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[ Full-text transcription of: Petition for the benefit of Thomas W. Loyd ]
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For the benefit of

Thomas W. Loyd




No. 9


Decr 11th


Selt Com ties

Messrs Thompson









Paid 12

Messrs Wm. R. [Blythe] esqr

and D. Thompson esqr

Jefferson City



Camden Mo}

28th Nov }




To the Honorable the Senate and House of

Representatives of the State of Missouri

Your Petitioner Thomas [H.] Loyd of the

County of Ray would respectfully represent that

In the month of October in the year of our Lord

1838 he was a regular Militiaman in the company

of Mounted Militia under the command of Capt.

Samuel Bogard of said county, that said Militia

were employed in the Service of the State in the

suppression of the Mormon disturbances, and

that in the battle which occured on the 25th day

of said month of October between said malitia

and the Mormons your petitioner received

so many and such serious wounds from the

hands of the enemy as to be thereby disabled fr-

om from effective manual labor, and that

there is now no reasonable hope that such dis

bility will or can be remedied. Your petitioner

further represents that he is near twenty-five

years of age, that he is poor and that he has a

family which as well as himself depends upon

his labor for support. Your petitioner there-

fore prays that an act maybe passed for his benefit

granting him a pension during his life or during

the continuance of his disability and your

petitioner will pray &c.

Thomas [H] Loyd


The undersigned neighbors and acquaintances of

Thomas [H] Loyd above named state that they know

the facts stated in said petition to be true, and

urge upon the Legislature the justice and propriety of

granted the prayer of the petitioner.





George Riggs John Tarwaters

Owen Loyd Alvin Vaughn

Samuel Loyd Joel Ball

Samuel Tarwters Wm. A. Carroll

John Tarwaters John [Blooters]

Ephraim Clark Jas [Preed]

Jacob Tarwters Wm A Soules

Jacob Tarwaters Jun John [Rifpe]

Dowdle Rowland William Good

Charles C Rowland John Lakey

[Illegible] [Pervensey] Loyd

John Wells [Illegible] M [Loyd]

Alfred E. Rhody [David Tailor]

Samuel M Dunaway [L or S [illegible] Barr]

Willis L [illegible] William Tarwaters

John M Rowland [Jenny Loyd]

G W Chapman [illegible]

Jno. A. V Deauchamp Jenny Loyd

Edward Sisson & Co Michael [artimon]

Obadiah Taylor A. B. Ralph

Charles F. [Wehe]

[Pyder Hauer]

Samuel Ramfoy

W M Snowton

Conrad Snowton

Thos E Tate

John H Holman

William L. Jackson

R Tolin

Goldsmith Flethie

James Wells