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[ Full-text transcription of: Petition of Thomas Bohannon of Ray County asking compensation for timber destroyed by the Missouri Volunteers. ]
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Petition of

Thomas Bohannon of

the County of Ray

asking compensation

for timber destroyed

by the Missouri Volunteers


No 8 –

Refd to Comtee on

                                                      Claims –

Jan. 22nd.


To the honorable the Legislature for Missouri

Your Petitioner Thomas Bohannon would respect-

fully represent to your honorable body—that

during the late campaign against the Mormons

your petitioner then residing in Ray County, suff

ered great damage and loss from a large number

of troops being quartered on your petitioners premises

That for several weeks during the winter season Many

hundred troops were encamped on your petitioners land-

and that they burnt and otherwise destroyed a large

number of rails and a great quantity of timber belon

ging to your petitioner—that your petitioner was

put to great trouble and expense on account of

the troops above mentioned.  And as there is no provision

made for compensating your petitioner for these

several losses, he [fervently] prays your honorable

body to adopt some measure for his relief and as

in duty bound he will [illegible] pray &c

            &c an additional fact to the foregoing your peti

tioner would further present that he then lived near

(within one mile) the town of Richmond in said

County of Ray and that timber, rail, &c are on

that account much more valuable than they would

otherwise be.

                              Thos [J.] Bohannon