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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Not Provided Washington Aug 11 1886 Steven Duclos Mary Declue Mary Northcutt Detail
Richard Augustus Doyen Palmer Washington Mar 30 1887 Thomas Doyen Sapherina Doyen Sapherina Palmer Detail
Eugenia Doyen Richwoods Washington Oct 22 1887 Charles J. Doyen Eugenia Harriet Doyen Charboneau Detail
Duclos, Washington Apr 13 1889 Henry Declous Mary Declos Northcut Detail
Josephine Doyen Richwoods Washington Oct 31 1890 Chas. Doyen Eugenia Doyen Cavanagh Detail
Fannie Duclous Liberty Twp Washington Jul 7 1891 Lucy Ann Duclos Lucy Ann Duclos Detail
Lucy Maud Dane Belgrade Washington Jul 18 1892 Littleton B. Dane Mary Ann Dane Mary Ann Gossage Detail
Mertie May Drew Belgrade Washington Aug 21 1892 John H Drew Tillie Drew Tillie West Detail
Christopher Curly Washington Dec 28 1883 Mary Curly Curly Detail
Robert Lee Eaton Fourche a Renault Washington Feb 4 1884 R T Eaton Annie Jane Eaton Mason Detail
Not Provided Washington Detail
Ennis, Potosi MO Washington Dec 11 1883 Valentine Ennis Detail
Not Provided Breton Twp Washington Jan 16 1884 John ? Ellis Detail
Mary Lucinda Ennis Potosi MO Washington Mar 12 1884 Valentine Ennis Rosalee Ennis Rosalee Duclos Detail
Sam'l B. Evans Washington Co Washington Feb 8 1885 S. D. Evans Sarah P. Evans Sarah P. Tilson Detail
Frank Augustus Evans Potosi MO Washington Jan 25 1886 Benj Evans Melinda Evans Detail
Fred Ennis Mineral Point MO Washington Mar 18 1885 Nathan Ennis Lucy J. Ennis Lucy Hill Detail
Not Provided Liberty Twp Washington Mar 18 1886 Tip Eaton Anna J. Eaton Anna J. Mason Detail
Not Provided Washington Co Washington Dec 15 1886 Martin Esmeyer Florence Esmeyer Postwait Detail
Ewing, Richwoods MO Washington Dec 1 1886 Horace Ewing Amanda Ewing Amanda Mc Culloch Detail
Emma M Evans Potosi Washington Jul 8 1887 Saml D Evans Sarah P Evans Tilson Detail
Evans, Liberty Twp Washington Apr 26 1887 George Evans Eliza Evans Haize Detail
Not Provided Kingston Washington Nov 24 1883 Francis Farnsworth Becky Farnsworth Becky Gilbert Detail
Not Provided Richwoods Washington Sep 22 1883 Fredrick Fallet Mary Fallet Mary Palmer Detail
Not Provided Potosi MO Washington Feb 26 1884 J W Flynn Helen Flynn Rose Detail
Fischer, Potosi MO Washington 26 of 1884 A Fischer Mrs Fischer Detail
Flynn, Potosi MO Washington Jul 8 1884 Wm Flynn Detail
John William Forster Potosi MO Washington Sep 5 1884 John Forster Ann Forster Ann Lors Detail
John W Fatchet Belgrade MO Washington Oct 23 1884 John R Fatchet Mary Fatchet Mc Carron Detail
Not Provided Richwoods MO Washington Mar 7 1885 Frederick Fallet Mary A. Fallet Mary A. Palmer Detail
Not Provided Richwoods MO Washington Oct 9 1885 J W Flynn Helen Flynn Helen Ross Detail
Not Provided Richwoods Washington Nov 5 1885 M. M. Flynn Minny Flynn Minny Beneau Detail
Fulcher, Kingston Twp Washington Jun 20 1886 Nathaniel Fulcher Amanda Fulcher Pierce Detail
Blanche M. Forrester Potosi MO Washington Aug 22 1886 Annie M. Forrester A. M. Hars Detail
John Foshie Mineral Point MO Washington Sep 27 1886 John Foshie Adeline Horn Detail
Forshee, Washington Co Washington Jan 14 1887 J F Forshee Frances J. Forshee Frances J. Polk Detail
Yella S. Freshour Belgrade Washington Feb 8 1888 George Freshour Isabella Freshour Detail
Rosa Bell Freshour Belgrade Washington Mar 12 1889 Georg Freshour Isabella Freshour Arnus Detail
Springer, Liberty Twp Washington May 28 1889 John Springer Mollie Springer Mollie Bass Detail
Martha Francis Richwoods Washington Oct 3 1892 Peter Nichols Francis E. Nichols Francis E. Brown Detail
Arthur Leslie Greenlee Rock Springs MO Washington Sep 26 1883 Elijah Francis Greenlee Rebecca Greenlee Middleton Detail
Not Provided Richwoods Washington Nov 9 1883 Detail
Not Provided Richwoods Washington Oct 12 1883 Henry Girardeen Sarah A. Girardeen Sarah A. Skaggs Detail
Not Provided Richwoods Washington Dec 19 1883 Ben Godat Elizabeth Godat Elizabeth Berry Detail
Thomas L. Gray Old Mines Washington Feb 25 1883 Louis Gray Nancy Gray Nancy Vaun Detail
Joseph Green Washington Co Washington Aug 25 1883 John Green Lawson Detail
Mattie Gillam Mineral Point Washington Aug 16 1884 Wm S Gillam Jane R Gillam Eidson Detail
Nancy Ann Breton Twp Washington Sep 8 1884 Unknown Ruth Greenwood Nuse Detail
Ida May Grigg Indian Creek Washington Sep 2 1884 Edw. B. Grigg Ella Grigg Ella Steele Detail
Wm Thos. George Cebo Washington Sep 6 1884 Wm S George Mary M. George Mary M. Matlock Detail
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