Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 3.7

Thomas Reynolds, 1840-1844

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from D. W. Kilbourn, Iowa to Governor Reynolds, Jefferson City, Mo. ]
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that it was to good to be true; but

he hoped to G-d it was So.

            Almost every Mormon here rejoicing

over it &  I have heard many of them

Say that he ought to have been Killed

long ago; and one leading Mormon

remarked that he had no doubt but

a Mormon had done it.

            It is now three years Since

they Settled in this County and they

have gained any thing but a character

for good order obviously.

            Their City Nauvoo is directly

opposite this.  We look upon them as

a Banditti; called together by their

leaders for the purpose of forming a more

perfect organization, to carryout their

Swindling & treasonable plans.

            I have heard the leaders publickly

Encourage their people to Steal from Missou-

-rians.  The citizens here and in Illinois

are much excited against their growing mobs

of their infamous conduct; and every-

body here wishes that (if Joe is a fu-

gitive from justice from your state) a

requisition may soon be made by your

Excellency for his arrest.

                        You will pardon the liberty

I have taken in addressing you on this subj-

ect.  My only object is to make

            you acquainted with the

            Manour  in which these  Mormons

receive the news of Gov Bogg’s death,

and if the perpetrator has not been discov-

erd and his name Known, it may be well

to direct publick attention in this di-

rection & towards a man too  who has

even prophesized that he would come

to an awful End.

                           Very Respectfully

                              Your Obde Servt

                             D. W. Kilbourne  P. M.


                                                         Lee Co. Iowa

D. W. Kilburn

P. M. in Iowa

about Mormons

Montrose Iowa }               Free

              May 19th        }         D. W. Kilbourn

                                                           P. M.

                                               To his Excellency

                                                               Governor    Reynolds

                                                                                   Jefferson City


                                                                         May 1842