Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 3.7

Thomas Reynolds, 1840-1844

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from L. B. Fleak, Iowa to Governor Reynolds, Jefferson City, Mo. ]
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Fleak P.M.

Free;  L. B. Fleak P.M.

at Keokuk Iowa Ty

His Excellency Thos Reynolds

                                                                        Jefferson City


Steam Packet “Amaranth” 



                                                Keokuk I.T. Oct 5th 1842

His Excellency Thomas Reynolds


                        Your reward for Smith & Rockwell is making

a great stir among the “brethren” at the “City of Nauvoo  Smith, it

is said has fortified himself in some sort of a den [“and R” is crossed out] this

I do not vouch for, & Rockwell has left the Country.  I am inform

ed that the Gov of Illinois has added $400 more to your reward

and I at this time know of no less than three persons that

are on the alert determined to arrest him if possible

There will be some Judas among themselves I think  I am

in hopes to have it in my power to announce to you the cap=

ture of Smith by a week from this evening.  Yesterday was

a day that was set for about 50 of them to come down to

our Town to select lots, but by an order from the Prophet

they all remained at home.  This Ù information I have from one of the

Mormons & I have no doubt but it is correct—The intention

of the three persons above alluded to, is to seize Smith some

night in his own house perhaps, gag him, & carry him on

board a small boat and bring him down to my house &

keep him securely in a room in the 3rd story until the arrival

of one of our regular St. Louis Packets, one of which leaves

here every night in the week except Monday night.  I am the

agent for all of those Packets & when once on board there will

be no further difficulty.  If the enterprize succeeds I am entitled

to one fourth of the Reward which I will take pleasure in

bestowing on the State of Missouri.  One of those three is now in Nauvoo

and has been there for 2 days since which time I have heard nothing

from him, but, Ù I have no doubt but that he is making all the discoveries that can

be made, without creating suspicion.  They are all careful, resolute

fellows & will do nothing without the utmost caution, & if they

should accidentally be detected it will take the half of Nauvoo

to arrest them, for all is planned either for victory or defeat

Thus, I have given you the outlines of the plan & it is needless to say

to you that it is in confidence.  In the course of two months

our Town will be overrun with those cutthroats as one of the

principal owners in the Town has sold his interest to them

            I shall leave here with my effects in the month of March

for Missouri or sooner if I can get my business shaped so

that I can leave without too great a loss.  I am selling

goods here & think of locating in some County seat in the South

western part of Missouri should I find a location to suit

me.  I have now on hands about 70 head of cattle that

I shall send off this Fall to Van Buren County

                                                Very Respectfully

                                                Your obdt servant

                                                            L B Fleak