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To The Legislature of Missouri


Petitioners, the undersigned citizens of the

Town of Far (West County of Caldwell)

would respectfully represent that in

the year 1841 a portion of the Citizens

of Said County having determined

that the [letter “M” crossed out] remnant of Mormons once

Mormon dessenters  Should leave the

County first by invitation, and if not, by

Coercion.  A large Majority of the citizens

participateing in a full desire for

their removal, yet at the same time, Know

ing the influence it Must exert upon the

reputation of the County; and desirous

of Supporting the Supremacy of the laws

expressed their decided disapprobation

of a resort to Coercive Means.  The time

haveing arrived when the should have

left agreable to Command, Many of them

unwilling to obey remained.  To enforce

their departure the following lawless

Means were resorted to by that portion

of  citizens first above mentioned by

the destruction of their property, burning

and pulling down their houses, leaving

their families shelterless, the Most brutal

and Shamless abuse of the female portion


of their Community, nor ceaseing here

they extend their Commands of departure

to honest and respectable Citizens have

ing Neither Connection with Nor Knowledge

of Mormonism, and in Short Many other

Such deeds as were repugnant alike

to law and humanity.  Such being the

State of affairs an attempt was Made

at the urgent desire of Many Citizens to

bring these Knowen leaders of a Mob to

justice by the proper authorities of the

land and within the Meaining and intent

of the laws.  Accordingly the Sheriff through

the directions of the presedeing justice of

the County Court proceded to execute the laws

but was detered from his purpose by a

threat that his person was in danger, and

that a body of Men Numbering one hundas

ed were in readiness to resist his effort

[“with” crossed out] to arrest and that they would that

Night attack the Town of Far West.

            This threat being of general beleif, from

the Knowen influence they had with law

less bands from other counties, (haveing

been assisted in time before) and [“fro” crossed out] through

the urgent Solicitation of Numerous

Citizens, the Presideing justice of the County

Court, with the Sheriff deemed it obvious-



ly and imperiously Necessary to Call out

the Meletea of the County to enforce the

laws and it was accordingly done and

to this day it is of verry General beliefe

that by this Means alone was the Town

and its citizens preserved from plunder

and abuse   I was called upon by the

authorities of the County to entertain the

Meletia untill Matters Could be

adjusted according to law in obedi

ence to which I furnished them with

provissions &c amounting to Eighty five 70/100 Dolls

h [this appears to be the end of a word that did not photocopy] which amount was allowed by the County

Court.  Your petioner prays for remu

neration from your honourable body

to the amount of Bill allowed by County


                                    Absolum D. [Tramsly]

December 20th 1842


[The following is all crossed out:


            Three mails since I wrote you concern

ing the within matter and our county seat

You make no mention of No recpt  please

write me and send me some documents

from the Lesgilature  in haste  Yours Respy


                                    Skidmore witness



[The following is crosswise on the page]:

Liberty                                                  paid 18/4




Mr. P. Edwards


Jeffferson City

                        Mail}                                           Mo.

[The following is crosswise on the page reverse of the above]:

  1. D. Walmely


Petition of


(Edwards of Ray)


adverse report

18 Jany – agreed To




Com. Claims


No. 7