Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 3.7

Thomas Reynolds, 1840-1844

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from L. B. Fleak, Iowa to Governor Reynolds, Jefferson City, Mo. ]
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                                    Keokuk I.T. Sept 6th 1842

His Excellency Thos Reynolds


                        Yours of the 30th Ulo per Mr

Ford came duly to hand last night, & I am

sorry to say that the letter was not handed

me until Mr Ford was on his return to Missouri

            However I do not know that I could have

been of any material service to him, for those

renegades look upon me with suspicion

            Nothing short of a reward or a regiment

of Militia will get him from his hiding place

A reward will, I think make or find a Judas

among them, They laugh at the idea of his

being removed by a hundred men, in short they

say that “Brother Joseph” shall never be taken to

Missouri.  Our Sheriff is on the alert but I do

not think he Ù (Smith) will make his appearance, soon,

again on our side of the River.  He was in our Town

about two weeks ago, late at night.  I do most sincerely

hope that you will be the means of bringing this renegade

to justice.  I am as well satisfied, as is this whole

community, that Rockwell, by the order of Smith is the

person that attempted the assassination of Boggs as

I am that there is such a place as Paris

            You have not much to expect from Gov Carlin, he

is about half Mormon himself or at least appears

so from his sycophancy, when he meets those Smiths.

            Should Smith make his appearance again in our

Town he will be arrested, as every thing is in readiness

to convey him accross the Desmoines River & in the

mean time should any thing occur that would be impor=

tant to be known by you I will advise you of it immedi

ately.  Be good enough to command me at all times


                                                Your Obdt Servt

                                                            LB Fleak