Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 3.7

Thomas Reynolds, 1840-1844

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from L. B. Fleak, Iowa to Governor Reynolds, Jefferson City, Mo. ]
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Fleak about


Keokuk I.T.)

March [4 ]  )    Free.                            L. B. Fleak P.M.

His Excellency Thos Reynolds

Jefferson City


March 1843

                                                                        Keokuk I.T. March 1/43

Gov Reynolds


                                    I once more intrude on your

patience the perusal of a note.  It is currently

reported here that another requisition has been

sent to Illinois for the delivery of Jos Smith to

the authority of your State.  The requisition is said

to be founded on the indictments of 1838.  I hope

it is true I think that requisition will stick

if such a one has been issued in spite of the

whole fraternity of Mormon Judges Counsellors

Sheriffs &c of Illinois.  I know Smith fears it

for I am informed that he has ordered the

Mormons to leave our County and concentrate

at Nauvoo.  At any rate they are all all about

leaving our Town.  I would advise you to keep

on your guard at all times for they have indi-

rectly threatend your life in case you pursue

this villian further  You have seen how success-

ful their attempts were on Ù Ex Gov Boggs so I beg of you—

be on your guard at all times.  They are determined

to give some of you trouble before long if I may

judge by their assersions.  They are becoming

very numerous, hundreds of new recruits are

weekly [“daily” crossed out] arriving & this [same] Temple that they are

now building is in my opinion intended for a fortress.

The strength of the place is proof of the fact.

            I am happy to say that I shall be ready

to leave this accursed Mormon Country by the

Middle of May or the first of June next and I

intend permanently settling myself near the

South Western County of your State.  I shall take with

me from 100 to 120 head of Good cattle  I am told

that the above named section of country is a fine

grazing country.  I want a situation where I

can sell goods.  If you can give me any information

about that country & have time & inclination to do

it I will take it as an especial favour which

shall at some future period be duly reciprocated

if an opportunity ever offers

                                    Very Respectfully

                                                Your obdt servt

                                                L. B. Fleak

P.S.      Rockwell, Smith’s tool is in Wisconsin Territory

            in the pine country near the Falls of St. Croix.