Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 3.7

Thomas Reynolds, 1840-1844

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from Lyman Cowdery, Ohio to Governor Reynolds, Jefferson City, Mo ]
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Free, Lyman Cowdery P.M.

Kirtland Mills, Ohio

February 26th. 1841 His Excellency T. Reynolds Esqry

Jefferson City



Lyman Cowdrey on

subject of Mormon


Filed Mar: 11. 1841

J. L. Minor

Copy Sent Aug 27. 1841

J. L. Minor

Post office Kirtland Mills. Lake County Ohio, February 20th, 1841

His Excellency, T. Reynolds. Esqs.

Governor of Missouri

Dear Sir. By the reports of the United States Senate,

I learn that a report of the Legislature of your State has been

made by a committee of that body, to the house upon the

difficulties that occured with the Mormons in the year of 1838.

Many of my fellow citizens, as well as myself are anxious

to see that report, our Country has been flooded with their

garbled pamphlets and newspapers, announcing the

Democratic State of Missouri, and its inhabitances as a band

of murderers and outlaws, their preachers, and in fact their

whole society are at work on the weak and credulous pos-

=tion of community palming off their Slanders and false=

=hoods to gain proselytes through Sympathy. Will you be so

kind as to send copies of that Report to W.A Cowdery

Cyrus Smallings, Nathan Daggeth, and Jacob Bump Esqrs

and one to myself. I should not of troubled you for the


above favor for myself and worthy citizens had or wou=

that Report found its way here in the public papers.

I am Sir your obedient Servent

Lyman Cowdery.

His Excellency T. Reynolds Esqs

Governor of the State of Missouris

City of Jefferson