Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: The proceedings of a Public Meeting in Ray County, Richmond, MO ]
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At a very numerous Public meeting held at the

Court house in Richmond Ray county on Wednesday

the 24th. day of October 1838. for the purpose of taking

into consideration the difficultiez of the Mormons.

The Object of the meeting having been explained

by Thomas C. Burch Esqr.. The following resolutions

were unanimously adopted after reading the report

of Charles R. Morehead, William Thornton and

Jacob Gudgel, which is hereunto attached,

To wit . Resolved, That the report

here made by Charles R. Morehead, William

Thornton and Jacob Gudgel Esqrs be transmitted

by expresz to the Governor of this State, together

with these Resolutions.

Resolved, that this meeting

have the most implicit confidence in Said

report as well from the known veracity of Said

Gentlemen, as from numerous other facts and

circumstancez in our knowledge corroborating

the Same.

Resolved, that in the Opinion

of this meeting the time has arrived when it is

the imperious duty of the executive by an

armed force, to quell the insurrection put on

foot by the Mormons, and that to effect the Same

the Civil authoritiez are wholly inadequate.

Resolved, That Wiley C. Williamz,

and Amos Rees Esqrs. be requested to visit

the Governor, and lay before him the proceedingz

of this meeting, and urge upon him the necessity

of Ordering out forthwith an armed force against

the mormons Sufficient to meet the (word crossed out, exigency)


Resoved, that we view with the

Utmost concern the conduct of the Mormons

in the Counties of Daviesz & Livingston, and

that immediate action is necessary for the

protection of our property and homes from this

lawlesz Bandittei.

Resolved, that heretofore as

Citizens desireing to abide by the laws of the

land we have been disposed to see this People

called mormons dealt with for their Offensez

by the civil authoritiez; but that in the opinion

of this meeting from their past and present

lawlesz course, a resort to the laws will be

worse than uselesz, and wholly insufficient

to afford the country that protection to which

it is entilled.

Resolved, that we appeal to

the Governor of this State to give the people

of upper Missouri Protection from thiz

fearful body of thievez and robberz.

Resolved, That it would at

this time be inexpedient to take any offensive

Step, but that we should at present act on

the defensive.

Resolved, That all who have

in good faith renounced the mormon religion

Should be protected, either those in this county

or in Caldwell during the present excitement.

Resolved, That some

men should now be raised to go to the most northern

border of this County, and guard it from intrusion

by the Mormons, to act entirely on the

defensive for the present; and that Genl.

Parks be requested to raise three companiez

for that purpose, or that they be raised by


Meeting at Richmond

Resolution of

Oct 24th 1838