. Vaughn Ema Vaughn Blackshire Detail
Woodard Christina Elizabeth Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard June 30, 1883 James Woodard Mary Francis Woodard Detail
Waller, Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Nov. 03, 1883 Thomas O. Waller Nancy E. Waller Caldwell Detail
Williams, Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Nov. 09, 1883 William A. Williams Sarah C. Williams S.C. Banger Detail
[ Whittedge ] Bloomfield, MO Stoddard Oct. 09, 1883 Daniel [ Whittedge ] Annie [ Whittedge ] Annie [ Swan ] Detail
Wright, New Lisbon Twp Stoddard Nov. 02, Charles Wright Sarah Wright Harper Detail
Williams, Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Nov. 26, 1883 Henry Williams Georgi Ann Williams G.A. Harris Detail
Welch, Pike Twp Stoddard Nov. 09, 1883 David E. Welch Sarah Welch Folk Detail
Wilson, Pike Twp Stoddard Sept. 20, 1883 George M. Wilson Parazada Wilson Richmond Detail
Wilson Ida Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Dec. 10, 1883 William Wilson Ellen Wilson Swindle Detail
Williams, Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Jan. 06, 1884 John S. Williams Louisa J. Williams Berk Detail
Williams, Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Dec. 14, 1883 [ Groor ] Williams Elizabeth Williams Haislip Detail
Walker Mildred E. Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Dec. 02, 1883 David Walker Maggie E. Wallker Gillett Detail
Williams Mira J. Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Dec. 30, 1883 J.T. Williams Nancy C. Williams Butler Detail
Walker Pearl Dexter, Mo Stoddard Jan. 13, 1884 Jessey C. Walker Mary Walker Owens Detail
Williams, Castor Twp Stoddard Feb. 14, 1884 John C. Williams Eliza J. Williams Murphy Detail
Warsen John A.  Stoddard Co.,Mo, Castor Twp Stoddard Feb. 04, 1884 James B. Warsen Sarah A. Warsen Swain Detail
Williams Sherman Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Dec. 19, 1884 F.M. Williams Elizabeth J. Williams Detail
Walker William A. Stoddard Co.,Mo Stoddard Feb. 06, 1884 William H. Walker Nancy A. Walker Throgmastor Detail
White Ethel O. Bloomfield, MO Stoddard Feb. 03, 1884 George W. White Sarah White Harty Detail
Watson Wm. W. Stoddard Nov. 10, 1884 Watson Wm. B. Watson D.C. Wilson Detail
Walters, Stoddard Co.,Mo Stoddard March 17, 1884 James W. Walters Emily B. Walters Finch Detail
Wilson Emily  Near Bolinger Co., Line Stoddard March 22, 1884 L.R. Wilson Lydia T. Wilson Chesterson Detail
Whitwell,  Nesr Lakeville Stoddard March 13, 1884 Albert S. Whitwell Margaret A. Whitwell Sparks Detail
Warsen Amanda E. Stoddard Co.,Mo Stoddard March 11, 1884 Levi Warsen Liney Warsen Edwards Detail
White , Stoddard Co.,Mo Stoddard April 01, 1884 Robert White Sarah White Johnson Detail
[Woslf] Ema Stoddard Co.,Mo Stoddard March 18, 1884 William [ Woslf] Annie[ Woslf] Jackson Detail
White Dely Stoddard Co.,Mo Stoddard April 05, 1884 John H. White Mary C. White Sifford Detail
Wilson Resin Stoddard Co.,Mo Stoddard April 30, 1884 Henry A. Wilson Cynthia Wilson Rallston Detail
Williams, Dexter,Mo Stoddard June 30, 1884 George H. Williams Mary E. Williams Mary E. Parker Detail
Not Provided Richland Twp Stoddard Dec. 08, 1884 John J. Woodward Mary C. E. Woodward Taylor Detail
Grover C. Waller  Stoddard Co.,Mo, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard March 13, 1885 Thomas O. Waller Nancy Waller Nancy Caldwell Detail
Welch, Pike Twp Stoddard Oct. 11, 1885 Thomas C. Welch Erma Lovina Welch McFarin Detail
Luther Walker Pike Twp Stoddard June 27, 1884 William Walker Eliza Walker Garrett Detail
Mary Abel Williams Duck Creek Twp Stoddard June 13, 1884 John M. Williams Mary L. Williams Hutchens Detail
Not Provided   Stoddard Aug. 01, 1884 James A. Woodward Louisa A. Woodward Watson Detail
Not Provided  South of Dexter Stoddard Sept. 21, 1884 J.M. White Mahagan White Brinson Detail
Lillie Walton Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Oct. 02, 1884 William Walton [Billy] Walton Detail
Elsie A. Wilson Piketon, Mo Stoddard Aug. 29, 1884 Geo. M. Wilson Parasida Wilson Richmond Detail
William A. Wilson  South of Dexter Stoddard Dec. 04, 1884 John Wilson Lucinda Wilson Ashworth Detail
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