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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Liuthician David Otho Castor Twp Stoddard Aug. 14, 1885 S. E. Liuthician Sorena J. Liuthician Crawford Detail
Lawhorn James E. Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Aug. 18, 1885 T.S. Lawhorn Tinandia H. Lawhorn Stanley Detail
Louis, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Sept. 26, 1885 William Louis [Parndia] Louis Harris Detail
Daniel Lee Stoddard Nov. 11, 1885 ? Lee Elizabeth Lee Curtner Detail
Lewis James Pike Twp Stoddard Dec. 03, 1885 John M. Lewis Eppy Lewis Kitchen Detail
Linzee Henry  East of Dexter Stoddard Nov. 22, 1885 Green Linzee Susan Linzee Sommers Detail
Linkhart, New Lisbon Twp Stoddard Dec. 19, 1885 William Linkhart Mary E. Linkhart Shanley Detail
Larsen, Castor Twp Stoddard Dec. 25, 1885 Louis Larsen Nicoluice M. Larsen Tollipson Detail
Logan, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Feb. 16, 1886 [Oliver] Logan Frances H. Logan Wilkerson Detail
Linzee Stella  East of Dexter Stoddard Feb. 09, 1886 Nancy Linzee Detail
Lewis John Wesley Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Feb. 1886 David A. Louis Columbia Ann Louis Bailey Detail
Lincoln [ Jakie ] May Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard March 16, 1886 John A. Lincoln Christina J. Lincoln Bess Detail
Lee, Lakeville, MO Stoddard April 27, 1886 Yorkman Elysh Lee Catherine Lee L??? Detail
Landes George Dexter, Mo Stoddard April 13, 1886 James E. Landes Genova L. Landes Meyees Detail
Looney Clida Duck Creek Twp Stoddard May 05, 1886 JohnF. Looney Barbara J. Looney Caldwell Detail
Lacwell, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard June 14, 1886 John Lacewell Mary Jane Lacewell Edwardson Detail
William [ ?sily ] Lacy Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard July 12, 1886 G. A. Lacy Margaret Lacy Detail
Lawson Oliver Taylor Castor Twp, Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Aug. 18, 1886 Thomas Lawson Isabella Lawson Snider Detail
Lee, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Sept. 19, 1886 Wilson Lee Amanda Lee Williams Detail
Long James Henry Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Oct. 14, 1886 Thomas M. Long Preseler Fradomia Long Mairic Detail
Miller Evy Ann Castor Twp Stoddard Oct. 29, 1883 Wm. H. Miller Nancy Jane Miller Nancy Jane Horton Detail
Miller , Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Nov. 03, 1883 John A. Miller Mary [ E. ] Miller Harper Detail
 , Liberty Twp Stoddard Nov. 17, 1883 Wm. Jasper Montgomery Martha Montgomery Martha Norman Detail
Malone, Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Nov. 03, 1883 Johnson Malone Sarah Malone Ladd Detail
Mayes David Elbert  Near Dexter City Stoddard Nov. 09, 1883 William Mayes [ Peslina ] Mayes [ Peslina ] Linza Detail
Mason William Piketon, Mo Stoddard Nov. 16, 1883 William T. Mason Louisa B. Mason Ashabrama Detail
Miller, Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Dec. 30, 1883 Samuel Miller Mary Miller Self Detail
Middleton J. H.  Twp # 23 Stoddard Dec. 14, 1884 John A. Middleton Ethal F. Middleton Thumer Detail
Moore George W.  Twp. # 24 Stoddard Sept. 27, 1883 Jesse W. Moore Margaret J. Moore Cunningham Detail
Malone Clara Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Jan. 08, 1884 Davy Malone Elizza Malone Kennel Detail
Morgan, Pike Twp Stoddard Jan. 29, 1884 Thomas J. Morgan Sarah C. Morgan Hzsaw Detail
Miles Ruby C. Essex, MO Stoddard Feb. 01, 1884 John H. Miles Lucy C. Miles Hawley Detail
Morris Mertie M. Liberty Twp Stoddard Jan. 02, 1884 John Morris Frances Morris Norman Detail
Morris , Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Jan. 25, 1884 Eddy Morris Addie Morris McColman Detail
Mackey A???? Castor Twp Stoddard March 10, 1884 Andrew L. Mackey Matilda Mackey Dodson Detail
Morgan John C. Leora, MO Stoddard April 07, 1884 Cloin Morgan Eppy Morgan Harper Detail
Milton James Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard April 08, 1884 William J. Holt Sarah E. Milton Holt Detail
Milstead J. M. Lakeville, MO Stoddard March 14, 1884 William J. Milstead Elizabeth L. Milstead Armstrong Detail
Moore , Pike Twp Stoddard April 03, 1884 William A. Moore Cassie L. Moore [ Broun ] Detail
Masters Delila E. Piketon Stoddard June 06, 1884 David Masters Ruth J. Masters Taylor Detail
Martin, Liberty Twp Stoddard July 09, 1884 Eliza J. Martin Detail
Mary F. Majors Castor Twp Stoddard Aug. 14, 1884 Samuel P. Majors Martha I. Majors Ollider Detail
John Isaac Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Aug. 15, 1884 W. S. Moody Mandy Moody Bashears Detail
Not Provided Castor Twp Stoddard Sept. 1884 John W. Martin Sarah Martin Walls Detail
Lucy Ann Martin Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Sept. 26, 1884 Henry W. Martin Hanah Martin Walton Detail
Not Provided Clines Island Stoddard Sept. 19, 1884 Jas. A. Miller Lonzelt J. Miller Bizzen Detail
Geo. W. Miller Bloomfield, MO Stoddard Oct. 13, 1884 Christian C. Miller Samantha C. Miller Crocker Detail
Grover Cleveland Miller Dudley, Mo Stoddard Nov. 11, 1884 Geo. F. Miller Juila E. Miller Truch Detail
Matsell, Pike Twp Stoddard Feb. 19, 1885 C. H. Matsell Nancy A. Matsell [ Hargumtree ] Detail
Miller,  Near Bloomfield, Mo Stoddard Feb. 07, 1885 George W. Miller Martha Ella Miller Martha Ella Miller Detail
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