Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 3.7

Thomas Reynolds, 1840-1844

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from A.V. B. Orr, Pennsylvania to Governor Reynolds, Jefferson City, Mo ]
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A.V. B on reques-

=ting copy of mormon


Copy Sent Aug: 27 1841

J. L. Minor

Steelville Pa

                                               July 19th                 (Free, crossed out)     

                                                                               Chester Co. Pa

To His Excellency

 The Governor of Missouri

                                   (St Louis crossed out)

Jefferson City                      Missouri

                                                                        Steels Ville July 7th    AD 1841


Without any previous introduction I take the

liberty of addressing a letter to you on a subject

which from the accounts in the papers must be

of some importance to your State.  The Mormons

have been preaching through the State of Pennsylvania

& Delaware and are persuading hundreds of the lowest

order to join their Standard, men who from their want

of education are capable of any act however bad.  Those

individuals thus proselyted are taught that the State

 of Missouri having driven them from her limits has been

guilty of an unpardonable sin & is their lawful

prey if they had strength to accomplish the object.

A tide of immigration of the worst characters out of every

State through their means is thus [  ] flowing into

proximity to you which judging from the trouble

you have already had with them will give you

yet greater unless something be done to check it.

The most effectual mode for preventing this gathering

of Mormons in my opinion would be an expose

of their conduct in every community in which they

make their appearance.  And as they charge the

public press with falsehoods in relation to their

recent conduct the Statements thus made have done

little good.  As they are doing all they can in this

neighborhood.  And as I feel it a duty I owe my

fellow citizens to forward, their further progress. I

have thus taken the liberty of requesting a short account

of their Conduct from Your excellency, which will

do more in supporting this than all the newspaper

Statements that could be made.  Should you think

it not beneath to you to Send any information in

relation to them, you will have the goodness to address

Dr. A.V.B. Orr. Steeles Ville Chester County Pennsylvania

I remain Sir, Your 



                                             A. V. B. Orr

To His Excellency

The Governor of