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Record 1951 thru 1956 of 1956

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Clarence Edward Wilson Balltown Vernon 01/13/1884 Hobert Wilson Harriet Wilson Harriet Royce Detail
Sidney Robert Welsh Clear Creek Vernon 01/19/1884 John Welsh Clara E. Welsh C. E. Stawart Detail
Not Provided Schell City Vernon 01/19/1884 W. C. Williams Caladonia Williams C. Cotrell Detail
Armindie White Avola Vernon 01/16/1884 John White Eliza White Eliza Archey Detail
Ralph Muford Wyss Walker Twp. Vernon 02/12/1884 Geo. G. Wyss Mary C. Wyss M. C. Edwards Detail
Not Provided Metz Twp. Vernon 02/12/1884 Constantine T. Whitfield Anna Blanch Whitfield Anna Blanch Merlick Detail
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