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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Pindergrass Walter Pike Twp Stoddard Jan. 06, 1884 William Pindergrass Martha Pindergrass Hust Detail
Patterson W.N. Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard March 19, 1884 Wm. M. Patterson Marshite Patterson Milton Detail
Pound Zora Mary & Dora Belle Duck Creek Twp Stoddard April 03, 1884 James Pound Martha Pound Goforth Detail
Perry John A. Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard May 31, 1884 John Perry Enemer Perry Aslin Detail
Potter Lloyd M.  Near Acorn Ridge Stoddard May 09, 1884 [ Sonis ] N. Potter Joan Potter Hayden Detail
Attack A. Piper Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard July 24, 1884   Lillian Piper Piper Detail
Punch, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Aug. 08, 1884 Newton A. Punch Mary Punch Griffin Detail
L.A.D.M. Phillips Pike Twp Stoddard July 09, 1884 William P. Phillips Sarah E.V. Phillips Smith Detail
 , Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Sept. 10, 1884 J.R. Perry S.M. Perry Perry Detail
Terry Poe   Stoddard Easter Benj. F. Poe Delprelly V.A. Poe Patterson Detail
 , Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Nov. 21, 1884 E.M. Powell Susan L. Powell Harbin Detail
Phillips Wm. L. Pike Twp Stoddard Oct. 10, 1884 Stephen G. Phillips Martha A. Phillips Buchanan Detail
Miss Dodson Perry  Near Bloomfield, Mo Stoddard March 02, 1885 Dowell Jesse Perry Nancy Ann Perry Nancy Ann Chastine Detail
Phillips , Pike Twp Stoddard Jan. 19, 1885 Unknown Elizabeth Phillips Elizabeth Phillips Detail
Palmer Henry Ottces Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard March 22, 1885 Thomas G. Palmer Mary E. Palmer Cupps Detail
Penn P.L. Stoddard Co, Mo, New Lisbon Twp Stoddard March 25, 1885 D.A. Penn Mattie Penn Walker Detail
Parker John Henry Missouri Stoddard May 10, 1885 William Parker Viola V. Parker Deason Detail
Pruitt Albert   Stoddard Aug. 16, 1885 Samuel Pruitt Mary Pruitt Culbertson Detail
Pierson, Piketon Stoddard July 14, 1885 Henry Pierson Mary J. Pierson Lul Detail
Edw. Moore Pickens Stoddard Co Stoddard Sept. 03, 1885 John Pickens Dela Z. Pickens Duois Detail
Rufus L. Page Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Sept. 22, 1885 J.N.M. Page Laura V. Page Shuks Detail
Earl Edward Palmer Dexter, Mo Stoddard Nov. 06, 1885 Franklin Palmer Sarah Palmer Looeall Detail
Phillips, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Dec. 04, 1885 Daniel Phillips Amanda Phillips Lawpley Detail
Perry Ollie Stoddard Co.,Mo Stoddard Jan. 01, 1886 William W. Perry Margaret E. Perry White Detail
Punch S.A. Duck Creek Twp Stoddard June 16, 1886 Newton A. Punch Mary I. Punch Griffin Detail
Powell, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard July 18, 1886 James Powell Martha Powell Goforth Detail
Proctor Orville Claudigs Stoddard Co., Mo Stoddard Aug. 23, 1886 Silus Raffen Proctor Martha Jane Proctor Pope Detail
Pruitt Hannah Emeline Stoddard Co., Mo Stoddard Sept. 09, 1886 Cobb Pruitt Nora Catherine Pruitt Dawson Detail
Potter ,   Stoddard Aug. 15, 1886 Lewis M. Potter Joan Potter Joan Hayden Detail
Powell, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Aug. 24, 1886 Enoch Powell Susan Powell Harbin Detail
Quick Sarah E. Pike Twp Stoddard Dec. 07, 1883 John C. Quick Minerva Quick Palmer Detail
Sarah E. Pasley Stoddard Co., Mo Stoddard Oct. 15, 1884 Thos. Pasley Luzterly Pasley Detail
Rogers Charles Robert Dexter City, Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Aug. 15, 1883 Benjamin Franklin Rogers Margaret Elizabeth Rogers Detail
Reaper James Castor Twp Stoddard Oct. 28, 1883 John H. Reaper Elizabeth Bell Reaper Alexander Detail
Riggins, Dexter City, Mo Stoddard Nov. 22, 1883 Norman Riggins Sarah Riggins Sarah Richardson Detail
Renfro,  Bloomfield Stoddard Nov. 21, 1883 John Renfro Daniels Detail
Ridge,  Near Dexter Stoddard Jan. 17, 1884 Newton C. Ridge Sarah E. Ridge Hester Detail
Raby Matison Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard May 13, 1884 Benjamin Raby Martha Raby Cirby Detail
Bertha Iva Robertson Duck Creek Twp Stoddard July 01, 1884 William M. Roberts M.J. Robertson Walker Detail
Virnon O. Rhodes Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard July 11, 1884 Josephius Rhodes Nancy B. Rhodes Hollis Detail
Geo. W. Roland  Dist. # 23 Stoddard July 22, 1884 James T. Roland Martha A. Roland McLane Detail
Richards, Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Aug. 13, 1884 John W. Richards Annie Richards Roberson Detail
Jesse R. Rittenberry Duck Creek Twp Stoddard July 06, 1884 Heunpl Rittenberry Malinda T. Rittenberry Reason Detail
Laura Reed Liberty Twp Stoddard Sept. 01, 1884 James A. Reed Haley P. Reed Lancaster Detail
James A. Ross New Lisbon Twp Stoddard Sept. 01, 1884 John Ross Margaret Ross Holt Detail
John Milton Rose Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Sept. 22, 1884 David Y. Rose Martha Rose Barham Detail
Frank Ross Stoddard Co, MO Stoddard Oct. 08, 1884 Wm. Ross Polly Ann Ross Lufcy Detail
Rhodes Andrew J. Pike Twp Stoddard Jan. 08, 1885 Samuel W. Rhodes Altha Rhodes Liggett Detail
Mellie C. Reed Pike Twp Stoddard Jan. 08, 1885 Thomas S. Reed Mary E. Reed Adkins Detail
Riley H.E. Castor Twp Stoddard Dec. 04, 1884 E.D. Riley Manervey Riley Goforth Detail
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