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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Townsand, Belgrade Washington Apr 6 1887 Joseph James Townsand Mary Malissa Townsand Breckenridge Detail
William Andy Towner Union Twp Washington Jan 11 1888 William Towner Emily Towner Jolly Detail
Grover Cleveland Thompson Belgrade Washington Aug 22 1888 David M Thompson Pelina Thompson Smith Detail
Taulbert, Washington Apr 16 1889 Emma Taulbert Detail
Lula May Townsand Belgrade MO Washington Oct 28 1889 George Ansalom Townsand Phoebe Alpha Townsand Fatune Detail
Ethel Turner Clear Creek MO Washington Oct 25 1890 John C Turner Louisa Elen Turner Parker Detail
Oliver Turner Sunlight Washington Nov 13 1891 Mary Virginia Turner Detail
Edward Stanley Tidwell Sunlight MO Washington Aug 16 1892 James Tidwell Susan Tidwell Susan Jeffries Detail
Not Provided Big River Washington Nov 28 1883 Elliot Vineyard Jane Vineyard Jane Barger Detail
Mary Ida Valley Kingston Washington Jun 7 1884 Theodore Valley Inez Valley Cotavay Detail
Mary Anna Velley Washington Co Washington Aug 15 1884 Pascal Velley Josephine Velley Ogie Detail
Not Provided Palmer MO Washington Nov 18 1884 Thos Vaughn Hannah Vaughn Hannah Mathews Detail
Marg M Valley Washington Jul 11 1885 Peter Velley Ellis Velley Mercille Detail
Ella Vaughn Old Mines MO Washington Jun 26 1885 Frank Vaughn Harriet Vaughn Harriet Bingham Detail
Wallace, Potosi MO Washington Dec 13 1883 Harrison Wallace Detail
Not Provided Old Mines Washington Feb 14 1884 C W Ehite Mary White Blackledge Detail
Perly Mason Wansley Mineral Point Washington Apr 5 1884 Henry Wansley Angeline Wansley Angeline Culton Detail
Luisa Carolina Wilhelm Potosi MO Washington May 28 1884 Chas. Wilhelm Emma Sophia Wilhelm Emma S Nemer Detail
Genevieve E. Wallace Mineral Point Washington Jun 11 1884 John Wallace Elizabeth E Wallace Elizabeth E Dallen Detail
Sarah Warachek Potosi MO Washington Jun 25 1884 Mary La Chance La Chance Detail
Calvin White Potosi MO Washington Aug 16 1884 Calvin White Louisa White Louisa Declue Detail
Not Provided Potosi MO Washington Oct 17 1884 Wm Woods Detail
Not Provided Cedar Creek Washington Warren Bell Detail
Mary J. White Mineral Point MO Washington Mar 10 1885 A. White Julia E. White Julia E. Harper Detail
Not Provided Brock's Creek Washington Mar 12 1885 Mat Willey Sarah Willey Sarah Turner Detail
Lonnie Washington Washington Co Washington Mar 21 1885 Geo. Washington Bessy Robinson Casey Detail
Not Provided Kingston MO Washington Jun 8 1885 John Whaley Jr Adeline Whaley Adeline Declue Detail
Walter Whaley Kingston MO Washington Jun 22 1885 James Whaley Mary Whaley Detail
Nancy J. White Mineral Point MO Washington Jul 23 1885 Wm White Mary J. White Mary J. Happor Detail
Not Provided Kingston Twp Washington Dec 24 1885 Wm Whaley Ann Whaley Ann Cowen Detail
Walsey, Liberty Twp Washington Mar 3 1886 Edward Walsey Clem Walsey Clem Lynch Detail
Chas. Edm. Warachek Potosi MO Washington Mar 23 1886 Chas Warachek Susan Warachek Susan Ackinson Detail
Joseph Whalak Potosi MO Washington Jun 29 1886 Jos. Whalak Jennie Whalak Jennie Whalak Detail
Amelia Rolston Williams Washington Co Washington Aug 19 1886 Thomas R. Williams Jounah G Williams Jounah G White Detail
Aurther Warnsley Summitville MO Washington Oct 23 1886 Henry Warnsley Angeline Warnsley A. Culton Detail
Effie Belle Walton Mineral Point Washington Dec 25 1886 Henry Walton Alice Walton Alice Rush Detail
Wicks, Washington Co Washington Feb 1 1887 Gideon Wicks Minerva Wicks Minerva Wright Detail
Mary Teresa White Pond Creek Washington Feb 15 1887 Fred White Josephine White Josephine Coleman Detail
Julia Elsie White Mineral Point MO Washington Jan 27 1887 Andrew White Catherine White Catherine Polite Detail
Lula Lee Willey Belgrade Washington Sep 7 1887 Francois Marion Willey Sarah M Willey Turner Detail
Pentey Warren Belgrade Washington Mar 17 1888 William C Warren Marg Elizabeth Warren Marg Elizabeth Mayberry Detail
Emma Warcheck Washington Jul 18 1888 Charley Warcheck Susan Warcheck Ackison Detail
George W Woods Belgrade Washington Aug 1 1888 George C Woods Mana B Woods Corum Detail
Jessie I Wiley Sunlight Washington Nov 14 1889 Francois Marion Wiley Sarah Ann Wiley Turner Detail
Unnamed, Near Belgrade Washington Jan 11 1891 Newton Webb Mary Webb Detail
John Franklin Williams Washington Co Washington May 6 1891 Douglass Williams Mary Elizabeth Williams Degonia Detail
Not Provided Near Belgrade MO Washington Jan 11 1891 Newton Webb Mary Webb Detail
Ella Mable Wiley Sunlight Washington Oct 24 1891 Samu Wiley Effie Wiley Detail
Twins, Janes Creek Washington Sep 19 1883 John C. Yates Nancy Yates Nancy Williams Detail
Uriah William Yarbrough Liberty Twp Washington Mar 1 1890 Charles Rousan Sarah A Yarbrough Sarah A Yarbrough Detail
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