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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Short, Dallas Twp Webster 10/14/1883 Bun Short Minnie Short Willis Detail
Mathis, Dallas Twp Webster 10/09/1883 H B Mathis Amanda Mathis Barton Detail
Blanch M Emory Waldo Mo Webster 08/17/1883 Frank Emory Birdie Emory Craig Detail
Miller, Sey[mour] Mo Webster 08/16/1883 John B Miller Cinda Miller Stafford Detail
Quinn, Ozark TP Webster 08/24/1883 Patrick Quinn Sarah Quinn Stonebraker Detail
Biggers, Dallas TP Webster 10/21/1883 David Biggers Lucrecia Biggers Renner Detail
Whittenburg, Union TP Webster 09/22/1883 Thos A Whittenburg Mary C Whittenburg Whitehurst Detail
Rasmus, Webster Co Webster 10/01/1883 Christian Rasmus Marie Rasmus Mickkelson Detail
Williams, Niangua Webster 09/26/1883 D A Williams Mollie E Williams Thompson Detail
Harry King Marshfield Mo Webster 10/16/1883 John King Victoria King Callaway Detail
Eddie A Holder High Prairie TP Webster 09/29/1883 Edward Holder Alsey Holder McClure Detail
Hunt, Webster Co Mo Webster 10/12/1883 Wm M Hunt Mary F Hunt Richardson Detail
Hancock, Finley Creek Mo Webster 10/30/1883 Wm A Hancock Hanah S Hancock Hunt Detail
Martin, Dallas TP Webster 10/26/1883 Wm Martin Martha Martin Feltner Detail
Becker, Sey[mour] Mo Webster 10/31/1883 ?Albeck Becker Sarah Becker Smathers Detail
Otis Higgins Sey[mour] Webster Co Webster 10/30/1883 Chas E Higgins Martha A Higgins Wommack Detail
Ipock, Hazlewood TP Webster Co Mo Webster 10/10/1883 G B Ipock T O Ipock Floyd Detail
Mable Wommack Sey[mour] Mo Webster 10/08/1883 W W Wommack A M Wommack Hymers Detail
A E Renner Sey[mour] Mo Webster 09/16/1883 L B Renner Francis Renner Packer Detail
Shook, Ozark TP Webster 11/08/1883 J B Shook N A Shook Callaway Detail
E M Newton Webster Co Mo Webster 10/28/1883 Jas Newton Mary E Newton Freeman Detail
N D Compton Dallas TP Webster 11/07/1883 J R Compton S J Compton Jeffrey Detail
Ada B Hull Webster Co Mo Webster 08/26/1883 Jas A Hull Elmira Hull Cantrell Detail
Barbry J Carpenter Webster Co Webster 10/30/1883 Elijah Carpenter Dorcus E Carpenter McCormack Detail
Hampton, Fordland Webster 11/04/1883 J E Hampton Charlottie Hampton Kite Detail
Heinlein, Webster Co Mo Webster 10/13/1883 A J Heinlein A E Heinlein Creil Detail
Jas L Todd Webster Co Mo Webster 11/08/1883 A J Todd Mahala Todd Carpenter Detail
McDannell, Dallas TP Webster 10/12/1883 Hiram McDannell McDannell Detail
Stella M Hailey Waldo Mo Webster 10/24/1883 J T Hailey Eda M Hailey Bruton Detail
L D Carter Webster Co Mo Webster 10/18/1883 David L Carter Barbary J Carter George Detail
Oscar R Brumback Sey[mour] Webster 10/29/1883 Andrew B Brumback Julia Brumback Smith Detail
Lemuel A Trout Webster 10/11/1883 Wm T Trout Elizabeth Trout Hope Detail
Denney, Benton TP Webster 11/01/1883 Thos Denney Sarah J Denney Lee Detail
Alabamia Clift Webster Co Mo Webster 11/05/1883 L B Clift Louisa Clift Cantrell Detail
Ida E Williams Sarvis Point Webster Co Webster 11/30/1883 J M Williams Lumira Williams Osborn Dunnery? Detail
Laura Ragsdale Finley TP Webster 12/01/1883 John Ragsdale Amelia C Ragsdale Aulley Detail
Samuel A Durham Webster Co Mo Webster 11/25/1883 Thos M Durham Sarah E Durham Trusty Detail
George N Bolden Webster Co Mo Webster 07/26/1883 Jas F Bolden Elizabeth Bolden Davenport Detail
Blazer, Webster Co Mo Webster 12/06/1883 Dolphin Blazer Martha Blazer Dethrow Detail
John A Hargus Webster Co Mo Webster 08/12/1883 Thos J Hargus Mary A Hargus Wilson Detail
Millagan, Marshfield Webster 11/26/1883 Mr Millagan Mrs Millagan Detail
Walter Hunt Webster Co Mo Webster 12/04/1883 Jas Hunt Emila Hunt Young Detail
Huff, Webster Co Mo Webster 12/09/1883 Edmon G Huff Susan J Huff Hunt Detail
Garner, Webster Co Mo Webster 11/27/1883 Martin Garner Louisa Garner Miller Detail
Crump, Webster Co Mo Webster 11/26/1883 Wm Crump Winerfran Crump Damcross? Detail
Aggie M & Maggie J Dixon Ozark TP Webster 11/25/1883 Joseph B Dixon Sarah J Dixon Williams Detail
Armentia Farr Dallas TP Webster 11/01/1883 Wm P Farr Sarah E Farr Ragsdale Detail
Robert Fesperman Dallas TP Webster 12/09/1883 F W Fesperman Francis P Fesperman Williams Detail
Bass, Ozark TP Webster 11/28/1883 Franklin A Bass Mahala C Bass Blunt Detail
Graves, Ozark TP Webster 12/18/1883 John A Graves Lucinda K Graves Welch Detail
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