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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Not Provided SCHUYLER CO, MO Schuyler NOV 24, 1892 M. V. HOLLOWELL S. E. BARNES Detail
Myrittle Coorer Golden City Barton Jan.21, 1884 Orin E. Coorer Ida A. Coorer Ida A. Marlowe Detail
Luvisa May Darnell Big Creek Madison May 23, 1888 Henry Luther Darnell Mary M. Darnell Mary M. Flowers Detail
Jasper Daniel Madison Co. Madison Oct 1, 1890 Dick Darnel Mary M. Darnel Mary M. Flowers Detail
Erin Price Knierim (?) Polk Twp Atchison 04/10/1885 John Andrew K?????? Sarah Loveria K?????? S L Lowe Detail
Clark, Nishma, Mo. Atchison 08/16/1885 J R Clark Anna F Clark A F Lowe Detail
Clotilda Hall Tarkio, Mo. Atchison 09/20/1885 Cassius Hall Tilla Hall T Flowers Detail
Not Provided Polk Twp. Atchison 10/03/1885 Jno. Lowe Viola Lowe V Snook Detail
Not Provided Atchison Co. Atchison 11/20/1885 John Wilson Mary Wilson M Flowers Detail
Lowe, Gentry Co Gentry Sept 22 Hilander Lowe Nannie Lowe Peck Detail
Lowe, Barnett Farm Gentry Mar 10, 1885 Wm N Lowe Lulu J Lowe Roberts Detail
Walter, Lowell Francis Burlington Jct Nodaway Aug. 25 Ora E. Walter Grace Berry Berry Detail
Oty H. Lowen Near Perry, Mo Ralls 12/26/1883 Oty Lowen Sarah E. Lowen Sarah E. Yates Detail
Wright, Clay Twp/Ralls Co Ralls 2/08/1884 William F. Wright Mary Wright Mary Lowe Detail
? Lowery Medicine Twp. MO Putnam 2-15-1884 Evan R. Lowrey Harriett Lowrey Harriett Wilks Detail
Flowers, Nodaway Co., Mo Nodaway Aug. 17, 1885 Wm L Flowers Martha E. Flowers Dawson Detail
Not Provided Polk Twp. Atchison Oct 3,1885 John Lowe Viola Lowe V.Snook Detail
Low, Polk Twp. Atchison Oct 9,1889 John W.Lowe Viola Lowe Snook Detail
Lowe, Roscoe, Mo. St. Clair 17/December/1885 James B Lowe Mary A W Lowe S[ni]dow Detail
Not Provided CLAY Sullivan 9-11-1885 URIAH NORMAN SARAH ELIZABETH LOWERY Detail
Della Martin Clowers Pendleton,MO Warren Aug.14, 1883 Giles G Clowers Elizabeth F Clowers Grier Detail
Lowe, Blue Springs Jackson Feb.,6,90 Jno Lewis Lowe Lorrie Lowe Stewart Detail
Lowe, Blue Springs Jackson Dec.27,89 Luther M.Lowe Ermma Lowe Or?shaw Detail
Not Provided 4036 Locust Jackson 4/11/08 ??? Lowell Ida S. Lowell Detail
Not Provided 633 Tullis Ct Jackson 4/27/08 E.G. Welch Lowella Detail
Wm. Edgar Lowe McDonald Co., Mo McDonald Nov 19, 1883 B.Thomas Lowe B.J. Lowe [Rowe??] Detail
Not Provided Blue Sp[rings] Jackson 05/21/---- L M Lowe Emma Lowe Detail
Mandy Elisebeth Lowrey Gatewood Ripley 08/16/1884 Samuell D. Lowrey Malinda Ann Lowery Smith Detail
James C. Lowery Gatewood Twp Ripley 04/27/1885 H.S. Lowery S.E. Lowery Anders Detail
Paragau, Besse Lee Miller Twp., Phelps Co. MO Maries 9/1/1884 Douglas Celia Jane Lowe Detail
Lowery, Rolla, MO Maries 12/6/1885 Joseph Jessie Evans Detail
Martin, Jessie Camp Creek, MO Maries 7/24/1886 Allen Phoebe L. Lowe Detail
LOWERY, Doylesport Barton Feb 4, 1888 J. T. Lowery Violet Lowery Schfler Detail
Sabring Cox Ripley Co Mo. Ripley Oct 6 1885 Joseph A. Cox Clarinda Eveline Cox Lowery Detail
Raymond Geo. Gessell Doniphan Mo Ripley Feb 11, 1887 John S. Gessell Flora Belle Gessell Lowell Detail
FULKERSON, Lowell McKittrick Lebanon Laclede Aug 14, 1891 J. E. Fulkerson Georgia Fulkerson Detail
Boone, Greene Co., Mo. Greene Sept. 6, 1884 William Boone Alice E. Boone Lowery Detail
Not Provided LaBelle Twp Lewis Oct.29, 1885 Willes Lowery Payton Cynthia Quinn Prather Cynthia Q. Payton Detail
Lowe, Sidney Homer Belleview Iron 03 Mar 1884 Sidney Smith Lowe Susan Elizabeth Bell Detail
Hathaway, Barton Aug. 6 1890 Geo. M. Hathaway Clara E. Hathaway Lowe Detail
Lowery, Doylesport Twp. Barton Oct 8 1890 Justus Lowry. Violet Lawry. Shepler Detail
LOWE, Mary Elizabeth Shelby Sep 5, 1884 Wm. B. Lowe Arthersa Frances Lowe Simmins Detail
LOWE, Jessie May Shelby Aug 27, 1884 Charles Henry Lowe Jessie Ann Lowe Harrison Detail
HARRISON, Shelby Dec 12, 1884 Thomas Harrison Mary E. Harrison Lowe Detail
Not Provided Moniteau Co Mo Moniteau Sept 5 1888 S B Lowery Dora Lowery Dora Francis Detail
William Henry Jobe Moniteau Co Mo Moniteau May 15, 1884 James Riley Jobe Catharine A[rcina] Nora Lowey Catharine A[rcina] Nora Jobe Detail
Not Provided Moniteau Co Mo Moniteau Sept 5, 1888 S B Lowery Dora Lowery Dora Francis Detail
Lowe, Gentry Co., Mo. Gentry Sept 22, 1883 F. Sander Lowe Nannie Lowe Nannie Peck Detail
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