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Record 1901 thru 1950 of 1956

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Mary Clarinda Washburne Washington Twp. Vernon 10/09/1884 Edgar A. Washburne Louisa J. Washburne L. J. Nutt Detail
Nadine Ellwood Wear Walker Twp. Vernon 10/08/1884 John Washington Wear Sallie Fleetwod Wear Sallie F. Dowing Detail
Wampley, Blue Mound Vernon 11/23/1884 Jesse Wampley Malinda J. Wampley M. J. Coyle Detail
Octavia Agnes Wisely Osage Twp. Vernon 11/26/1884 Geo. Calvin Wisely Eunice Jane Wisely E. J. Shet?one Detail
White, Harrison Twp. Vernon 09/24/1884 Mary White Mary Jones Detail
Whitney, Nevada, MO Vernon 12/21/1884 Henry P. Whitney Hulda A. Whitney Hulda A. Felts Detail
Williams, Sheldon Vernon 12/21/1884 J. H. Williams S. A. Williams S. A. Valine Detail
Ida Pearl Wolf Deerfield, MO Vernon 11/26/1884 Amriak Wolf Sarah Ellen Wolf Sarah Ellen Che?? Detail
Wolf, Deerfield, MO Vernon 10/08/1884 Henry Wolf Mary E. Wolf Mary E. Camph?? Detail
Webb, Coal Twp. Vernon 07/29/1884 Benj. F. Webb Louise Webb Louise Middleton Detail
Washington, Nevada, MO Vernon 12/01/1884 Darrell Washington Ellen Washington Ellen Detail
Whiteacre, Montevallo, MO Vernon 01/17/1885 W. A. Whiteacre Darthe Frances Whiteacre Darthe Frances Lawrence Detail
Whitacer, Marion, MO Vernon 02/04/1885 Patrick Whitacer Bridget Whitacer O'Conor Detail
Elma Earl Wilcox Richland Twp. Vernon 07/01/1884 Joel Asbury Wilcox Hattie Bell Wilcox Shelton Detail
Welch, Metz Twp. Vernon 02/20/1885 Geo. Welch Minta Welch Taylor Detail
Wilson, Dry Wood Vernon 02/16/1885 W. C. Wilson Elizabeth J. Wilson Bicket Detail
Watson, Metz Twp. Vernon 02/21/1885 A. M. Watson Melissa A. Watson Cooper Detail
Wrightsman, Vernon Co., MO Vernon 04/09/1885 Jno. Riley Wrightsman Guinette Wrightsman Peters Detail
West, Dry Wood Vernon 05/08/1885 Harvey West Amy West Campbell Detail
Wallace, Nevada, MO Vernon 05/20/1885 E. P. Wallace Josephine Wallace Ewing Detail
Millicent Gertrude Weyand Coal Twp. Vernon 06/11/1885 W. P. Weyand Sarah Jane Weyand Harris Detail
Layton Ware, Jr. Richland Twp. Vernon 06/10/1885 Layton Ware Julia B. Ware Martin Detail
Pearly Lee Williams Walker Twp. Vernon 07/29/1885 J. L. Williams Alice G. Williams Harryman Detail
Wilhite, Dover Twp. Vernon 08/17/1885 Thos. B. Wilhite Agnes F. Wilhite Dunlap Detail
Liddie Wampley Blue Mound Vernon 09/13/1885 Phil'p Wampley Lila Wampley Detail
White, Richland Twp. Vernon 09/17/1885 Louis B. White Milicent R. White Weyand Detail
Sallie Wells Blue Mound Vernon 09/27/1885 F. M. Wells Jane P. Wells Stovall Detail
Waggoner, Henry Twp. Vernon 10/01/1885 Robt. Waggoner Angeline Waggoner Trumbour Detail
Not Provided Coal Twp. Vernon 09/18/1885 Antony Williams Mary C. Williams White Detail
Wright, Coal Twp. Vernon 09/29/1885 M. V. E. Wright Mary Wright Baldwin Detail
Not Provided Coal Twp. Vernon 09/29/1885 Frank Webb Louisa Webb Middleton Detail
Not Provided Vernon Co., MO Vernon 10/14/1885 Wm. Wortley E. E. Wortley Jobe Detail
Not Provided Vernon Co., MO Vernon 10/14/1885 Wm. Wortley E. E. Wortley Jobe Detail
Baxter E. Walker Nevada, MO Vernon 10/14/1885 W. B. Walker Laura V. Walker Eddleman Detail
Wallace, Montevallo, MO Vernon 12/29/1885 H. C. Wallace Sarah A. Wallace Slack Detail
Mary Etta Wiggs Walker Twp. Vernon 01/26/1886 Henry M. Wiggs Mary Eliza Wiggs Updyke Detail
Wilson, Sheldon Vernon 02/02/1886 W. G. Wilson Bell Wilson Hart Detail
Rob't Wyatt Wishart Nevada, MO Vernon 05/23/1886 James W. Wishart Lewellyn M. Wishart Hawkins Detail
Grover U. Dixon Walker Twp. Vernon 06/01/l886 Levi M. Dixon Lousia F. Dixon Lackett Detail
Waddle, Nevada, MO Vernon 08/30/1886 Rees Waddle Roxy C. Waddle Landon Detail
Martha Ellen White Nevada, MO Vernon 08/28/1886 Wm. A. White Mary White Miller Detail
Juanita Walk Clear Creek Vernon 09/05/1886 John M. Walk Margerett Walk Oley Detail
Maud E. Williams Nevada, MO Vernon 10/09/1886 Geo. Williams Sarah E. Williams Lawrence Detail
Wallace, Clear Creek Vernon 06/02/1887 Geo. W. Wallace Purcella Wallace Stevens Detail
West, Nevada, MO Vernon 06/19/1888 Benjamin West Caroline P. West Harding Detail
Not Provided Nevada, MO Vernon 10/01/1892 Geo. W. Walshe Ora Ethel Walshe Powell Detail
James M. Young Nevada, MO Vernon 12/11/1884 N. R. Young Hannah D. Young Hannah Demmitt Detail
Young, Dry Wood Vernon 12/24/1884 John Young Martha Jane Young Martha Jane Black Detail
Not Provided Vernon Detail
Gale Hamilton Yazel Harwood Vernon 01/24/1885 James Yazel Margaret Yazel Detail
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