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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Kerby, Lucy Eveline Osage Co Osage 09 Sep 1883 Benton Kerby Catharine Cooper Detail
Kerby, Jefferson Twp Osage 21 Sep 1884 Benton Kerby Catharina E. Cooper Detail
Siever, Lottie Chamois Osage 15 Jan 1892 Ed. Siever Anna Cooper Detail
(still Born) Benton Twp. Atchison 07/15/1884 Thomas Cooper Kittie Cooper K Gronewold Detail
Mattie G Cooper Benton Twp. Atchison 01/16/1885 Gerd Cooper Recheta Cooper R Harmes Detail
Henry Cooper Clay Twp. Atchison 03/29/1885 John Cooper Ettie Cooper E Meyerkorth Detail
Not Provided Clark Twp. Atchison 07/17/1885 Jacob Walker Haiba H Walker H H Cooper Detail
Anna Cooper Benton Twp. Atchison 09/30/1885 Thomas Cooper Heike Cooper H Gronewold Detail
Wharton, Wilson Twp Gentry May 15, 1885 Storer Hutchinson Wharton Maria Catherine Wharton Cooper Detail
Groom, Giles Miller Twp Gentry Aug 30, 1885 William Giles Belle Giles Cooper Detail
Cooper, William F West Plains, MO. Howell Mar.5, 1891 Melvin Cooper Lillie Cooper Lillie Shinkle Detail
Emison Stephen Cooper Jr. 1 Mile N. of Clapton, MO Saline Aug 24, 1883 Stephen Cooper Emison Julia V. Emison Julia V. Maddison Detail
Kern William Jeff. Tp Saline Co. MO Saline Aug 9-1884 5 A.M. Samuel Kern Mirada A. Kern Cooper Detail
Rogers David Cooper Miami Twp Saline Aug 24 1883 Thomas Rogers Emma Rogers Emma Cooper Detail
Not Provided Maryville, Mo Nodaway Sept 2 1883 Angus Flowers Ella Flowers Ella Cooper Detail
Francis Myrth Cooper Nodaway Co., Mo Nodaway Sept 26 1883 Benjamin Cooper Ida Cooper Ida Higgins Detail
Ernest Cooper Gooden Nodaway Co., Mo Nodaway Oct 7 1883 Samuel S. Gooden Marina M. Gooden Marina M. Burrooughs Detail
Zelma Lucretia Cooper Twp 43 Morgan Mch 24, 1884 Joseph B. Cooper Nancy Lucretia Cooper Nancy Lucretia Sickles Detail
Geo Earnest Decker Morgan Co., Mo. Morgan Mch 31, 1885 Victor Cooper Decker Theodosia E. Decker Detail
Walter, Louis Edward Tuscumbia, Mo Miller November 4 1887 David Marvin Walters Lucy Jane Walters Lucy Jane Cooper Detail
Not Provided Purdin Mo Linn Oct 12 1884 A L Cooper Malissie J Cooper Malissie McClain Detail
Alexander Grover Cooper Jackson tp Linn Nov 24 1884 Geo Wm Cooper Mildred Cooper Gooch Detail
Jacob Ellsworth Bailey Scott Sta Cole Nov 6 / 1886 H. Turner Bailey Mary Ella Bailey Cooper Detail
Cooper William Jeff City Mo Cole Feb 10, 1884 Cooper Al Brown Cordelia Brown Cordelia Detail
Smyna May Speed Franklin Township Grundy Jan 12, 1884 Cooper Speed Elizabeth Speed Whitt Detail
Lowell, Trenton, MO Grundy Jan 21, 1884 Clark Lowell Leula Lowell Cooper Detail
Cooper, Lincoln Township Grundy Apr 11, 1885 Barton Cooper Martha Cooper Ballinger Detail
Willis, Franklin Township Grundy May 23, 1885 W. F. Willis Mary M. Willis Cooper Detail
Cooper, Marion Twp Polk March 22, 1887 Nathaniel Cooper Harriett Cooper Harriett Roberts Detail
Not Provided Bolivar, Mo Polk Aug 8, 1885 M.W. Simpson E.C.Simpson Cooper Detail
Cooper, Dora Jane Dawson, MO. Nodaway Jan.22, 1885 Alexander Cooper Malvina Cooper Malvina Winters Detail
Cooper, Maryville,Nodaway Co. Nodaway Mar.13, 1885 Rice Harris Cooper Willie B Cooper Willie Locke Detail
Andrews, Fannie Maryville, Mo Nodaway Jan. 27, 1886 Edward LeRoy Andrews Margaret Andrews Cooper Detail
Cooper, Maryville, Mo Nodaway Jun. 4, 1886 Brice Harris Cooper Willie B. Cooper Locke Detail
Brooks, Dent October 15, 1883 James Brooks Mary E. Cooper Detail
Franklin COOPER Neosho, MO Newton Nov 13, 1884 Franklin Cooper Mollie Cooper Slith Detail
Cooper, Will Ernest Dillon Twp, MO Phelps 04 18 1884 Jessy Cooper Maria Jane Cooper Wagens Detail
Cooper, Serana Jane Phelps Co, MO Phelps 06 29 1885 Jessie Cooper Mary J Cooper Mary Majors Detail
William F Cooper West Plains,MO. Howell Mar.5, 1891 Melvin Cooper Lilly Cooper Shinkle Detail
Cooper, Francis Monroe Co Monroe 31 Jul 1883 Francis Cooper Laura Rose Detail
COOPER, Jesse Doylesport Barton Aug 18, 1883 G. B. Cooper Maggie D. Cooper Detail
COOPER, Union Barton Sep 3, 1884 B. R. Cooper Nellie Cooper Hertland? Detail
COOPER, Golden City Barton Oct 20, 1884 J. S. Cooper L. E. Cooper White Detail
COOPER, Owen Doylesport Barton Nov 5, 1884 J. C. Cooper Detail
COOPER, Nannie? Ethel Golden City Barton ? 18 ? Geo. O. COoper Zadie Olive Cooper Wheeler Detail
Cooper, Grand Prairie, Greene Co., Mo. Greene May 19, 1884 John Cooper Jane Cooper Detail
Not Provided Springfield, Mo. Greene July 4, 1887 Wm. M. Cooper Mary Elizabeth Cooper Doner Detail
Not Provided Springfield, Mo. Greene Sept. 7, 1889 R. Cooper Eliza Cooper Detail
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