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Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Orders from B. M. Lisle, Adjutant General, Jefferson City, MO to General John B. Clark, 1st Division of Missouri Militia ]
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       orders. from Com:in chief

Document No  20

Oct 26



Head Quarters of the Militia

General orders                                     City of Jefferson , Octo 26th 1838


                                    Application has been made to the

Commander in Chief by the Citizens of Daviss County ,

in this State for protection and to be restored to

their homes and property.  With intelligence

that the Mormons with an armed force have expelled

the inhabitants of that County, from their homes—

have pilaged and burnt their dwellings,

driven off their stock and were [dishoging] their

their crops.  That they the Mormons have burnt

to ashes the towns of Galitan and Mill Port

in said county, the former being the county seat

of said county, including the clerk’s office post

office and all the public records of the County,

and that there is not now a civil officer within

said county.

                        The Commander in Chief therefore

orders that then be raised from the first, fourth

fifth sixth and twelfth Divisions of the Militia

of this State.  Four hundred men each to be mounted

and armed as infantry or Riflemen each

man to furnish himself with at least fifty

rounds of amunition and at least fifteen

days provision

                        The troops from the 1st 5th 6th and 12th

Divisons will rendezvous at Fayette in

in Howard County on Saturday 3rd day of

next month (November) at which point they will

receive further instructions as to their line of

March.  You will therefore cause to be raised

the quoto of men required of Your Division (400

men) without delay either by volunteers or drafts,

and rendzvous at Fayette, in Howard County

on Saturday the third day of next month,

(November) and there join the Troops from

the 5th 6th and 12th Divisions

                        The troops from the 4th division will

join you at Richmond in Ray County .  You

will cause the Troops raised in Your Division

to be formed into Companies according to law

and placed under officers already in Com=

mission    If volunteer Companies are raised

they shall elect their own officers   The preference

should always be given to volunteer Companies

already organized and commissioned.  You

will also detail the necessary field and staff

officers   For the convenience of transporting

the camp equipage provisions and hospital

stores for the Troops under Your Command

you are authorized to employ two or three

baggage waggons,

            By Order of the Commander in Chief,

Genl John B Clark.                 B. M Lisle

            1st Division M.M.                   Adjt Genl

            An order corresponding with the above

was issued at the same time of the foregoing

directed to the Major Generals Commanding

4th. 5th. 6th. and 12th Divisions of the Militia of

of [sic] this State,.  An order was also issued to Genl.

Willock of the 14th Division ordering him

to raise five hundred, men and march

them to the North of Caldwell County.

            Orders were also issued to Brigadier

Generals Doniphan and Parks directing

them to raise five hundred men each

But understanding that no men were

raised under [ ] orders—it is thought

a copy is unnecessary.

                                                B M Lisle

                                                            Adjt Genl.