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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Newton EM Webster County Webster Oct 28, 1883 James Newton Mary E Newton Freeman Detail
Nell Sarah C Webster County Webster Jan 24, 1884 Franklin P Nell Lavina Nell Janis Detail
Owens, Webster County Webster Sept 16, 1883 DF Owens Beatrice Owens Black Detail
Quinn, Ozark TP Webster Aug 24, 1883 Patrick Quinn Sarah Wuinn Stonebacker Detail
Ragsdale, Webster County Webster Aug 3, 1883 Joseph Ragsdale Mucien? Neilam? Detail
Reynolds, Marshfield Webster July 25, 1883 George Reynolds Reynolds Miligan Detail
Robertson,Myrta, L Webster County Webster Oct 13, 1883 Sterlin P. Robertson Martha J Robertson Gernigan Detail
Rasmus, Webster County Webster Oct 1, 1883 Christian Rasmus Mariah Rasmus Mickkelsan Detail
Renner AE Seymore MO Webster Sept 16, 1883 LB Renner Frances Renner Parker Detail
Ragsdale Laura Finley, TP Webster Dec 1, 1883 John Ragsdale America Ragsdale Aulley Detail
Robertson, Webster County Webster Dec 30, 1883 Jas Robertson Jennie Robertson Johnson Detail
Perry A Stokes Union TP, Webster County Webster Aug 18, 1883 JC Stokes Elizabeth Stokes Worthy Detail
Swain John High Prairie, Webster County Webster July 30, 1883 Henry C Swain Maragret Swain Lamb Detail
Short, Dallas TP Webster Oct 14, 1883 Bun Short Minnie Short Willis Detail
Shook, Ozark TP Webster Nov 8, 1883 JB Shook MA Shook Callaway Detail
Stone, Dallas TP Webster Nov 26, 1883 Jas L Stone Bieilla Stone Moore Detail
Standifer?, Dallas TP Webster Dec 3, 1883 Martin Standifer? Lorena Standifer? Renner Detail
Triplett, Ozark TP Webster Oct 4, 1883 CE Triplett Susan Triplett McKnight Detail
Tussie, Webster County Webster Oct 1, 1883 Mathew Tussie Johnson Detail
Todd, Webster County Webster Nov 8, 1883 AJ Todd Mahala Todd Carpenter Detail
Trout Temuel Webster Oct 11, 1883 Wm Trout Elizabeth Trout Hoge Detail
Thomas, Webster County Webster Dec 31, 1883 Wm Thomas Emila Thomas Row Detail
Wammack Earl Marshfield Webster Aug 6, 1883 Lanerd F Wammach Harriet Wammach McKenzie Detail
Ward, Webster County Webster Sept 28, 1883 FM Ward Louisa Ward Andrew Detail
Wells, Marshfield Webster Oct 1, 1883 Oliver Wells Martha W Wells McCullough Detail
Whittenburg, Union TP, Webster County Webster Sept 22, 1883 Tho? A Whittenburg Mary C Whittenburg Whitehurst Detail
Williams, Nianguer Webster Sept 26, 1883 DA Williams Mollie E Williams Thompson Detail
Wammack Mable Seymore MO Webster Oct 8, 1883 WW Wammach AM Mammack Hymes Detail
Williams TD Sarvis Point, Webster County Webster Nov 30, 1883 Detail
Young, Webster County Webster Sept 2, 1883 Detail
Yarbrough Emily Marshfield Webster Sept 30, 1883 Detail
Shook, Ozark TP Webster Nov 8, 1883 JB Shook MA Shook Callaway Detail
Near Marshfield Webster 08/30/1883 Thos Aaron Mrs Aaron Detail
Marshfield Webster 07/03/1883 Ed Gilbert Mrs Ed Gilbert Detail
Marshfield Webster 10/--/1883 Al Watson Maggie Watson Detail
Seym[our] Webster 01/30/1884 A Y Holcom Eliza Holcom Detail
Teague Webster 01/23/1884 Jepthia Trusty Mary C Trusty Detail
Webster Co Webster 04/22/1884 Wash Goss Jane Goss Detail
Webster Co Webster 04/23/1884 Charley Wilson Mary J Wilson Detail
Rogersville Mo Webster 08/14/1884 Henry Smith Mary W Smith Detail
Grant Township Webster J C Row Row Detail
Webster Co Mo Webster 01/04/1885 Jackson Roe Malinda Roe Detail
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