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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Richards, Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Aug. 13, 1884 John W. Richards Annie Richards Roberson Detail
Jesse R. Rittenberry Duck Creek Twp Stoddard July 06, 1884 Heunpl Rittenberry Malinda T. Rittenberry Reason Detail
Laura Reed Liberty Twp Stoddard Sept. 01, 1884 James A. Reed Haley P. Reed Lancaster Detail
James A. Ross New Lisbon Twp Stoddard Sept. 01, 1884 John Ross Margaret Ross Holt Detail
John Milton Rose Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Sept. 22, 1884 David Y. Rose Martha Rose Barham Detail
Frank Ross Stoddard Co, MO Stoddard Oct. 08, 1884 Wm. Ross Polly Ann Ross Lufcy Detail
Rhodes Andrew J. Pike Twp Stoddard Jan. 08, 1885 Samuel W. Rhodes Altha Rhodes Liggett Detail
Mellie C. Reed Pike Twp Stoddard Jan. 08, 1885 Thomas S. Reed Mary E. Reed Adkins Detail
Riley H.E. Castor Twp Stoddard Dec. 04, 1884 E.D. Riley Manervey Riley Goforth Detail
Ada Rossen  Near Bloomfield, Castor Twp Stoddard Feb. 04, 1885 David Rossen Martha Rossen Martha Warren Detail
Mary Alice Rimer Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard March 24, 1885 James C. Rimer Lidia Ann Rimer Knight Detail
Reager Walter L. Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard March 29, 1885 J.T. Reager Margaret Reager Edmondson Detail
Robertson John William Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard March 26, 1885 James Robertson Susan Robertson Susan Howell Detail
Robertson , Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard April 22, 1885 Newman A. Robertson Mary Robertson Mary Triplett Detail
Rhodes Daniel E. Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard April 25, 1885 Francis M. Rhodes Mary L. Rhodes Mary L. Bartlett Detail
Rankin Newton Jacob Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard June 30, 1885 W.W. Rankin Mahalia Rankin Nelton Detail
Mary Alice Reed Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Oct. 18, 1885 William T. Reed Mary Ann Reed Jones Detail
H.H. Reed Castor Twp Stoddard Sept. 14, 1885 Ephraim Reed S.N. Lewis Elisibeth Reed Detail
Clara G. Rice Pike Twp Stoddard July 19, 1885 John Henry Rice Rebaca Ann Rice R.A. Hahn Detail
[ Maisna ] Ragsdale New Lisbon Twp Stoddard Sept. 07, 1885 Newbrook Ragsdale Letta Ann Ragsdale Hollis Detail
Reed, Puxico, Mo Stoddard Nov. 06, 1885 John William Reed Dilia Reed Swallers Detail
Rider Maud Mabell Stoddard Co Stoddard Jan. 29, 1886 John Franklin Rider Martha E. Rider Coleman Detail
Ross Charles Delas   Stoddard March 29, John Ross Margret Ross Nalt Detail
Ridge, Dexter, Mo Stoddard April 20, 1886 Newton Galloway Ridge Sarah Elizabeth Ridge Hater Detail
Rogers Auther Louis Duck Creek Twp Stoddard June 01, J.W. Rogers Sarah A. Rogers Detail
Ross Addia Lee  4 Miles N.E. of Dexter Stoddard Aug. 09, 1886 Hop Ross Almira Ross Davis Detail
Rawlings Mary A.  Dist. # 02, Castor Twp Stoddard   Jonathan L. Rawlings Martha H. Rawlings Gains Detail
Reed Robert Newton Stoddard Co Stoddard Sept. 20, 1886 James S. Reed Mary Reed Wilson Detail
Riddle Henry Harrison  Twp 24 Stoddard Sept. 26, 1886 James D. Riddle Sarah C. Riddle Higgenbotham Detail
Richards Rosetta Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Oct. 25, 1886 Edward S. Richards Nancy A. Richards Looney Detail
Richmond Carl Piketon, Mo Stoddard Sept. 08, 1886 Levit A. Richmond Mary E. Richmond Longmire Detail
Stout, Carter Johnson Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Aug. 23, 1883 Fannie Jane Stout  Stout Detail
Scott Robert William Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Sept. 22, 1883 E. Luther Scott Mary E. Scott Edmanson Detail
Slack, Dexter City, Mo Stoddard Aug. 23, 1883 Theodore A. Slack Zelma Sabrina Slack Zelma S. Cryts Detail
Stafford, Dexter City, Mo Stoddard Sept. 30, 1883 Sam Stafford  Do  Do not know Do not know Detail
Stewart M. A. Stoddard Dec. 01, 1883 J.W. Stewart N.A. Stewart harvey Detail
Scism, Stoddard Co., Mo Stoddard Nov. 26, 1883 William David Scism Nancy Ross Ann Scism Nancy R. Reed Detail
Scism, Stoddard Co., Mo Stoddard Nov. 30, 1883 Mary Scism Mary Reynolds Detail
Skelton, Stoddard Aug. 05, 1883 John Baxter Skelton Loucretea Skelton Loucretea M. Phetiss Detail
Stacy Vian Virginia New Lisbon Twp Stoddard Dec. 09, 1883 James Stacy Elizabeth Stacy Elizza Stacy Detail
Louis W. Scism Stoddard Co., Mo Stoddard Nov. 21, 1883 Samuel Scism Mary A. Scism Palmer Detail
Stanfield,  Twp # 27 Stoddard Aug. 22, 1883 Jno. W. Stanfield Synthic C. Stanfiled Beso Detail
Summers, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Dec. 30, 1883 John Summers Martha Summers Canady Detail
Story Samuel J. Stoddard Co., Mo Stoddard Dec. 24, 1883 Hinderson Story Nancy M. Story Reed Detail
Sadler Luther A. Stoddard Co., Mo Stoddard Dec. 06, 1883 H.F. Sadler Siby Sadler Nesman Detail
Staggs, Stoddard Co., Mo Stoddard Jaan. 10, 1884 Samuel Staggs Minerva Staggs Morse Detail
Sutton Emma Stoddard Co., Mo Stoddard Jan. 30, 1884 Charles M. Skelton Elizza Sutton Hamlet Detail
Scism Charles A. Stoddard Co., Mo Stoddard Jan. 26, 1884 George Scism Jane Scism Reed Detail
Shake Lucy L. Stoddard Co., Mo Stoddard Jan. 21, 1884 Spencer J. Shake Mary R. Shake Brooks Detail
Self Dew C. Pike Twp Stoddard Feb. 06, 1884 David D. Self Nancy J. Self Sparks Detail
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