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Record 2101 thru 2150 of 2185

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Adkins, Iva Bell Stoddard Co Mo Stoddard Jan 1 1887 Willis M Adkins Mary O Atkins Overbee Detail
Cooper, Castor Twp Stoddard Dec 16 1886 Wm Henry Cooper Sallie Amandy Cooper Horton Detail
Edwards, --- Stoddard Dec 14 1886 Wm Rantsom Edwards Nancy Alice Edwards Montgomery Detail
Sifford, Frony Bell Castor Twp Stoddard Jan 14 1887 Francis M Sifford Martha L Sifford Lee Detail
Parks, Dora Castor Twp Stoddard Jan 19 1887 Geo. Parks Amand Parks Kinder Detail
Day, Cora Pike Twp Stoddard Nov 28 1886 Louis B Day Sarah A Day Perry Detail
Reed, Oral F & Ofa A. Pike Twp Stoddard Jan 19 1887 Simpson Reed Mary E Reed Adkins Detail
Garner, Eliga Monroe Liberty Twp Stoddard Dec 13 1886 David Alexander Garner Amanda Garner Fields Detail
Russel, Lizzie Lou Castor Twp Stoddard Dec 17 1887? Levi Russel Louiza Russel Welborn Detail
Majors, Thomas Oscar Liberty Twp Stoddard Dec -- 1886 Adron? A Majors Emeline J Majors Allen Detail
Dowdy, Liberty Twp Stoddard Dec 5 1886 Armistead L Dowdy Mary G Dowdy Howell Detail
Harty, Alma May Stoddard Co Stoddard Jan 15 1887 L.H. Harty F.V. Harty Taylor Detail
Eason, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Jan 16 1887 C.O. Eason H.I. Eason Williams Detail
Norrid, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Jan 15 1887 Preston A Norrid Demetris Norrid Gray Detail
Polston, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Jan 14 1887 Joseph Polston M.J.Polston Smith Detail
Steel, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Jan 9 1887 Geo. Steel Isabell Steel Lacewell Detail
Lambert, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Jan 9 1887 Robert Lambert Sarah Lambert Morgan Detail
Capps, Pike Twp Stoddard Feb 3 1887 John Westley Capps Pantha Elizabeth Capps Moore Detail
Singleton, John H --- Stoddard Jan 11 1887 Wm H Singleton R.E. Singleton --- Detail
Burton, Pike Twp Stoddard Feb 6 1887 Wm A Burton S.E. Barton --- Detail
Howell, Dora Lee Liberty Twp Stoddard Jan 22 1887 John Howell Sr Mildred Howell Birchfield Detail
Norman, William Stoddard Co Stoddard Feb 3 1887 Henry Norman Mary Ann Norman Sillart Detail
Davis, ? Castor Twp Stoddard Jan 26 1887 Nelson Davis J.H. Davis J.H. Tonia Detail
Green, Lucy May --- Stoddard Jan 21 1887 Sanders Alvan Green Edwina Green Law Detail
Warren, Luellen Stoddard Co Stoddard Feb 2 1887 Daniel Warren Belle Warren Hickman Detail
Vaughn, Charles Wilson Stoddard Co Stoddard Feb 11 1887 Robert Vaughn Betsey Ann Vaughn Bait Detail
Snider, Robert Westley Stoddard Co Stoddard Feb 7 1887 G Snider Melinda Snider Godlove Detail
Batchelor, Luthar Otto Stoddard Co Stoddard Feb 5 1887 Andrew Jackson Batchelor Hannah Elizabeth Batchelor Chasteen Detail
Horton, Zoa Lueanna? --- Stoddard Feb 1 1887 James Allen Horton Nola Ann Horton Jarish Detail
Perry, Martha J Lakeville Mo Stoddard Jan 3 1887 Marvin Perry Sayaney B Perry Jones Detail
Name of Mother Date of this Birth Stoddard Period of Gestation Undertaker Residence of Medical Attendant Name of Person Making this Return Detail
Pounds, ? Jennie Sep 27 1883 Stoddard Full Term J Lunenburg Bloomfield Mo J.S. Richardson Detail
Westinhover, ? Addie Oct 3 1883 Stoddard Full Term --- Bloomfield Mo T.B. Turnbaugh Detail
Steel, Isabell Nov 29 1883 Stoddard 6 months --- --- C Dement Detail
Graham, Sarah J --- Stoddard --- --- Celia A Temples Detail
Dempsy, Jane Dec 29 1883 Stoddard 4 months --- Lakeville Mo B.H. Rutland Detail
Richmond, Diana Jan 26 1884 Stoddard 9 months ? Jones Lakeville Mo --- Detail
Autry, Sarah E. Feb 21 1884 Stoddard 8 months --- Asherville --- Detail
Burer, Mar 10 1884 Stoddard 3 months --- Duck Creek Twp --- Detail
Tynes, Harriett Mar 14 1884 Stoddard 274 days --- Leora Missouri --- Detail
Clodfelter, Jospehine Mar 28 1884 Stoddard 6 months John Lofey Leora --- Detail
McKinney, Sarah Jane Mar 24 1884 Stoddard 9 months John Newcomer Piketon Mo J.B. Richmond Detail
Dunning, Mary Apr 25 1884 Stoddard about 4 months --- Lakeville Missouri --- Detail
Fowler, A.H. May 26 1884 Stoddard 8 1/2 months --- Dexter Stoddard Co J.L. Slayden & J.F. McNail Detail
Fitzpatrick, Mary M Jul 28 1884 Stoddard 7 months --- Piketon Stoddard Co Mo J.W. Fitzpatrick Detail
Fowler, Renna Jul 23 1884 Stoddard 4 months --- Duck Creek Twp Mo --- Detail
Hooks, Elizabeth Aug 23 1884 Stoddard 9 months --- Essex Mo M. S Gregory Detail
Mizell, Rosetta A. Aug 22 1884 Stoddard 8 months J.B. McGriger Dexter Stoddard Co Mo --- Detail
Dennington, Catie Sep 10 1884 Stoddard 4 months --- Essex Missouri F.H. Dunnington Detail
Patterson, Mary E Sep 14 1884 Stoddard 9 months --- Piketon Mo Wm Shrum Detail
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