Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 3.7

Thomas Reynolds, 1840-1844

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from General H. G. Parks, Richmond to Governor Reynolds, Jefferson City, Mo ]
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Genrl. Parks

Brg Genrl. about

not being paid for

Mormon Services


Thomas Reynolds


                                   Missouri Militia

                                               City of Jefferson

Mr I. S. Wilkinson Esq. }                                                         Mo



                                                                                                Jan 10th 1842

Dear Sir

            I wish to Say to you that the paymas

-ter Genl M. Hamer refused to pay me my full

pay as Brig Genrl for Service rendered in the Mormon

difficulties   He paid me all except the rations allowed

by law if I understand the law in relation to

the pay of the troops engaged in that Service

the paymaster is is to be governed by the law

of Congress regulating the pay of army of

the United States and that law as is contained in

Gordius Digest divids the pay of the officers

 in four classes pay in line, Rations, extra

Horses and Servants now Sir the two first classes

of Pay is fixed and permanent for it is so laid

down in the law that the officers may draw his full

number of Rations in Kine as in mony at his option.

I confess that the two last classes of pay depends

on the condition that the officer had the horses

and Servants actually in the Service for the time

charged for the law allowed me twelve Rations

per day at 20 cents per Ration I drew one Ration in Kine per

day leaving a ballance  of Eleven per day due me which

the law allowed me to commute and draw in mony.

the papers on file with the paymaster will Show

that there are back Rations coming to me for

forty odd days at Eleven Rations per day

now Sir I do hope that you will do yourself the

Credit and me the Justice to direct the Adgt

Genrl to make me an additional allowance

and report the Same to the Paymaster Genrl

So that Mr I. S. Wilkinson the boson of this may

draw it and bring it-up to me who is hereby authoresed

to recespt in full for any amount that may be

allowed me

                                    I am yours Respectfully

                                            H. G. Parks Brig

                                                Genrl 2d B 3d I.

                                                           M. M.

Thomas Reynolds     }

commanderinchief    }

Mo Mi                       }

City of Jefferson Mo }