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Name Age Sex Color Date of Death County  
Phillips, Mary J. P. 46yr, 2mon, 8days Female White 28, Jan., 1887, 2:30PM Howell Detail
Phillips 21yr. Female White 17, Oct., 1887 Howell Detail
Pease, Suffronia 32yr. Female White 12, Dec., 1887, 10PM Howell Detail
Perkins, A. June 23yr, 10mon. Female White 9, Feb., 1888, 6:15PM Howell Detail
Pease, Ina 20yr. Female White 27, July, 1888, 3pm Howell Detail
Pitts, George A. 50yr. Male White 4, Sept., 1888, 9:30AM Howell Detail
Polk, John 71yr, 11mon, 13days Male White 18, Dec., 1889 Howell Detail
Polk, James 43yr. Male White 9, April, 1891 Howell Detail
Parrott, James E. 22yr. Male White 26, Jan., 1893, 2AM Howell Detail
Rail, Alise 4yr, 28days Female Black 1, Sept., 1883, 2PM Howell Detail
Reed, McNemer 1yr, 4mon. Male White 23, Nov., 1883, 4PM Howell Detail
Ray, William 26yr. Male White 16, June, 1884, 10AM Howell Detail
Rich, John 1yr, 6mon, 7days Male White 6, July, 1884, 5:30AM Howell Detail
Russell, Augusta G. 4mon, 17days Male White 21, July, 1884, 12AM Howell Detail
Rice (Baby Girl) 4mon, 15 days Female White 19, Aug., 1884, 2PM Howell Detail
Roby, Annie 1yr, 8mon. Female White 8, Dec., 1884, 8:30PM Howell Detail
Renfrow, A.T.D. 5yr, 6mon Female White 15, Dec., 1884, 4AM Howell Detail
Reynolds, Jane A. 2yr, 9mon Female White 2, May, 1885 Howell Detail
Rice, Mattie 18yr, 6mon, 5days Female White 6, Nov., 1885, 7PM Howell Detail
Rucker, Clay 45yr. Male Black 29, Dec., 1885, 3PM Howell Detail
Roberts, James O. 1yr, 6days Male White 7, July, 1886 Howell Detail
Roberts, Mary A. 3yr, 10mon, 8days Female White 10, July, 1886, 11AM Howell Detail
Rodgers, Isaac 58yr. Male White 15, Oct., 1887 Howell Detail
Rich, Roxey L. 43yr, 11mon, 4days Female White 24, Oct., 1888, 1PM Howell Detail
Rich, Clarence Male White 24, Feb., 1889 Howell Detail
Reed, Charlie 19yr. Male White 14, Feb., 1889, 10:40PM Howell Detail
Robins, Girtrude Belle 15y, 11days Female White 26, Aug., 1889, 3PM Howell Detail
Reese, Jane 26yr. Female White 17, Aug., 1889 Howell Detail
Roswell, Mattie 32yr, 3mon, 17days Female White 31, July, 1890, 10:20AM Howell Detail
Reese, Walter M. 1yr, 15days Male White 9, Sept., 1890, 1AM Howell Detail
Reese, E. 19yr, 3mon, 8days Male White 3, Dec., 1891 Howell Detail
Rutter, Arozona 18yr. Male White 19, Feb., 1894, 9AM Howell Detail
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