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Name Age Sex Color Date of Death County  
John D. Howe 63yr7mo20days male white 10/02/1883 Macon Detail
Henry Jos. Stone 15 days male white 09/13/1883 Macon Detail
Alvin Sneed 1 month male white 08/10/1883 Macon Detail
Maud Smith 6mo 18days female white 07/22/1883 Macon Detail
Matilda Noel 71yr1mo16days female white 10/15/1883 Macon Detail
Mary Jane Sweedens 41yrs. 15days female white 10/13/1883 Macon Detail
A. A. Gates 11mo. 14days male white 09/14/1883 Macon Detail
Wm. Kelly 50yrs. 1month male white 07/19/1883 Macon Detail
Francis Kelly 72yrs. 4months female white 08/28/1883 Macon Detail
Berty May Cooper 5 months female black 08/31/1883 Macon Detail
Abigail Wilson 73yr7mo22days female 08/13/1883 Macon Detail
Rachel P. Pain 61yrs. 24days female white 10/07/1883 Macon Detail
Mary S. Lugan/Leegan 30yrs6mo9days female white 10/07/1883 Macon Detail
Rosetta Bohannan 11mo. 25 days female white 09/09/1883 Macon Detail
Ethel Roberts 2yrs. 8mo. female white 10/28/1883 Macon Detail
Lizy Jane Snook 10 months female white 08/30/1883 Macon Detail
Mandiville Binsell 2yr1mo20days male white 08/28/1883 Macon Detail
Elsie Dernory(?) 2yr2mo6days female white 08/17/1883 Macon Detail
unnamed infant 2 days male white 12/02/1883 Macon Detail
Catherine C. Shink 59yrs. 10mo. female white 11/02/1883 Macon Detail
female Hines 2 years female white 08/06/1883 Macon Detail
Ruth Ann Harris 63yr2mo10days female white 10/28/1883 Macon Detail
Nancy G. Wright 74yr5mo14days female white 11/19/1883 Macon Detail
Edith M. Barton 8 months female white 07/19/1883 Macon Detail
Alonzo Malton Davis 52yr10mo26days male white 10/26/1883 Macon Detail
Jno. C. Mathis 72yr5mo25days male white 08/02/1883 Macon Detail
Hetta May Vestch 1yr2mo21days female white 08/13/1883 Macon Detail
Robert Nichols 18yr11mo12days male white 07/14/1883 Macon Detail
Margaret Sinclair 60yr1mo27days female white 09/27/1883 Macon Detail
Martha Day 23yr11mo26days female 11/20/1883 Macon Detail
Noble Dean 69yr1mo4days male white 10/06/1883 Macon Detail
Dora Jane Kinncher(?) 2yr5mo1day female white 12/04/1883 Macon Detail
Carter V. Stephens 3mo. 20days male white 12/16/1883 Macon Detail
Wm. Griffiths 57 years male white 12/25/1883 Macon Detail
Minnie Goan(?) McLane 2yrs. 6mo. female white 12/13/1883 Macon Detail
Mary H. Taught 33 years female white 12/17/1883 Macon Detail
Joseph Clay Brook 80 years male white 12/21/1884 Macon Detail
Wm. F. Coffman 32yr7mo5days male white 12/06/1883 Macon Detail
Thos. S. Davidson 17yr10mo6days boy white 12/06/1883 Macon Detail
David Shelton Cooley 41yr11mo15days male white 01/01/1884 Macon Detail
Malissa Cooley 45 years female white 12/04/1883 Macon Detail
Chas. Francis Quinn 8 months male white 12/29/1883 Macon Detail
Geo. H. Green 54yrs. 8days male white 01/04/1884 Macon Detail
Mary B. Andrews 21 years female white 12/29/1883 Macon Detail
G. J. Fox 38yrs. 25days male white 12/22/1883 Macon Detail
Giles A. Duvall 36yr7mo12days male white 12/03/1883 Macon Detail
J. N. Hubble 25yrs. 2mo. male white 10/19/1883 Macon Detail
Charley Rasmusscen 8mo. 5days male white 01/01/1884 Macon Detail
Leroy Penton 80yr2mo1day male white 01/14/1884 Macon Detail
Lizzy Billings 4yr5mo7days female white 12/02/1883 Macon Detail
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