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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Mayes, Lafayette Twp Clinton 3 Aug (blank) John W. Mayes ?Franie? Mayes Quands Detail
Gooden, Lafayette Twp Clinton 17 August (blank) John E. Gooden Martha E. Gooden Courtney Detail
Slaughter, Lathrop MO Clinton 28 Aug 1885 John Slaughter Lelly Slaughter Snoddy Detail
Russell, Lafayette Twp Clinton 23 Aug (blank) John Thomas Russell Lydia Ann Russell Calaway Detail
Carpenter, Clinton co. Clinton 5 Sept (blank) Geo. Carpenter Jennie Carpenter Johnson Detail
Sharp, Ada Lee Jackson Twp Clinton 25 June (blank) John W. Sharp Retta R. Sharp Andrews Detail
Moore, Atchison Twp Clinton 30 Sept (blank) John Moore Francis W. Moore McClelland Detail
Rockwell, Gower MO Clinton 20 Sept (blank) John M. Rockwell Eva W. Rockwell Bonnell Detail
Gashell, Nellie Grant Cameron MO Clinton 15 Oct (blank) John H. Gashell Tenia Gashell Klein Detail
Vanderpool, Johnny M. Cameron MO Clinton 28 Sept (blank) Terrel Vanderpool Rachel Ramsey Detail
Shunk, Cameron MO Clinton 11 Oct (blank) John Shunk Louisa Shunk (blank) Detail
Mathews, nr Cameron Clinton 30 Sept (blank) John Mathews (blank) MO Detail
Neff, south of Cameron Clinton 19 Oct (blank) John Neff (blank) Ohio Detail
Dickson, Cameron MO Clinton 8 Dec 1885 John E. Dickson Mary A. Dickson Crawford Detail
Stevens, Cameron Clinton 11 Dec (blank) John D. Stevens Nellie B. Stevens Watson Detail
Kindred, Atchison Twp Clinton 18 Jan 1886 John Kindred Jarilda Ann Kindred Hunt Detail
Crawford, Cameron MO Clinton 25 Jan 1886 John W. Crawford Harriett L. Crawford Wilcox Detail
Morris, Floyd M. Lafayette Twp MO Clinton 4 Feb 1886 John W. Morris Francis A. Morris Pierson Detail
Gall, Lathrop Clinton 20 Jan (blank) John H. Gall Julia Gall Shoe Detail
Baxter, Lathrop Twp MO Clinton 22 Feb 1886 John C. Baxter Almeda R. Baxter Godwin Detail
Wills, H. E. Lafayette Twp Clinton 21 Feb 1886 John T. Wills Martha J. Wills Detail
Brown, Harding Twp Clinton 6 April 1886 John H. Brown Lucy C. Brown Wiser Detail
Brown, Harding Twp Clinton 6 April 1886 John H. Brown Lucy C. Brown Wiser Detail
Campbell, Ralph McDwar 5 April 1886 Platte Twp Clinton John A. Campbell Agnes Eliza Campbell John A. Campbell Agnes Eliza Campbell Gibson Detail
Duncan, Lewis & Leonard Shoal Twp Clinton 12 May (blank) John Duncan Martha E. Duncan Harlin Detail
Carter, Concord Twp Clinton 4 July 1886 John D. Carter Hester E. Carter MO Detail
Clark, Clinton co. MO Clinton 17 July 1886 John A. Clark Nannie L. Clark Brown Detail
Hansom, Cameron MO Clinton 5 Aug 1886 John Hansom Lizzie Hansom Fuch Detail
Pike, Clinton co. MO Clinton 15 Aug 1886 John M. Pike Delia Pike Thompson Detail
Grant, Georgia Ann Lathrop MO Clinton 8 Jan 1886 John Grant Matilda Grant Butler Detail
Bond, Lathrop Clinton 3 June 1886 John H. Bond Annie E. Bond Detail
Smith, Lathrop MO Clinton 10 Oct 1886 John Smith Sarah Smith Walker Detail
Summers, Lathrop MO Clinton 25 Nov 1886 John T. Summers Laura Summers Hulett Detail
Johnson, Lafayette Twp Clinton 1 Jan 1887 James A. Johnson Addie B. Johnson Weakly Detail
Johnson, Turney MO Clinton (blank) Jan 1887 Wm S. Johnson Rose Johnson Russell Detail
Taylor, Plattsburg Clinton 17 April 1887 John C. Taylor Mary E. Taylor Fitzgence Detail
Holman, Emma nr Plattsburg Clinton 15 April 1887 John T. Holman Nancy S. Holman ?Dratler? Detail
Armstrong, Lathrop City Clinton 18 July 1886 John Armstrong Floretta Armstrong Pierce Detail
Johnson, Lathrop MO Clinton 28 Jun 1886 Joseph Johnson Hattie Johnson Lee Detail
Blair, nr. Plattsburg MO Clinton 25 April 1887 John W. Blair Serena J. Blair Moor Detail
Bond, Lathrop MO Clinton 1 May 1887 John Bond Annie E. Bond Detail
Cartwill, Plattsburg MO Clinton 29 May 1887 John Cartwill Laura F. Cartwill Meads Detail
Brooks, Lathrop MO Clinton 30 July 1887 John S. Brooks Julia Ann Brooks Carlon Detail
Robinson, Lathrop MO Clinton 1 July 1887 John Robinson Margaret Robinson Detail
Slaughter, Lathrop MO Clinton 7 July 1887 John Slaughter Lillie Slaughter Snoddy Detail
Ditmars, Flora Lathrop Twp MO Clinton 28 Aug 1887 John Ditmars Caroline Ditmars Asbury Detail
Gilchrist, Concord Twp MO Clinton 7 Sept 1887 C. M. Gilchrist Ada Gilchrist Johnson Detail
Wills, Plattsburg MO Clinton 2 Oct 1887 John T. Wills Martha J. Wills ?Leautling? Detail
Church, Platte Twp MO Clinton 15 Nov 1887 John Church Francis E. Church Baxter Detail
Holman, Os nr Plattsburg Clinton 2 May 1888 John Holman Nancy S. Holman Trotter Detail
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