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Record 1 thru 50 of 1956

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Eberly, Virgil Vernon Apr 4, 1884 Christopher C. Eberly Catherine Eberly Catherine Hensley Detail
Utterback, Montevallo Vernon May 12, 1884 James I. Utterback Emeline Utterback Emeline Brown Detail
Parman, Drywood Vernon May 10, 1884 W. H. Parman May A. Parman May A. Cayton Detail
Journey, Drywood Vernon May 2, 1884 William Journey Margaret Journey Margaret Brasier Detail
May Myrtle Westfal Drywood Vernon Apr 27, 1884 Geo W. Westfal Levina Westfal Levina Belt Detail
George Doi(s) Drywood Vernon Apr 30, 1884 Danice Graves Hannah Graves Hannah McMahan Detail
Baley Garrett Co Vernon May 18, 1884 R. F. Garrett Ida Garrett Ida Cumley Detail
Baby Grisham City Vernon May 17, 1884 L. A. Grisham Cassie Grisham Cassie Hudson Detail
James M. Nance Bacon T Vernon May 14, 1884 Conrad Nance Elizabeth Nance Elizabeth Denny Detail
Meyers, Belvoir Vernon Apr 15, 1884` John Meyers Elizabeth Meyers Elizabeth White Detail
Reuben Weaver Moundville T Vernon May 9, 1884 Reuben Weaver Sarah Weaver Sarah Smith Detail
Altmeyer, Nevada Vernon May 20, 1884 N. J. Altmeyer Martha Altmeyer Martha Thomas Detail
Pernie Ellen Adkins Lake T Vernon May 24, 1884 Marion W. Adkins Mary J. Adkins Mary J. Sheridan Detail
Churchell Adkins Lake Vernon May 24, 1884 Marion W. Adkins Mary J. Akdins Mary J. Sheridan Detail
Nora Alice Baker Richland Vernon May 21, 1884 David Baker Mary Ellen Baker Mary Ellen Todd Detail
Hall, Harrison T Vernon May 31, 1884 John Hall Dora L. Hall Dora L. McComis Detail
Hartzfield, Harrison T Vernon May 14, 1884 George Hartzfield Mary J. Hartzfield Mary J. L?illist Detail
Walton, Vernon Vernon June 10, 1884 A. C. Walton Z. Gertrude Walton Z. Gertrude Magan Detail
Sharp, Clayton, MO Vernon May 4, 1884 S. J. Sharp Martha Sharp Martha Benson Detail
Charles McCoyd Vernon Mch 29, 1884 Alexander McCoyd Ella McCoyd Ella Foster Detail
Edward Martin Rides Clayton, MO Vernon Mch 9, 1884 James M. Rides Mary Rides Mary Barnard Detail
Chambers, Coal, T Vernon Mch 24, 1884 James B. Chambers Mary L. Chambers Mary L. Nottingham Detail
Daisy Dell Dallas Schell City Vernon May 15, 1884 Geo w. Dallas Martha Ann Dallas Detail
Walter Southerland Nevada, MO Vernon May 22, 1884 W. O. Southerland Mary Southerland Mary Burchfield Detail
Edwin Burke Ives Nevada, MO Vernon June 1, 1884 Lowell O. Ives Sophie Ives Sophie S(w)ause Detail
Nellie Scrivner Carbon Center Vernon May 28, 1884 Ben R. Scrivner E???? O. Scrivner E??? Goodman Detail
Blevin C. Moundville Twp, MO Vernon May 26, 1884 Frank Stephens Nannie Stephens Nannie Hale Detail
Myrtle May Griffith Nevada, MO Vernon June 1, 1884 Benj F. Griffith Cora L. Griffith Cora L. Humenell Detail
Alvin Lee McGa(v)ock Walker Vernon July 21, 1883 Robt H. McGa(v)ock Bettie McGa(v)ock Bettie Dean Detail
J. Blanch Hall Blue Mound Vernon April 1(1), 1884 James M. Hall Mary E. Hall Glover Detail
Newton Leroy Withrow Walker Vernon May 15, 1884 James W. Withrow Barbary Ann Withrow Demott Detail
Frank Lesley Martin Walker Twp Vernon 4/26/00 Williamson Martin Susan Francis Martin Searcy Detail
Not Provided Metz Twp Vernon June 15, 1884 Newton Stinson Babe Stinson Pryor Detail
Not Provided Metz Twp Vernon June 4, 1884 Charles Pryor Martha Jam Pryor Perry Detail
Not Provided Nevada Vernon July 4, 1884 Peter Hoover Victory Hoover V. Hunter Detail
Not Provided Vernon Co Vernon June 4, 1884 Geo W. Linder G. W. Linder Garrett Detail
Not Provided Coal Twp Vernon June 26, 1884 Geo E. Luoney Laura V. Fuoney Downer Detail
Balay Jones Nevada, MO Vernon July 9, 1884 Richard C. Jones E. P. Jones Lock Detail
William Robert Dale Walker Twp Vernon July 7, 1884 Daniel Dale Emma E. Dale winds Detail
Asa Lee Walker Twp Vernon July 9, 1884 Thomas J. Dean M. Ellen Dean Hackett Detail
Not Provided Montevallo Twp Vernon June 25, 1884 Isaac M. Lindsey Mary E. Lindsey Hamilton Detail
Not Provided Clayton, MO Vernon May 19, 1884 Benj F. Maloy Susan Jane Maloy Scammyhorn Detail
Mary Jane Anderson Coal Twp Vernon May 14, 1884 Geo R. Anderson Clara M. Anderson Clara M. Bliss Detail
John Ostin Clements Coal Twp Vernon June 29, 1884 Thomas F. Clements Sarah E. Clements R?dae Detail
Not Provided Blue Mound Twp Vernon June 30, 1884 James Hill Leray Hill Reeves Detail
Not Provided Vernon Co Vernon July 12, 1884 Peter Trus Nancy Trus Jeffreys Detail
Baley Bratton Nevada Vernon July 9, 1884 Wm G. Bratton Katie A. Bratton Craig Detail
Not Provided Vernon Co, MO Vernon June 15, 1884 Hamilton A. Ward Mary Catharin Ward Mary C. Hockney Detail
Not Provided Dover Twp Vernon June 6, 1884 Joel B. Bryan Harrett M. Bryan H. M. Wolverton Detail
Not Provided Badger Twp Vernon June 12, 1884 James W. Slewder Sallie C. Slewder Canaday Detail
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