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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
McAnnally, Bloomfield, MO Stoddard March 03, 1886 John H. McAnnally Lilly C. McAnnally Jones Detail
McClane, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard March 29, 1886 J.C. McClane Sarah McClane Krause Detail
McNeil Elvis Andrew  Dict.2, Castor Twp Stoddard June 06, 1886 Benj. F. McNeil Charlotte E. McNeil Gams Detail
McCartney, Stoddard Co, Mo, Castor Twp Stoddard July 08, 1886 Daniel M. McCartney Mary Elisa McCartney Newman Detail
McDonald, Missouri Stoddard Aug. 11, Bart McDonald Rosa Ann McDonald Walter Detail
McLane Joseph Ashley Castorville Stoddard Aug. 14, 1886 R.S. McLane E.J. McLane Neeley Detail
McCloud Annie Belle Dudley, Mo Stoddard Aug. 14, S.A. McCloud Nancy McCloud Neal Detail
McConnell Gilbert A. Stoddard Stoddard Oct. 07, 1886 Sherman F. McConnell Florence A. McConnell Farris Detail
Norrid, Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Nov. 30, 1883 C.C. Norrid Sina Norrid Logan Detail
Norrid, Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Dec. 03, 1883 A.S. Norrid T.B. Norrid T.B. Hickman Detail
Ida Palmer Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Dec. 05, 1884 Benjaman Palmer Margaret Palmer Christian Detail
Arther Perry Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Dec. 04, 1884 Willaim W. Perry Margaret E. Perry White Detail
Norman John W. Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Jan. 26, 1884 Asa Norman Harret E. Norman Harrisson Detail
Nanny,  Near County Line Stoddard June 14, 1884 Calvin Nanny Amanda J. Nanny Amanda Easter Detail
Norman Sarah Elizabeth Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Feb. 27, 1885 John Norman Martha Isabelle Norman Detail
Neely,  Stoddard Co, Mo, New Lisbon Twp Stoddard   Thomas L. Neely Frasha Neely Worsham Detail
Neal, Stoddard June 09, 1885 Alexander Neal Alice Neal Alice Norman Detail
Nations William J. Piketon, Mo Stoddard May 21, 1885 Nicholas G. Nations Margret C. Nations Keaton Detail
Robert Walker Nichols Dexter, Mo Stoddard Oct. 02, 1885 Robert H. Nichols Henrietta Nichols Henrietta Measer Detail
Norrid, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Jan. 06, 1886 C.C. Norrid Sina Norrid Lougan Detail
Nebrath John T. Bloomfield, MO Stoddard March 24, 1886 Albert Nebrath Anna L. Nebrath Kesseling Detail
Norman Margaret Castor Twp Stoddard June 17, 1886 Jesse Norman Ma?ma Norman Ellis Detail
Norrid, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Aug. 08, 1886 S.A. Norrid T.B. Norrid Hickman Detail
L. Cleveland O'Brien Dexter, Mo Stoddard Sept. 12, 1884 L.C. O'Brien Myra O'Brien Crytes Detail
Alphy Owen Castor Twp Stoddard Sept. 23, 1884 Benj. F. Owen Fannie J.Owen Hopkins Detail
Not Provided Piketon Stoddard Sept. 09, 1884 Geo. W. Oberby Harriet Oberby Garten Detail
Rosa Belle Oliver Stoddard Co Stoddard Oct. 13, 1884 John T. Oliver Mary Ann Oliver Green Detail
Orender Augustine New Lisbon Twp Stoddard Aug. 02, 1885 Emit Orender Louisa Orender L. Kelton Detail
Obberby William Robert Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Dec. 05, 1885 Robert Brown Oberby Cordetia Oberby Bollinger Detail
Owen Carl Stoddard Co Stoddard Nov. 02, 1886 B.F. Owen Fannie Jane Owen Hopkins Detail
Pounds, Castor Twp, Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Sept. 21, 1883 John Thomas Pounds Mary Jane Pounds Mason Detail
Patrick, Stoddard Co, Mo, Castor Twp Stoddard Oct. 10, 1883 James Patrick Jane Patrick Jane Dowdy Detail
Palmer Augustus  5 Miles South of Bloomfield, Mo Stoddard Nov. 04, 1883 John Palmer Lindelia Palmer Elmore Detail
Padget Ione M. Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Nov. 26, 1883 Major D. Padget Margaret A. Padget Amick Detail
Porch Lizzie B. Castor Twp Stoddard Jan. 12, 1884 Jesse Porch Ann Porch Pasley Detail
Pindergrass Walter Pike Twp Stoddard Jan. 06, 1884 William Pindergrass Martha Pindergrass Hust Detail
Patterson W.N. Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard March 19, 1884 Wm. M. Patterson Marshite Patterson Milton Detail
Pound Zora Mary & Dora Belle Duck Creek Twp Stoddard April 03, 1884 James Pound Martha Pound Goforth Detail
Perry John A. Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard May 31, 1884 John Perry Enemer Perry Aslin Detail
Potter Lloyd M.  Near Acorn Ridge Stoddard May 09, 1884 [ Sonis ] N. Potter Joan Potter Hayden Detail
Attack A. Piper Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard July 24, 1884   Lillian Piper Piper Detail
Punch, Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Aug. 08, 1884 Newton A. Punch Mary Punch Griffin Detail
L.A.D.M. Phillips Pike Twp Stoddard July 09, 1884 William P. Phillips Sarah E.V. Phillips Smith Detail
 , Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard Sept. 10, 1884 J.R. Perry S.M. Perry Perry Detail
Terry Poe   Stoddard Easter Benj. F. Poe Delprelly V.A. Poe Patterson Detail
 , Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Nov. 21, 1884 E.M. Powell Susan L. Powell Harbin Detail
Phillips Wm. L. Pike Twp Stoddard Oct. 10, 1884 Stephen G. Phillips Martha A. Phillips Buchanan Detail
Miss Dodson Perry  Near Bloomfield, Mo Stoddard March 02, 1885 Dowell Jesse Perry Nancy Ann Perry Nancy Ann Chastine Detail
Phillips , Pike Twp Stoddard Jan. 19, 1885 Unknown Elizabeth Phillips Elizabeth Phillips Detail
Palmer Henry Ottces Stoddard Co, Mo Stoddard March 22, 1885 Thomas G. Palmer Mary E. Palmer Cupps Detail
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