Missouri State Archives: Finding Aid 5.1

Mormon War Papers, 1837-1841

[ Full-text transcription of: Letter from Governor Boggs, Jefferson City, MO to General John B. Clark, 1st Division of Missouri Militia at Chariton, MO ]

                                                Copy of a Letter

                                                to Genl Clark

                                                Nov 1.

                                                Document No. 22


                                                Executive Department

                                                            City of Jefferson lst. Nov. 1838.

To Major Genl. Jno. B. Clark


                                                            Your communication by express

of Oct. 30th. enclosing one from Major Generals Atchison and

Lucas of the 28th. Oct. has been recd.. It is impossible for me

to leave here, the near approach of the meeting of the Legis

-lature renders it necessary that every moment of my time be

employed in preparation to meet them.  It was considered

by me that full and ample powers were vested in you

to carry into effect my former orders, the case is now a

very plain one, the Mormons must be subdued and peace

restored to the community; you will therefore proceed

without delay to execute the former orders, full confidence

is reposed in your ability to do so, your force will be

amply sufficient to accomplish the object; Should you

need the aid of artillery I would suggest that an

application be made to the Commanding Officer of

Ft. Leavenworth for such as you many need, you are

Authorized to request the loan of it in the name of the

State of Missouri.  My presence there could effect nothing,

I therefore again repeat that you are authorized

and full power is given you to take whatever steps

you deem necessary and such as the circumstances of the

case may seem to dmand to subdue the insurgents and

give peace and quit to the country.  The ringleaders

of this rebellion should be made an example of and

and if it should become necessary for the public

peace the Mormons should be exterminated or

expelled from the State.

                                    In order that no difficulty

may arise in relation to the command, I must inform

you that neither Generals Atchison or Lucas have been

called into Service under this late order (except Genl Lucas

was directed to raise 400 in his division and to

place them under the command of a Brigadier Gener-

-al.  The privilege was offered him of commanding

the troops from his own division, though subject to

your orders—All the troops now under orders and

those that may arrive at the seat of War are placed

under your command.

                                    You will report to me by

express and keep me regularly informed of any thing

of importance which may occur.  The near approach

of winter requires that your operations [“may”crossed out] should be hastened.

After having restored, quiet you will cause the people of

Davis County who have been driven from their homes

to be reinstated

                                                            I am respectfully

                                                                        your obdt. svt.


                                                            L W Boggs

                                                                        Com. In Chief