Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 3.7

Thomas Reynolds, 1840-1844

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from John Corrill, Quincy, Illinois ]
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Messrs Samuels & Arthur


                          Clay County


  10th                                                                   Mo


                        Quincy March 21  1841


 Sir  I have Just returned from

Nauvoo and to confess the truth to

You I Consider the prospects for collecting

debts this Season very poor   the fact is

the Mormons are naturely  poor  and what

property there is among them Jo and his

associates contrives to make use of for

public or Church uses buildings &c –

   He has got large quantities of land in his

hands & although it is encumbered with

claims on it, bad tittles &c Yet he sells

it to the brethren at a great advance

and dreams them of all he can__And

the most that is going among them is

building  the Temple, & this they do by

tithing, that is, each man gives every

10th day & thus they keep the work a going

on but this only serves to reduce and enslave

these people, & besides this they have a

Legion, You know, which they spend much

time in disciplining, they trained every

day while I was there, Your Missourians

must look out. They have about 800 men

and more coming in every day

            Moreover I discovered by talking with

Smith and others that they feel very hostile

toward You and Mr Arthur & others there

In fact Smith Said to me that if You or

Arthur come about collecting debts you

would not be safe for he had boys

there that would put a ball through you

as quick as he would snap his thumb

            From all I could learn and discover

I think that You would be in danger

among them unless they were restrained

through feoer alone, and I must confess

that I found their feelings much more

hostile than I expected, and I state the

facts to You, but I do it in confidence

hoping you will not expose me in so

doing----  They say that you and Mr

Arthur turned their enemy &c &c

            I am Satisfied that they will not be

disposed to compromise, or do anything

about the debts, and I confess I know

not what course would be best to pursue

    Yours with respect   John Corrill

N. B. Do not forget to send the pamphlet

as soon as it is out    J C





     Samuel Arthur                    His Excellency Tho Reynolds

Governor of Missouri

 Jefferson City

Liberty Clay Co

Messrs Samuel &

Arthur, requesting

Gov: to correspond with

Gov: of Ill: on subject

of Mormon debts


Auser o  Apl  16 1841

(see letter Book Gv: page 79)

J L Minor

                                                                        Liberty, April 5 1841


     We enclose for your perusal

the enclosed letter from  John

Corrill, formerly a Member of

the Mormon church, and late

of the Legislature of Mo

We have claims on the Mormons

to amt sums 6 or $8.000 dollars

and they are due to other Merchants

of our place Sums $20 to 25.000.

From this letter of Corrill you will

see what chance we have to collect

it-Now without wishing to expose

Mr Corrill to the vengeance of the

Mormons We respectfully request

you to correspond with the Gov

of Ills in order to see if there be

no way by which innocent

Creditors can go in safety to

Illinois to collect their debts

This letter portrays the true character

of Smith & we have no doubt he

is villain enough to do as he

says he would—

             We are [Dprs] very truly

His Excellency   yr frd,   & obt srvt

Tho Reynolds                 Samuel, &, Arthur