Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 3.7

Thomas Reynolds, 1840-1844

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from D. Kilbourn, Iowa to L. B. Fleak, Iowa ]
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                                                Montrose Iowa

                                                Aug 12th 1842

Friend Fleak

                        It is next to impossible

to get correct news from across the

River.  The Sheriff returned from Quincy

yesterday & demanded Joe of the Marshall

of Nauvoo into whose hands he had

committed him for safe keeping;

but he was not forthcoming, the

Marshall Saint had let him go.

                        The fact is the Mormons

defy all the force that can be brought

against them & swear in their strength

that Joe shall not be taken to

Mo.  Does not his conduct

show the [despots] guilt?

They are all in a great stew.  Every

old Rifle, Pistol, Cutlass, Knife Etc.

Ù among them is being put in order.

            If Joe does not appear

I suppose the next step will be

to offer a reward for him as a fugi-

-tive from justice—as he has now

escaped from an office of justice.

            If that is done I’ll be bound

justice will overtake him.

            Will Mo now give

up the chase?  Will Gov Boggs

be willing to rest & let a man

who [would] murder him any moment

go “unwhiped of Justice”?  for the

good of the [Country] & the peace of

Society I hope not.

            I will write you just

as often as any thing occurs

of interest.       Truly & Respectuflly


                        D. [M.] Kilbourn

D. [M]. Kilbourn

About Jo. Smith

                        Montrose I.T.)                                       from

                        Aug 12th        )                         D. [M]. Kilbourn

                                                                                    P. M

L. B. Fleak Esq