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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Flowers, Maryville,Nodaway Co. Nodaway Sep.2, 1883 Angus Flowers Ella Flowers Ella Cooper Detail
Flowers, Nodaway Co.MO. Nodaway Aug.17, 1885 William L Flowers Martha E Flowers Martha Dawson Detail
Lowe, Hopkins Tp.Nodaway Co Nodaway Jan.21, 1885 Charles Manless Lowe Flora Ann Lowe Flora Miller Detail
Lowe, Nodaway Mar.1, 1885 George S Lowe Frances Lowe Frances Glaze Detail
Lowe, Grace marie Maryville, MO. Nodaway May 16, 1885 Joseph Lowe Lizzie Lowe Lizzie Kenney Detail
Purcy, Nodaway Co.MO. Nodaway Dec.31, 1883 Jerry Percy Jennie C Purcy Jennie C Lowe Detail
Purcy, Jackson Tp.Nodaway Co Nodaway Dec.31, 1883 Jerry Purcy Jennie C Purcy Jennie Lowe Detail
Not Provided Maryville, Mo Nodaway Sept 2 1883 Angus Flowers Ella Flowers Ella Cooper Detail
Not Provided Nodaway Co., Mo Nodaway Decr 31st 1883 Jerry Purcy Jennie C Purcy Jannie C Lowe Detail
Lowe, Hopkins, Mo Nodaway Jan. 21, 1885 Charles W????? Lowe Flora Ann Lowe Miller Detail
Lowe, Nodaway Mar. 1, 1885 George S. Lowe Francis Lowe Glaze Detail
Lowe, Maryville, Mo Nodaway May. 16, 1885 Joseph Lowe Lizzie Lowe Kenney Detail
Flowers, Nodaway Co., Mo Nodaway Aug. 17, 1885 Wm L Flowers Martha E. Flowers Dawson Detail
Not Provided Hickory Co., Mo Hickory Nov. 05, 1892 Sherman A. Dickerson Fora J. Dickerson Fora J. Blowers Detail
Not Provided Hopkins, MO Nodaway Apr. 7, 1890 David R. Eggers Rose ma Eggers Flowers Detail
Gooden, Maryville Nodaway Dec. 5, 1891 Lowel C. Gooden Elma Gooden DeBois Detail
Grimes, Quitman Nodaway Mar. 9, 1893 Lowel Thayer Grimes Ollis Grimes Shanks Detail
Walter, Lowell Francis Burlington Jct Nodaway Aug. 25 Ora E. Walter Grace Berry Berry Detail
Not Provided Polk Twp. Atchison Oct 3,1885 John Lowe Viola Lowe V.Snook Detail
Low, Polk Twp. Atchison Oct 9,1889 John W.Lowe Viola Lowe Snook Detail
Not Provided Atchison Co,Mo Atchison Nov 20,1885 John Wilson Mary Wilson M.Flowers Detail
Hathaway, Barton Aug 6, 1890 Geo. M. Hathaway Clara E. Hathaway Clara E. Lowe Detail
Lowery, Doylesport Twp. Barton Oct 3, 1890 Justin Lowry Violet Lowry Violet Shepler Detail
Annie L. Hawkins Keytesville, MO Chariton 03/19/1885 William Hawkins Emma Edna Hawkins Emma Edna Flowers Detail
Simon P.Lower Westville, Mo Chariton 09/22/1885 Jno. B. Lower Mary S. Lower Mary S. Snyder Detail
Not Provided Stark township Hickory August 11th 1883 Gustavis Greenflower Hull Mary Elizabeth Hull Mary Elizabeth Trotter Detail
Not Provided Montgomery twp, Hickory Co. MO Hickory Sept 3rd 1884 Samuel McCracken Marthy E. McCracken Clowery Detail
Sidney Homer Lowe Bellview Mo Iron March 3 1884 Sidney I Lowe Susan Elizabeth Lowe Susan E Bell Detail
Kelley, Iron Co Iron May 24 1884 Lee Kelley Jane Kelley Wadlowe Detail
Ada Bell Flowers Iron Co Iron May 5 1884 Levi M Flowers Henrietta? Flowers Miller Detail
Mary E Johnson Iron Co Mo Iron May 20 85 John Johnson Ruthia Johnson Lowe Detail
Flowers, Ironton Mo Iron Dec 10 1886 6:30 am Dos Flowers Annie Flowers Kindell Detail
William Fulcher Iron Co Mo Iron Jany 20 1887 Jos E Fulcher Louisa Fulcher Lowery Detail
Not Provided Springfield Greene 08/12/1887 David F Scruggs Cordelia Scruggs Lowery Detail
Leona Ellen Silence Dade Co Mo Greene 08/09/1887 John Silence Sarah T Silence Lowery Detail
Not Provided Independence Macon Nov 20, 1890 William Lowell Lowell Halstean Detail
Baker, Aaron Coleman Appleton twp St. Clair 20/January/1884 John Richard Baker Mary Percy Baker Mary Percy Flower Detail
Lowe, Roscoe, Mo. St. Clair 17/December/1885 James B Lowe Mary A W Lowe S[ni]dow Detail
Not Provided CLAY Sullivan 9-11-1885 URIAH NORMAN SARAH ELIZABETH LOWERY Detail
Della Martin Clowers Pendleton,MO Warren Aug.14, 1883 Giles G Clowers Elizabeth F Clowers Grier Detail
Lowe, Stella Savannah, Mo Andrew 10-May George Lowe Octara Lowe Reynolds Detail
Low, Cordelia Nodaway Twp Andrew 15-Aug George Lowe Octavo Low Reynolds Detail
Not Provided Empire Twp Andrew 19 Dec 1886 John D. Hall Susan M. Hall Lowe Detail
Edwin Burke Ives Nevada Vernon 06/11/1884 Lowell O. Ives Sopie Ives Sophie Strauss Detail
Dixie May Lowe Vernon Co., MO Vernon 06/27/1885 Jesse A. Lowe Carrie Lee Lowe Sanford Detail
Lower, Jesse Marion Twp Polk Aug 4, 1883 William Lower Alvina Lower Carter Detail
Lower, Fredrick Marion Twp Polk Dec 21, 1883 John Lower Martha Ann Lower Walker Detail
Lowell M. G. Lynch Louisiana MO. Pike May 10th 1884 Andrew J. Lynch Mary E. Lynch Mary E Campbell Detail
Not Provided Monroe Co. Monroe 3/2/1884 T.T. Donaldson Harmonia Donaldson Lowellen Detail
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